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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things I Never Knew About

Now, I do realize since we don't have a TV anymore that I miss out on a lot of new stuff coming out of corporations, but I had no idea they could make something that kept your toilet cleaner without a brush!

Sitting in my dentist's office about a week ago I was watching their TV when a commercial came on advertising Scrubbing Bubbles toilet gel. Well, I rushed right out to get it as soon as these size 9 feet could carry me. Truly, I was skeptical but I hate cleaning the toilet so much that I told Love Bunny I was going to spend the $3.42 to try it. If it helped, good deal and if not, I was only out a few dollars. Well, let me tell ya, chicks, this stuff really does keep the toilets cleaner in our house. I am NOT getting paid a penny to tell you this! I really do like it. I'd show you our toilet but convention/decency prevents me. Just take my word for it. I haven't swished the toilet with a brush for over a week now. Fantastic stuff!!!!

Recently after having a bone density test done the nurse recommended calcium. I hate taking pills and will usually do so only if it means me dying before I see my great grandchildren, finish all I need to do to this house or redecorating the rooms. But when I saw these in the WM store I thought "what the heck" and grabbed a bag of them. Calcium caramels?! Yessssss, it also satisfies my sweet tooth. Can 10 of these a day be considered too much calcium? I sure hope not but LB limits them for me to one each day. Delicious. I never knew calcium could taste so good.


  1. Mrs Connie, Let me just say you are wonderful!! I couldn't or let me say... I wouldn't have done it without you...I'm glad to be back too... Many hugs are being sent your way...I'm supposed to be taking calcium too but so far any I tried were pure YUCK! I'm going to try those next... ; ) Jennifer

  2. I agree, that toilet thing is great...I have one.
    I'm supposed to be taking calcium too, I'll have to get some of those chews. tfs

  3. well Connie, I might just have to put that stuff on my list and try it out..cause I hate cleaning toilets..(who does?)...have a good one.:)

  4. Ha-ha, Connie! can you imagine a before and after shoot of the toliet bowl?! EW!

    I don't see the cleaning comercials either. Blogging and facebook is usaully where I hear the latest. I did *see* something in the store that intrigued me,t hough. It was a self cleaning shower gizmo that I might want to invest in because we have such a problem with mildew here in Virginia!

    Have a great day! ♥

  5. Connie, I also got that scrubbing bubbles gel. I love all the scrubbing bubbles products.
    I'm also supposed to be taking calcium. I got the caramel chews, too. I ended up getting so sick of them I can hardly stand to eat them any more. Thinking of trying the chocolate - til they make me sick.

  6. Oh yeah, I like those calcium chews too. And yes, I've eaten way more than was necessary for a day's supply of calcium!!!

  7. I am all about anything healthy, under the guise of candy.

  8. I am such a wuss.....I get the husband to clean the toilet because it gives me the dry heaves! *giggle* I will tell him about the gel thinggies.

    I will look for the calcium caramels!


  9. I wondered if that toilet scrubbing bubbles thingy would work. Now that I know, it's on my grocery list. I tried that other calcium caramels and they were nasty. I'm not one for big horse pills either, so maybe I'll give these a try!


  10. I was wondering if the toilet gel was worth buying and now I will rush out to the nearest Taget in pursuit of a cleaner toilet. I think I probably will just have to drink milk if I have something in candy form in my mouth it goes.

  11. I'm not a milk drinker and dislike pills but have tried the vanilla and orange calcium chews as well as the chalky ones..yucky! I will have to try the caramel. I didn't know they existed . I was curious about the toilet gel circle things. I saw the commercial several times and figured they didn't work. I might try them. Thanks!

  12. I'm so going to go get this and try it. I hate cleaning toilets. :(

    I found out today my cholesterol is a bit high. Not terrible but it is a start of something bad. So....I'm being pro-active and cutting back on meat. I only eat chicken and fish as it I'm cutting back on the chicken! :(

    I love it when you visit me! You crack me up as always. HYSTERICAL YOU ARE!


  13. Hi Sweet Chick, thanks for stopping by. I would be thrilled to be your neighbor since you are clearing out "junk". I just bought this crazy looking bookshelf or whatever it is for only $2.99 and I'm going to strip it down and paint it pink or white. I love thrift stores and like you without a TV, I rarely go into a normal store unless it's to buy gifts and crafts, not to mention groceries. We have snow predicted for late tonight, but I think I will probably sleep through it---not sure if I want to get up at 4am to see snow. I have a Saints squash book to finish, then I have a birdhouse I want to alter similar to what you do with scrapbook paper. Will post it when I finish. You ought to try an online yard sale---I'm thinking of doing it and I want to sell things from another blog that I do plan on making. Luv Ya, Pat

  14. Me again! you can now tell I have ADD, I forgot to post about another product that cleans toilets if you live in the country---I hate hard water. Take a can of Coke and pour it under the rim of the toilet and let it soak or denture tablet will make it shine. Except for the rust, the rest of the toilet is white as snow. :} Pat

  15. Connie if I bought a bag of these calcium carmels I would get all my calcium for a month in one day, and I don't think that's what they have in mind. I guess I'll just have to keep swallowing that pill, because I have no will-power.

  16. Well I need to run right out and buy these. Carmel calcium!? Need it! Self cleaning toilets, hallelujia! I hate cleaning the darn things too!

  17. those will be my next calcium pills...
    the glucosomine is what really gags me, tho.

    I may try the toilet cleaner, too. Our water makes a ring in the bowl.

    I'm taking a few minutes to just visit the people who visited me this week -- thats all I have time for. Being a grandmother is exhausting. heh

  18. oh so wish we had both that here, the toilet cleaner and the caramel calcium!!! Rachaelxo

  19. Ooh, calcium caramels. Well, after all, we do need our vitamins and minerals! I'll have to look for those.


  20. Hey there...I've been away from blogging because of the crazy move from Mi to Fl. What a neat post to come back on! My Sissy might eat those if I got them!

    Toilets...nuff said.


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