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Monday, January 18, 2010

Making Something Out of Almost Nothing

After Christmas when I was taking the tree down I didn't really want to put away some of the stuff, but Love Bunny convinced me it was for the best since we live in limited space. I cried but relented, chicks. This was, of course, after I gave him the evil eye! But nothing to do about it...

...or is there?

During a visit by our home teachers from the church, we were given this HUGE canister of pistachios. Those are my favorite nuts. Love Bunny and I proceeded posthaste to diminish the contents of the canister. (For those of you in Rio Linda, we pigged out on pistachios.) Then when it was empty and I was taking the roses and little card stock flowers I made from off the tree I had an idea: rather than put them with the other paper roses I decided to fill the canister with them as a display and then come next year they'll all be together. Am I brilliant or what?! They now adorn the coffee table in our family room.



  1. The flowers are lovely, how talented are you!
    What a great idea to use the empty jar, you can enjoy them all year round now.
    Have a great week.

  2. beautiful and you can enjoy them all year long! Smart chick!!


  3. BEAUTIFUL...and a Marvelous Idea...Connie!

  4. Love it! What an awesome idea...I don't have very much space either and am always trying to make it look no so cramped!

    Your roses are beautiful!


  5. You are indeed brilliant, Connie! What a great way to keep some of your favorite decorations out all year round!


  6. Connie that makes such a beautiful display! Yes, you can't put those away, they are too pretty to sit in a box for a whole year.
    I'm in Boise today doing a little running around with one of my daughters. It feels so good to be out of the ice and snow. We plan on doing a little shopping that this hick from the sticks never gets to do. Even Twin Falls doesn't come close to the shopping advantages of Boise. But I'm on a budget so I'll be a good girl.

  7. OK, you made those roses? How come I don't remember you posting about it. Now I have to go searching thru your archives to find out how you did it because they are gorgeous!
    (Pat on the back) and yes, that is a wonderful idea. They'll look great for Valentines Day and Easter and spring and summer. Perfect!
    OK, off to search . . .
    And the rains have begun! WIth earnest . . .

  8. Yes, you are brilliant! Love the look of the roses in the glass.

  9. Hi Connieness! Oh what very pretty pink flowers! I love the look in the jar and you're just so creative.
    Thanks for visiting me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  10. Beautiful! Now you can enjoy them all year!! Great idea!

  11. Connie, don't you put up a small Valentine's tree? Maybe a small white one? The roses would be perfect on it and then of course, you would have to decorate it for Easter and so on and so on. xo

  12. You made these, Connie?! They are beautiful!

    Yes, the Mormon temple is a beauty but even moreso on the interior. My friend went thru it before consecrated/dedicated & was in absolute near speechless awe of the beauty of the art & temple. Michael leaves a powerful thought on ones mind as we pass.

    TY also for the wonderful post n Haiti ... our DILove & family are from there & thus far only 2 have been lost in the in-law family ... it is a sheer tragedy, so heartbreaking. Nothing should matter except assisting our fellow brothers/sisters of the world.

    TYSM for the warm wishes. I'll slowly get back into the swing of things.

    Hugs, Marydon

  13. What a cool idea! They look great.

  14. Don't you just LOVE pistachio's?! Just got back from China where pistachio's were about the only thing on the menu you could consider as an appetizer :)

  15. Hey Connie; How pretty they look in that jar... great idea Chickie... but then you always have wonderful ideas.... have a great week.


  16. oh my goodness, connie, this is so much prettier than a can of pistachios!! So yummy!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  17. Very pretty and very clever of you!

  18. yep you are brilliant, pistachio brilliant! Rachaelxo

  19. Love the jar of roses and congrat's to the winner.
    I have the birdhouse that you made and that I won last year on my mantle and think of you!
    Deb :)

  20. You are one smart cookie Connie!! What a sweet idea. Love it. Kathi


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