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Monday, January 25, 2010

Can We Talk, Girls?

Can we talk "beauty" things for a moment? Well, I'm going to anyway, so sit down and listen.

I like "fluffy/mis-arranged" hair; always have and always will. I tried and tried to get a good picture of all my hair this morning before I went to church but I could NOT for the life of me get it all in. I tried getting the back of it, but, alas, no deal. I'd just get a picture of the top. (Do you realize the contortions you have to go through to get a back head shot?! No? Well, I'm here to tell ya, it ain't easy, chicks.)

So tonight I went into the bathroom and tried doing it in the mirror. I must have taken 10 photos to get just these 3 to show you. We won't even include the conversation with Love Bunny.....sigh...... Men simply don't understand these things!

I thought I was rather clever getting this one of the front top and the back. I didn't try for it; it just happened serendipitously.

And this is the reason: this product. I've used this for a couple of years now and just love it. It truly does hold like glue. Karli, my hairdresser for cuts and perms only as I do NOT have my hair done regularly, used this on me and I've loved it ever since. It is great and goes a very long way. I simply put a tiny bit in my hand and on fingertips and "comb" with my hands. Karli never ever uses a comb on my hair and only uses a brush to dry it. She uses her fingers. She is the most talented hairdresser in the state of Idaho. I love this kid and treat her very well with gifts and nice tips. ;-) I always take care of the woman who is holding the scissors near my hair!!


  1. will have to check that one out..I use several products on this straight hair of mine..and they work pretty well..but will have to see about trying yours as I am all about the bed head look...:)have a great week.:)

  2. How lovely to find something that suits your hair so well. My hair is the opposite to yours, very thick and straight.

  3. Oh, Connieness, you're a hoot! I love you 'head shots'! You do have the most gorgeous head of hair - so thick and ruffly! My hair is thick, but so baby fine and straight as a board. I need a product like this! Thanks for sharing.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;0

  4. G'morn, Sweet Connie ~ IF EVER I saw you looking less than a million $$$$, then I'd faint! You have such a magical glow & perfect look at all times ... in other words, you are gorgeous!!!!!

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. Ooooooooo, I am going to have to get some of this stuff. I have pixie short hair and I love to wear it messy and this seems like the perfect product! I don't like combs or brushes, period. Thannkie for the beauty tip.

    P.s. You have GREAT hair


  6. Love your hair photos, Connie! Oh, if only I could use something like that. But I have baby fine hair and the minute I put any sort of 'product' on it, it flattens and gets greasy. Oh well.


  7. You are too funny. Looks like you have some pretty natural curls... hmmm??? My daughter, too, is a hairdresser... and she swears "it's all in the product". I haven't had a lot of luck with "the product"... my hair is straight and fine and it seems to weight it down. If I had hair like yours, I would wear it "fluffy and misarranged" too... I love that look!

  8. you are a hoot and I love you for it. I don't use anything on my hair...styling gels, hairspray, nada, nilch.. HMMMM...maybe I should...nahhhh!

  9. I think if I used that stuff, my hair would be like on Something About Mary.

  10. I'll have to try this product Connie. I love the one I use (Wax Works) but I'm always willing to try something new. If I don't like what I buy, I always pass it on to one of my daughters and if they don't like it, it goes to my 13 yaer old grandson. He'll use anything to look beautiful for the girls. What a minute, I have the best hair stylist in Idaho. lol

  11. My hair is very thin and fine, it do what it want to do. I keep it fairly short, blow dry and finger comb thru it...I will try this..
    I have fought with my hair all my life.
    thanks for the heads up...
    no pun intended....suuuurrreee!!!

  12. You look adorable! I am going to have to try some of that!

  13. Your hair looks naturally curlie, right? My last permament got real tight and I hated it. But now it calmed down and it is going okay. Your pictures are really nice.

  14. Your hair always looks so nice. I figured you got it done each week at "the beauty parlor"!! I don't think even molding GLUE would hold the curl in my hair. Straight is about all I can teach it to do!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  15. awwwwwww.. you have lots of hair.
    I might try that glue just to keep what I've got heh heh

  16. Hmmm... just tried to post a comment and poof. This product sounds and looks wonderful. I use something called Bed Head, but may try to find this out my way.

    Thanks for stopping by, you always make me smile.


  17. oh have such a way with it..

  18. Hi Connie...
    How nice to see photos of your pretty self when I came to visit! Love the name of the product you're using... how clever!!
    I've enjoying doing some catching up after having been gone for over two months... was tickled that you had stopped by and left a comment... thank you!! Although, you've really got me more confused than I normally am... you said that I had won your first give~away... Hmmmm... help me here, please! LOL ~ For the life of me, I simply do not recall ever having won a give~away at your blog... and if I did, I am going out on a limb 'n guessing that I never thanked you 'cause I sure don't remember it! ... Help, please!
    I'm glad you enjoyed seeing some of my recent Thrift Shop goodies... hopefully I can share more, soon. May your day be as Beautiful as you are, Connie... and filled with joy 'n laughter...

    ~ blessings ~
    Pearl ♥

  19. Your hair looks beautiful. I love the style. Does it take you a long time though to fix it up in the morning? I to have used products like that and they do work well.

  20. Connie, I just had to laugh while trying to imagine you bending and stretching to get a back view of your head. You always look fantastic as I am not photogenic at all. I have very thick and straight hair, but would love some fluff every now and then. A girl told me about this stuff at WalMart, but forgot the name, but going to try it out before I give it an endorsement. Caught up on your decorating after being in bed for too long. I'm still not out of the woods. I am having a giveaway, so get the word out. It's right up your alley(I think). Love and Hugs, Pat

  21. I should be so lucky as to have hair as beautiful as yours Connie. Thanks for sharing your hair secret... although, it would take a miracle cream to give my hair that carefree look.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  22. Mornin sweet Connie,

    I just love your hair. It doesnt exactly look....messy, I just think you must have a thick headful of hair, and it really doesnt need to be one of those **every hair in place** kinda do's....KWIM? I wish I could wear a hair style like that. Yet...alas, my hair is nappy curly, and getting horribly thin because of my infusion meds and the cancer meds that I have to take for my R.A. SOOOO, I consume terribly large amounts of Folic acid (per Dr's orders) and this has actually started to help over the last 6 months RE-grow my hair...PRAISE GOD!!!

    But I LOVE YOUR HAIR, and he fact that you were able to actually get a really good pic of the back of your head to boot. I couldnt even imagine being able to get my arms to do all that....LOL.

    Have A Fab Day my sweet.!!

    Love & Prayers,

  23. OH HOW brave you are taking close up shots of yourself. Good gosh I run from a camera.....
    Your lovely and so is your hair...guess I should make a note of this and try it out
    Take care

  24. I am useless with my hair, I wash it, comb it, brush it, sometimes dry it but more often than not let it dry naturally! Rachaelxo


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