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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bedrooms 1/7/10

Just a few more bedrooms because I'm sure you'd rather view other rooms and crafts and read my witty thoughts. ;-) But I don't want to bore you too much; I simply want to give you ideas for what you can do in your home and/or bedroom. Just pick something about the room you like and try to think of how it could fit into your setting. It can absolutely be done with little or no money. Look around your home and see what in one room would have a completely different look in another room when paired up with something different for a delightful vignette.

Look closely and you'll notice this woman has an antique egg basket with eggs in it; maybe they're real but I doubt it. You can buy faux eggs now in just about any craft store.

And if you have the luxury of having a porch such as this one, use it as this homeowner does. Move a bed out there in the summer months, put up some netting to hold the bugs at bay and sleep there or just relax with hubby or a book. Marvelous!

Checks of any size are one of my favorite decorating fabrics. The size of the check determines whether it's formal or informal, but you can use them in any style. Paired with florals is my favorite scheme.

This is very similar to my family room area in which I sit. A very luxurious stuffed chair, a buttery yellow and pink flowered quilt thrown over it so it can be easily washed when I spill something on it, a very good lamp for lighting when reading and a table to hold my essentials. My essentials are my scriptures, pen, paper, drink, ottoman, phone and the current book I'm reading.

While I'm not a devotee of leaving candles burning because of their hazard and young children can be seriously burned, they can certainly set a mood for a short period of time if you are in the room with them. Caution far exceeds romance for me. The dresser in this room is what captured my heart.

My mother and aunt burned a childhood home to the ground playing with candles in a closet back in the 1920s and were saved by an old black man from burning up in that fire. I never knew him of course, but he's a hero to me for having saved my mom and aunt.

Christmas-y in its feel because of the green and red buffalo pillows, the pine boughs on the mantel and the red and green bedcoverings, this room is just waiting for Santa Claus to happen by. :-)

Random Thought:

Sometimes I think I should like to leap or erupt from a phone booth in cape and tights or even a ball gown with a smashing pink sparkly tiara, but I can't actually fly so I'm locked in to my wonderful existence of being a wife to Love Bunny and mom and grandmom to 6 of the most exquisite beings on this earth. I'll pass on the recognition I might have had and lean into the winds of "gratefulness" for this life.


  1. Hi Sweetie. Oh' how I love those outdoor bedrooms. It reminds me of sleeping on my Grandma's porch. I love that Christmas plaid bedroom too.

    Candles are so dangerous but what a wonderful act that man did by saving your Mother & Aunt.

    Hugs & warm wishes...Tracy :)

  2. I LOVE all of those bedrooms. I would love to be able to move my bed outside~~~~It's so charming.

  3. I love all the bedroom ideas, Connie! Thanks for all the eye candy!


  4. Connie, I love those bedrooms.The buffalo check the best.Hugs,Jen

  5. Thank you for the wonderful ideas and coaxing in the right direction... my biggest task is getting rid of hte clutter first... as soon as I get my car back (Mr P is using it to get to work as its a 4x4) I will be de-cluttering and making my new paradise of a bedroom... at present I hate it so much that I dread going to bed...

    thank you

  6. Thank you for your nice comments. I finally got a up a blog post! Your ideas are great. It would be great to have a bed on a porch.

  7. I love all these pictures! I love checks and florals mixed too :)

    When we move to the coast after the Commander retires at the end of this year, I told him I want a bathtub outside (private of course) old claw footed tub just like the one I have in our bathroom right now.

    I am so glad that man saved your Mom and Aunt...what a gift.


  8. Very pretty bedrooms. Hope you are staying warm, T

  9. I really just want to curl up in one of those beds!

  10. loving the red gingham bed and love the last one that looks to be in a cabin with that blazing fire going.:)

  11. Hello Miss Connie.
    I loooove that red check with the flowers! Yummy!
    Do you think I can talk hubby into putting a bed out on the porch!
    How fun!

    Have a wonderful day sweets,
    Hugz, Me

  12. Connie, Love your random the race and fight the good fight. Your treasures await in heaven!

  13. Hi Connie,
    I love all the beautiful bedrooms you are showing us today. I love the mix of florals and checks.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Hi Connie,

    Love your ideas. Living in Az though, I would need that porch to be air conditioned.


  15. Hey Connie; OOOOOOOOOO those bedrooms are so gorgeous.. I am going to be redoing mine when we finally get all moved,, can't wait... and that chair is just so cozy looking..
    Have a great week, hope you are stay warm...



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