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Friday, December 11, 2009

Working on the Tree Ornaments

Join in the Show and Tell Friday fun at Romantic Home and view all the other chicks!

Friday night is Date Night around this household. I get to not cook and be treated to a meal in a restaurant. We do this on mondays also, but it is usually a salad at Wendy's. But, anyway, friday night is mine to spend wherever I want, even if it is Joanns Fabrics. Squeeeeeeal. We also hit the Dollar Store for a plethora of items.

I couldn't find any pink roses this time of year unless I wanted to pay dear for them and I'm not too keen on that. I want a deal—a bargain. So I purchased some white poinsettia bushes and inked them with my new ink pad. Worked great. Quick and easy. My kind of work, chicks!

I also got a pretty good deal on ribbon at about 20 yards for $1.00, if you can imagine that. Little white snowflakes for 6 for a dollar also.

A little tree that when turned upside down becomes a tussie mussie or cone for some goodies. I got 2 of these because I already have some I have to paint to use but I liked these sparkly ones. Notice on the left the little ornaments I painted pink with roses. Love Bunny drilled the holes for me and I've added pink ribbon as the hanger.

Keep in mind also I was trying to get good photos in horrid light tonight. I'd switch from one setting to the other but they are not very good photos and with all the reflection from the glitter and tinsel it's difficult to photograph. Grrrrr.....

Silver snowflakes to add to the tree and some little birds that were 3 for a dollar. I pinked up their tail feathers. ;-)

Some pretty green, glittery greenery to add to the tree in small touches. More glittery birds!

Silver and gold garland at 9 ft. for a dollar. Great filler for the pink tree.

Close up photo of my pink feathered bird and the inked poinsettias.

I've finally glittered the ornaments I painted. Finished!!

Random Musing:

Conversation at dinner in the restaurant.

He: Is that a sparkle of glitter under your nose or is it running?

She: (A look to kill! He could have reached across the table and wiped it delicately AND romantically with a napkin the way David Niven would have done in the old movies. It was glitter.)


  1. Hey Love. You're so cute and so funny. I think it's those old films that ruined me. Cary Grant - Oh' how I love those movies. I bet your house is gonna be picture perfect for Christmas. Lucky you, date night, now that's the way to keep a marriage together.

    Hugs & fun Christmas wishes...Tracy :)

  2. Oh Sweetie...
    I so love this post. Everything is just precious. I love the conversation at dinner. Cute!!!

    Your ornaments are absolutely precious. I love how they turned out. So very festive. I would have never thought to ink the flowers, now that is clever to get just what you want. I love it. The snowflakes I ended up with some on my tree too, and I just love them.

    You did an awesome job, and I think you had a wonderful time.

    Stop by and read my post for today. You will so love it.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  3. the inked poinsettia's was a great idea, connie! They look great! So wonderful that you get to have a date night and shopping! (even glitter under the nose!) ♥

  4. Oh I laughed outloud at your dinner time antics.

    Clever girl~ a tree becomes a tussie mussie. Stealing that idea FOR SURE!

  5. My friend Heidi has a store and this time of year we all help her decorate. And we all have glitter on our bodies for weeks! You are too all your decorations and the idea to ink the poinsettias is very smart!


  6. Chuckle here. I love love your post today. And all your thrifty finds are super! I have glitter in places I won't mention!


  7. Well at least he didn't call you Rudolf in the restaurant. Too cute.

    We do date night too, but it usually involves a ball game of some kind.

    Great post and I'll have to try that inking idea. I've just watercolored mine in the past.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  8. Connie, I'm killing myself laughing here once again. Every day my DH is trying to leave the house and at the last minute I stop him. He turns around and says What? I tell him there is glitter somewhere on his face and I try to get it off. He just looks at me and says "leave it there, do you really think the guys at work are going to have the guts to tease me? I think not!"

    We both laugh and he leaves for work all glittered up. lol

    Hugs to you my friend,

    xo Cath

  9. you are too funny!!! loved your post and all its glitter.

  10. Oh my gosh...glitter under the nose! Glenn says I always have glitter somewhere on my body...permanently!

    Love the poinsettas...what a great idea of pinking them!

    Have fun on date night!


  11. What a great post. So glad I visited you this morning. Thanks for beautiful pictures. Everything is lovely

  12. LOL.... tis the season to have glitter on your nose, in your hair, in your eyebrows... funny! You know you already have enough stuff to do your pink tree... I vote you throw it together NOW so we can see it! Your ideas are wonderful... you are making me want a pink tree.

  13. OMG! You crack me up. That dinner conversation is so true to life! What is it with men? Don't they watch movies. LOL

    Your house is so beautiful. Wish I lived near by so I could see it in person.


  14. Hi, Connie,
    Date night sounds like a great idea, especially if he takes you to your favorite places to shop!! Love your pretty birds, poinsettias and sweet pink ornaments. Blessings to you! Vicki

  15. Hi Connie,
    Friday night is our "date night" also!! However today we are going to the antique store where we sell our treasures and LOAD it UP for the sale this weekend.
    Your tree ornaments are pretty and great idea to use ink on the flowers.
    Happy weekend.
    Deb :)

  16. What a great idea with the stamp pad! The glitter story made me smile :)

  17. Have something good for me on date night tonight. Your ornaments look so pretty all glittered up. Nice to see you are having such fun with it.


  18. Laughing like crazy.....Your hubbs sounds just like mine....he was making a fuss about my cold sore last I can help it? Glitter would be so much better....and why, I ask, does it ALWAYS stick under one's nose?

    Your buys and yummy and that ribbon. Wish I had some of that around here too....and your little birds....dang, are those ever cute. I bought those same snowflakes last year to use as tie on's for presents....I just bought a tube of them the other day for 99 cents at GW.... Yipppeee!

    Have a great weekend!

    Huggies and lovies,

  19. What beautiful things you have found for your holiday.

    I love the ornaments you did in pink!

    Blessings to you,

  20. Only you, Lady Connie...I dub thee the queen of pink...Where did you get your sense of humor, Mom or Dad...
    Keep working on that tree....I wanna see it done...

  21. Connie

    Love your blog. Thank you for sharing. I have known you for 18 months and didn't even know you loved pink. That is pretty sad... (on my part.) Keep inspiring us with your sweetness!!

    Call me when the tree is done and I will come see.


  22. You always bring such a wonderful smile & chuckle when I read your writes, Connie. You are so clever with your words ...

    Everything that happens to one is always on the face for the world to see .. glitter or not.

    What a neat idea for the poinsettias. Your home is going to be full of gorgeous pink, I can see it coming.

    Merry Christmas ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon
    NEW BLOG ~
    The snowflakes are wonderful.

  23. I think hubs and I need a date night. Did you know we only ate out 3 times this past year. Too far to drive to a resturant sure saves us some bucks..but would be nice once in a while. Your 'random' was so funny girl.
    I love all the sparklies you got. You must be a magpie like me!

  24. Hey Connie; Great post.... love all your goodies.... great idea with the pink ink... you are so talented... love your dinner story,, so cute and funny.... have great weekend.


  25. LOVE your posts.

    Thanks for sharing and have a GRAND weekend, glitter and all ;-)

  26. Connie , Love the hand painted rose orns with the glitter.You really did a great job abd I can't wait to see your tree.Hugs.Love ya,Jen

  27. You're so clever with the treasures you create! I would never have thought to use ink to tint pointsettias, but they look just like the fancy ones now!

    And I think you should have dabbed some glitter on him! That would show him!

  28. Connie, I love your thrifty finds! I can't wait to see it all put together.


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