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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pretty Rooms for Pink Saturday 12/19/09

Happy Pink Saturday. Join Beverly at howsweetthesound to view the other participants. I think you'll enjoy it.

Again, Beverly has asked us to share something and this time it is our holiday traditions. I'm not much into "traditions" for the holidays. I'm pretty much "easy does it" with that, plus I don't bake anymore because hubs and I certainly don't need the extra goodies but he is very specific about the food and it is rather easy also: turkey, mashed potatoes, candied yams, peas, waldorf salad, cranberry sauce, dressing and pie of course. If one thing varies, he misses it! He is such a traditionalist when it comes to his food. If we are invited out for that holiday and one of the things on our menu isn't on our hostess' menu then he doesn't consider it a "real Thanksgiving meal." He's so funny on this, but gotta love th' man for being so sentimental and he is nothing if not sentimental! ;-)

There isn't much pink in this room but it was so attractive I couldn't let it go by without showing you what just a touch of "the most favorite color in the world" can do to a vintage room.

These walls are about the color of mine and that looks like a Laura Ashley fabric to me. Beautiful, romantic and feminine.

Pink and yellow is my favorite color combination. I've always loved it above all others. They simply complement each other beautifully and dramatically.

No pink here but isn't this room just glowing? It sets a mood as no other room can. Picture yourself on Christmas day in this room. Magnificent!

And now for a few modern day photos of red and/or Christmas rooms.

White, red and pink. Is this not lovely? While modern in a sense, it also speaks to a farmhouse style for its occupants. Darling!

I could definitely find solace in this eye-catching room.

A love red and white stunning vignette. Rich, luxurious and yet very homey.

You would sparkle in this dining setting. Glorious!

Would a guest not feel like a queen in this retreat? I would certainly love to be able to offer my guests this luxury.

Everyone should try a red bedroom at least once in their lives. I had a red wall in our family room in California. The room had a huge bay window and all the people walking by on the sidewalk would just stand and stare at it. Hubs and I would giggle at their reactions. It was quite flattering for them to stop, point and talk among themselves about it.


  1. I have a red dining room and one red wall in my bedroom with my other 3 being bed is shabby chic with red, pink and is rag quilt..I love it...have a wonderful weekend sista.,:)er I mean chick.;)

  2. I have never tried a red bedroom, but we did go for a deep pink - and as it's a small room it didn't really work (too womb-like). I should have kept it to just the one wall, duh! So it's back to white...

    Food - great tradition. In fact, my post this week is my mother's Lethal Sherry Trifle recipe (it has an awful lot of sherry in it) which we have had every single year since I was 15 (I'm 57). so I think we can safely say it's a tradition now.

    Have a very Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Connie-LOVE that room with the red wallpaper. I think everybody needs at least one room with red! Mine is my dining room, Merry Christmas. I hope all your husband's food requirements are met :)

  4. My dining room/Kyle's play room is red. Very fun!! One of those rooms looks like a dolls house room!

  5. Hey there Connie girl,
    I didn't expect to find you even looking at red..I'm glad to see it, because I am crazy about red.
    I was just cruising the web,and noticed you had a new post up.
    I hope you have a great day...

  6. Happy Pink Saturday! Love the red themed rooms - very energetic!

  7. Happy Pink Saturday Connie. Love these rooms all are so pretty.I just did a post on all the snow were getting I think you will like it come back and see.Hugs and Merry Christmas,Jennifer

  8. Thankkie for popping by this morning for a visit! LOVE all the photos but the red walls are just gaw-gus! My studio is red with crisp white trim and I LOVE it in there. With all this snow, it's a great day to go in there play!


  9. Hi Connie, Love all the pics you share. I love a red room and enjoy our red guest room too. We also have a touch of red in our master with yellow and sage.

    Your tree is gorgeous. Love the traditional menu too.

    Have a great weekend.
    Merry Christmas, Celestina Marie

  10. I adore PINK but I am mad for RED...:)) I seem to like red more and more these days, and just did our guest bedroom in reds and golds.
    All your pics are heavenly!!! HPS!

  11. Stunning photographs of beautiful rooms. Thanks for sharing and have a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  12. I love the dining room and the room with the wreathes!

  13. G'morn, sweet Connie ~ I'd never rest if my bedroom were red ... but these are awesome decors you present. It's goota be pink or white .......

    Hugs, TTFN ~ Marydon

  14. There is no color sweeter than pink although those red rooms are stunning!!! I could live in just about any of those fabulous homes!!!!
    Margaret B

  15. Oooh. I love the modern day rooms.

    And your hubby's traditional food menu is making my mouth water already! We're snowed in an getting ready to bake. Let the fun begin! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

  16. Hi Dear Connie. Love your post. I have a neighbor that has red in their living room and it looks so beautiful from outside at night when passing by.

    I hope your enjoying the Christmas season. Hugs and thinking of you...Tracy :)

  17. Happy Pink Saturday. I love these pictures, Connie. I have red walls in my entry area, and one red wall in our family room, but I LOVE the
    pink walls in your home.

  18. Happy Pink Saturday and Merry Christmas, Connie.

    Yes, you do have to love those sentimental guys. Make sure he gets everything his little heart desires.

    I love all of those gorgeous rooms. I could be happy in any one of them.

  19. I love that warm and cozy room best of all! These are all wonderful. I think I would like a red bedroom. Gets you in the mood for holiday snuggling.

  20. Love the photos. Rooms are wonderful. Hope your DH gets his traditional meal!

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  21. Oh My and yellow is my very favorite combination too! Don't you just love it? The soft yellow just zips that pink right up....I think it looks really fresh too....

    Love the living room with the charming!

    Have a wonderful Christmas....with alllll of the right foods!


  22. Everyone should have a red room! We have a red wainscoating in our dining room. It is such a fun color with which to work. thanks for sharing these photos.
    Happy Day! ~ Sarah

  23. Hello Connie; Wow what gorgeous rooms... I love them all.... and you know my Honey Bunny has to have his favorite foods too,, he would really miss them if not served.. Happy Pink Saturday...

    Merry Christmas to you both..


  24. These rooms are to die for or slap your DL for. hahahahaha Just kidding. Not serious.
    Love your post and pink/yellow is one of my all time color combinations too. Pink/green are right there with it also.
    Merry Christmas

  25. The closest I come to a pink room is my tomato soup dining room. It's very cozy.

    Have a merry pink Holiday.

  26. Beautiful rooms! We just painted our dining room red and that is really "out there" for us. But we are loving it. Enjoy your yummy Christmas dinner - sounds delicious!

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  27. I never have red walls in my home.. but at times I found that red really stands out, if we know how to decorate it well.. thanks for the inspiration.. thanks for sharing this with us all honeybun and Merry Christmas too!

    happy weekend

  28. I love the snow flakes and red stars hanging from the ceiling :) Got your email, we are going to my inlaws this year for Christmas. Ed's sister and her husband are coming from Cal. So we are celebrating my SIL and Ed's birthday as well, since it is next month. :) Yippee !! :)Happy Pink Saturday !! :)

  29. What beautiful rooms you showed us today Connie!
    Happy Pink Saturday and Merry Christmas!
    Hugs, Ann

  30. Hi Connie, Your traditional meal is so much like ours. We do add the family fruit salad. Your hubby sounds like me. I must have the RIGHT food for a holiday.

    I adore all of the lovely rooms you shared. I love to get ideas from rooms like this.

    Christmas love,

  31. Hi Connie, Happy Pink Saturday. Lots of pretty eye candy here today....the kind of candy that doesn't put on weight. :)

  32. These rooms are absolutely stunning. Red is a great colour. Thank you for sharing these pics.

    Wishing you a lovely & joyful Christmas.

    Elena :)


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