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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Pink, White and Roses Christmas Tree

In deciding to do the pink Christmas tree this year I thought I'd do a pictorial of actually putting it up from the very beginning. As you know, this is only an 1800 sq.ft. house with 5,000 sq.ft. of furniture! No, we really sold most of our furniture when we moved here and then promptly went to Thomasville and bought more. Duh! But here is the living room after we shifted the furniture around to accommodate the tree. Plus now you're seeing my secrets......shhhhh....don't tell anyone the curtains are hung too high. They are disguised when the couch is there. But I am NOT putting holes in my white woodwork so the curtains are hung above it and, thus, a tad short. See what you can do when you have to?

Cleaning out the space for the tree. This leaves us little room to walk around in there.

The tree is up!

Here it is, but the picture was very hard to get. It was so difficult to get a good photo of this tree in this light that I had a very sweet chick from church, Stacy, come over and photograph it with her professional camera. She took dozens of photos and I've got the flash drive from her tonight to put the photos on here but there are so many I think you'd be bored by the time I finished so I'll just include a few of hers and mine.

Lights on. The boxes under the tree are what I usually have under my coffee table. They are not presents. They hold storage items: tea light candles, pencils, special papers, etc. Except for one or two of the boxes, they are all hand made by me and covered with special wrapping papers purchased back in the early 1980s. I also am going to purchase more tulle to go around the base soon.

Now, I had no topper that I thought would be appropriate for this little beauty so I had to make one.

Closer view for you. To make this topper, watch for a tutorial on 12/26. Easy and you'll love it!

Okay, here's another topper I made after this was posted. I just couldn't pass up the chance to do another one even blingy-er. I fell in love with the candle wreath at Michaels since it looks like a diamond crown with the queen's pearls. ;-)

You just cannot imagine how spectacular this tree topper looks in reality.

I started with 24 yards of tulle netting and cut it in long strips to tuck into the tree weaving it from top to bottom and tucking delicately as I went. It wasn't enough but it's all I had and I made do. I could have used another 5 to 8 yards but I was on a roll and it was snowing and no way would I go out driving in the snow, chicks. So I filled the little holes with white organza ribbon in pink and white. Worked just fine. I stuck in bits of cards, things given to me by Katie, Stephanie, Bertie, Sharon, Lynn, Shirl, Ele, Karen, Jennifer, Judy, Vickie and Lorena. Most of the decorations I used were gifts to me from friends. I did use some things I bought at the stores but I wanted the tree to reflect my love for all the women in my group.

Pink painted, glittered and roses pine cones were all over the tree. Little tussie mussies I've made over the years. Feathers. Glittered snowflakes in silver and white with ribbon and ribbon roses on their centers. Roses are stuck into the tulle lace. Pink polka dot glass ornaments.

Painted cones and birds. Little cards and tags sent to me, even some from sellers I've bought from whose cards are so lovely I save them to put on the walls and tree. A fringed froufrou dress hanger Bertie made that is so exquisite that I had to hang it on here. I can't possibly just stick it in a closet with a dress on it!

White poinsettias with their white leaves inked with pink. Bottom right is a little ballerina dancing in a box that my friend, Rhea, made me. It has a place of honor in my home.

Of course, my hand painted wooden ornaments are on there also. The little yellow bag is a silk ribbon embroidery Shirl sent me last year. Gorgeous!!!!

Katie's silk ribbon embroidered mitten and Stephanie's cross stitch hangs on the tree too. Looking closely just to the left of the bright pink mitten is a spoon just under the pink organza ribbon.

Pink cones stuffed with curly pink paper and a little chick in each of them.

Several little strawberry sachets scented with plumeria hang there to fragrance up my home. It is always nicely fragranced, usually with gardenia oil.

Closer look at all the frills on there.

Even two fans given to me by Bertie are nested on there.

From here on down my friend, Stacy, took these one snowy morning. Much, much better than I could have done with my little $400.00 camera. Her's was a professional one with all the doo-dads. I'm the only chick I know that doesn't lust after dresses and jewelry; I lust after hi-tech gizmos and anything with roses! This is true.

Snowflakes I froufrou-ed up.

Little tussie mussie I made several years ago. Wood ornaments I hand painted and a little sachet from Bertie.

Birds, pink painted pine cones with roses and yards and yards of tulle and organza ribbon.

A little mitten embroidered by Katie, a vintage spoon hung with care and a lovingly cross stitch Santa from Stephanie.

More pine cones, painted cones with chicks in them, pink polka dot purchased ornaments and sequin sparklies.

An absolutely stunning dress hanger from Bertie adoringly made in the Victorian style with lace and fringe. Just gorgeous!

Yards and yards of white organza and glittery greenery. Roses in abundance, I can assure you.

A gorgeous ornament I found at the Dollar Store. Squeeeeeeeeeeal!!!!

A silk ribbon embroidery from Shirl. Her work is also exquisite.

Another ornament from the Dollar Store. I only found two I liked and that they had left.

Poinsettias I inked with pink on the edges. They are also in abundance on the tree.

Closeup of polka dot pink balls and glittery sequins adornment.

A hand made heart from Rhea who does lovely work. And snippets of left over tulle from projects I just stuck in among the branches.

More birds and roses.

Another adornment gifted to me from Bertie a couple of years ago.

End of Stacy's wonderful photos.

This is a special bracelet my friend, Katie, made for me.

And this little bauble came from Judy. Isn't it just darrrrrling?! A pink and rhinestone glittery watch.

And 8 little teapots that were gifted to me by my friend, Rhea. They are gorgeous!

You'll find many cards and tags among the branches of the tree. I save the pretty ones knowing I'll stick them somewhere in my home—in this case, the Christmas tree.

This ends the photos taken by Stacy. These I took after purchasing more tulle for the base of the tree so it isn't showing in all the previous photos. I'll be getting much more tulle for this tree next year—probably 20-25 more yards to do it even fuller next year.

The photos were taken at different times of the day and on different days even. And if you knew how long it took to put this post together you'd stand and applaud! I'm sick of it already. :-) And although I've read and reread and proofed it many times there may be misspellings and grammatical errors since it's taken a week to put this together. Forgive me. Hope you've enjoyed the pictorial.


  1. I am actually for the first time in a long lost for words. lol
    This post and tree are truly the most beautiful thing I have seen for Christmas. Wow comes to mind or spectacular (cannot even spell the words that describe how I feel looking at this.
    My goodness girl to do a post like this would of taken me 6 weeks instead of a week.
    Bless you for sharing this and know that the hard work you put into it will be enjoyed by many many grateful bloggers like myself.
    Awesome is another word. lol

  2. AWESOME!! Beautiful, lovely, pretty, sweet, gorgeous etc etc. NOT enough words to describe my love for your tree, Connie!

    Hugs from a jealous Dutch girl lol ;)

  3. Oh Connie, this is stunning - just like a fairytale! That tulle - never in a million years would I have thought of it and I'm definitely stealing this idea for next year (too late now - ours is finally up & took all of Sunday and Monday, and not my best effort...). This is truly inspirational and the photographs are WOW.

    I'm so sorry not to have done Pink Saturday visits this week - it's been frantically busy and I haven't had any quiet blog reading time. You're on my reading list and the very first thing I saw when I logged on (just now) and so glad I did! This is a real treat for the eyes.

  4. Your stunning Christmas tree is exquisite and done with wonderful taste! I can see the thought and labor put into your work of art. I love how you integrated everything with the inked poinsettas. The pink studded watch is cute. Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree! Loved your post, Connie!
    Robin's Egg Blues

  5. Connie, I am breathless with admiration. Your tree should be in a design magazine.

  6. Goodmoring Connie,LOVE the tree its very soft and romantic looking.I bet you and Jack love setting by the tree with the lights on.All your ornaments came out great.Love all the handmade ones too.The snowflakes with roses are so neat looking.Hugs!Love ya,Jen

  7. Oh Connie - splendiferous! That is the only word I can come up with to describe your beauteous tree. What an amazing job you have done. Truly a one-of-a-kind, my friend. I love all the wonderful treasures, including cards, you have hung. Everything has a special meaning. The tulle is a wonderful addition! Oh, I could go on and on, but I'll stop now.

    I have a feeling I will be re-reading your post several times today!


  8. Woooooooow!!!!!!! You outdid yourself gal. It is so romantic and girly. It should be in a magazine. Give yourself a rest and sit back on the couch and you and hubs just admire and enjoy your Winter Wonderland Tree.

  9. Gizmos and Roses...........sounds like blog in the making to me and I like it!
    Connie your tree is extraordinare!

  10. Beautiful Connie,
    your tree is soft it makes you want to crawl in there and take a nap. I loved the surprise ornaments that you put on it....I love it.
    Now I suppose we go headlong into the homestretch to Christmas..
    xo glenda@serendipity cottage

  11. This is fabulous, dahling!! Wow, what a great tree that is!! Do you call it a "friendship" tree?

    It just shows how much you mean to all of us that you touch with your wisdom, humor, faith and your Christian love for all who need it.

    Thank you, sweet Connie, for being YOU. It is an honor to be called your friend.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  12. Truly beautiful, Connie! OMGOSH! It is fluffy and full and showcases gorgeous ornaments. I LOVE IT!

    Blessings to you friend.

    How is your sonshine? Healed up?

    Love to you~


  13. OMG!!! Breath taking!!! I love it... I knew it would be worth the wait! To think a plain ol' green Christmas tree can be transformed into that beauty is unbelievable. You have some of the prettiest "trimmings" I have ever seen! I love it and thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh sweetie...
    I so love this post. Your tree is truly spectacular. It is the most beautiful one I've seen this year. It is so feminine. Inguiring minds want to know just how much netting did you use in this decor? I'm thinking a good 30 yards.

    Everything is so detailed and so beautiful, and your element of surprise is your topper. I so love it. Ca't wait for the tutorial. Thank you for sharing.

    As always thank you for sharing with me.

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  15. Oh, Connie - Your tree so beautiful !!! I love all the Victorian ornaments. Merry, Merry Christmas to you.

  16. That tree is absolutely beautiful!

    Merry CHRISTmas!!!

  17. Connie, your tree is so fun and beautiful!

  18. What a gorgeous Christmas tree Connie! It's fabulous. My tree still looks like your "before" picture. I've got to get a move on. Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. Spectacular Connie! Does Jack like it as well? You pulled it all together very quickly. The tree topper is gorgeous too.


  20. Connie, the tree is amazing!!! it's a pink ladies dream! I pictured it smaller but now seeing it, it's HUGE...I love everything from the wood ornaments to all the roses to the fringe hanger to the boxes under the tree. It was worth all the sneak peeks to see the finished tree. I Love it and yes, I want it too! Have a beautiful day sweet friend! Hugs, Jennifer

  21. You were right! It was well worth the wait. Beautiful.
    Hugz, Z

  22. Connie!! Your tree is positively YUMMY! I'm suddenly feeling the desire to redecorate mine.
    I LOVE the tulle on the tree, it gives it a dreamy background for all of the ornaments.
    All of your special little touches have made it a real delight!
    Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!
    Hugs, Debi

  23. Hello Connie, your tree is outstanding and sooo romantic with the beautiful ornaments and the lovely tulle. I adore the closeups so we can see the beautiful decorations up close. It looks wonderful in front of the window. NO ONE would notice the length of the curtains. They will be focused on that awesome tree. Good job Connie. How wonderful to have a friend with a huge camera and the best subject ever to photograph. In short, I kove the tree,

    An inspiration in pink.

    Love and admiration to you.

  24. Absolutely a stunner Connie!!! You have done a GORGEOUS job on this pink tree. I think this is a tree you will love forever!!! I'm in awe my friend!

  25. Connie!!! It's GORGEOUS!!!! Just absolutely magical looking girl!!! And it looks so pretty in your room too ~ the tulle gives the tree an ethereal look, doesn't it?? Thank you so much for taking the time to share your beautiful Christmas tree ~ I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!! hugs and love, Dawn

  26. Oh Connie, there are no more adjectives that have not been used to describe your tree. Let me just say Thank You for taking the time to share this with us. And one more word..............................itzabeauty! Hugs, Mollye

  27. Connie, Your tree is breath taking. It's just gorgeous and should be in a magazine or on a decorating show. I love your special ornaments and sentimental gifts from friends. Love it. Kathi

  28. Wow Connie, that tree is totally amazing. So pretty and gorgeous!!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! xo

  29. Connie, what can I say, but that your tree looks like a designer came in and decorated for you---would you like to come to Louisiana and help me with just one! My jaw is wide open in awe of your gorgeous tree. You have me addicted to pink and I'm blaming you. Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement---they did help tremendously Sweetie. Love Ya, Pat

  30. Wow !! It is a PINKAPALOOZA !! :) It is gorgeous Chickie !! You know, there is lots of love represented on that tree for YOU :)

  31. Ooooh, very pretty. I really like the way you showed all the little details. I can't wait to see for the 26th!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  32. WOW! What a chick tree! Love the frills and the snowflakes.

  33. Very very feminine and pretty, Connie! My favorites are the cones!!

  34. Connie...I'm so glad I came by tonite. I've been so busy trying to get "things" done around here, before we have the house measured for carpeting and vinyl on Monday!!

    Your tree is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! I love the ROSES and FROU FROU and TULLE!

    We decided not to put up the big tree this year. Just too much going on...and besides, it's just going to be the 2 of us and the puppies for Christmas!! So, I put up our table-top tree and will add some more ornies tomorrow.


  35. The roses add such a romantic touch and you always have the sweetest ideas. I too had pinecones ready but just decided not to use them. Merry Christmas my sweet friend, T

  36. Hi~
    It is the most fun time of year to be able to go visiting and see all different colors and style of decorating for Christmas! Love it.
    Thanks for stopping by. It was so nice to meet you.

  37. OH Connie; I so love love your Christmas Tree... It is so beautiful,, love how you decorated it,, one year I used white tulle on my tree too... I might have to get it out and use it next very Victorian looking.... oh and I Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas

  38. Connie,
    Your tree is stunning!! I love everything about it!! I especially like how you used your own handmade ornaments and gifts from friends as sweet remembrances. Job well done, sweet friend! Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season!! Vicki

  39. Beautiful - love the way you've incorporated all the lovely, not quite Christmas ornaments to make such a personal exquisite tree.

  40. this is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen! Not exagerating, it is beautiful. I read the comments and all the words have been used, I cannot come up with anything more to say than what has already been said. Truely a work of art.

  41. Connie, your tree is shabby, pink, and DIVINE!!! What spectacular details! I know pictures just dont do it justice! Love the pink blingy watch! FUN! FUN!!!! XO,Jenn

  42. Merry Christmas. The tree is so cute. First time here. I absolutely love visiting yours. Your blog inspires me much. Learning many new decorations from you. Thanks dear.

  43. Hi Connie, wow your tree is georgous. So many pretty things I don't know where to begin. So many pretty things all in one place. I'd love to set in that room with a cup of tea!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  44. Connie, your tree left me in awe! You have done a beautiful job and the pictures are wonderful...why is it that Christmas tress are so hard to photograph?? You see beauty when you look thru the lens, you clik and what comes out is not what you saw :) I loved looking at all your beautiful ornaments! You displayed them all beautifully & with much love. I wish you a Merry Christmas with a home and heart filled with love & laughter of family & good friends. Besos, Rose

  45. Wow Connie, this is a work of love and a work of art! The post, the pics, the tree, all just wonderful!

  46. What a magnificent and sentimental tree Connie. You must think of all your beautiful friends every time you wander past it.
    Love it.
    Merry Christmas,

  47. Oh my goodness gracious, Connie. You have completely outdone yourself.

    Your tree is a vision of beauty. Every branch is decorated like a true work of art.


  48. As someone who puts up lots of photos, I appreciate the time it took to get this post together. Not only that, it's truly stunning. So sad I didn't use your photos.I must have been mad!

  49. OMG Connie, your tree is just sugar plum sweet!!! I think of sweets and cotton candy(duh, sweet again). It's amazing and there's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said about it's beauty. Doesn't tulle make everything sweet? Thank you for taking the time to show us individual close up's of all your ornaments and beautiful flowers. You're tree is spectacular, just like you!

    Merry Christmas again. Hugs & love, Tracy :)

  50. OK..... In One Word....
    VICTORIAN..... that was two words...LOL

  51. Connie, this is simply gorgeous! I would love this in my house!!! I love it's full of little surprises!


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