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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Making Up My Mind on a Project

I have this vision in my head of what I want to do with this little dress form but just not ready to start it yet. (Do any of you have this same problem: trying to figure out what to do creatively with something?) Working on another project at the moment. Is there ever enough time to do what we want to do? Right now my house is a shambles from the holidays and it's driving me nuts because I had to "store" some tables from the living room in my craft/sewing room to be able to put up the tree. For an OCD chick, this is torture! Love Bunny does NOT understand. I may have to shoot him!

Okay, I took a break for several days and this is what I think I want to do with it. It is all pinned on at the moment but I like it.

It would make a sweet valentine gift for a friend I think—a froufrou chick, maybe. Hmmmmm.........


  1. Love it, looking nice and frou frou-ey enough, lol ??

  2. YES, love it, go for it!

    Plus, I'm full of admiration you're even able to face creating anything so soon after the The Big Event.

    Chrismas has left me exhausted, even though Himself did the cooking (bless him 1000 times). And as the craft table is in the living room, I had to tidy it up to within an inch of its life and have been threated to within an inch of MY life if I get it messed up again this side of New Year's Day!

  3. So pretty, how talented you are.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Hi, Connie,
    I think it is looking quite pretty with the netting and red and white polka dots. I bought several craft type projects and haven't started on a one. You seem to always be creating something wonderful. I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and hubby the happiest of New Years in 2010. Your friendship has been a true gift to me this year. Vicki

  5. Connie, this is lovely! I have one of these little forms too and it's been sitting in one of my cabinets because I didn't know what to do with it. You have inspired me now to try to do something with it!

    Hope you are having a wonderful holiday! I am taking a little bloggy break but trying hard to catch up on visits!


  6. Pretty dress now that is a shocker...thought it would be pink!
    I am already making lists of things to do for next Christmas. There must be a pill of some sort for this problem!!
    Have a great week.

  7. Yes, your creative mojo is working, my friend! I think you're on the right track...I hope you're enjoying the calmer days after Christmas.


  8. I'm late for PINK Saturday but, at least I made it to say hello!

    Love your dress form! So pretty! Yes, I feel your pain of having STUFF out of place. I loved having my tree up & the holiday things out BUT, it's time for some of it to go! In fact I started with the poinsettia by the coffee maker!!!! Us OCD girls just don't do well with tons of stuff everywhere! Have a great week!

  9. It is lovely. It would make a great Valentine's Day gift.

  10. yes. I've lost my creativity the past year. I'm just in a funk.

  11. Is that a beige-ish pink tulle? Those top pictures? Is that what's giving you creative "grief" at the moment.

    How about a shimmery satin top in the same tone? Oh, bird seed crystal beads to line the top of the bodice. And a sash that says Queen Chick in pixie dust gold. lol Okay, so not serious on the sash part, but the satin would be lushious.



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