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Monday, November 16, 2009

Show Off Your Cottage Monday 11/16/09

I had a giveaway saturday and no one caught on! I gave lots of hints. YOU could have won these little wood letters. Shabby Kim caught on just in time. Even my eBay group chicks didn't catch on in time and they KNOW me and what I do in our group. When I post something "weird" or somewhat "mysterious" you can generally count on it being something you're going to like, chicks. So pay attention carefully. Trust me on this one.

When I am creating, this room is a disaster area. I cannot create, sew or craft neatly. Anyone else like that?!?! Hmmmmm??? Yeah, I thought so. ;-)

Working on 3 different things at the moment here.

That being said, lately I have been doing things for ME, strictly for ME. I created a list about a year ago now of the things I've always wanted to do and just somehow could never find the time or get around to doing it, so I "got on a roll" and did them recently. First it was the cuffs. Then it was the Marie dolls. Now it's the froufrou-y letters. So I recently decided to make a trip to Joanns specifically to find some letters to make. I love the feeling I receive from the word nest; actually, cocoon or celestial are my favorite words in regards to home but nest was shorter and, at $2.99 a letter, you know what won out.

The final results! I love it. These are papier machè letters and very lightweight; however, I did the laundry room letters in wood and liked them better.

Closer view

The new look of the faux fireplace.

Random Thought:

What good does it do to have 3 sets of tire snow chains to cars we no longer own? Just wondering. *Sigh*...........

I am grateful for new appliances. Let me explain.

When hubby was in the Marine Corps we lived in government quarters several times and trust me, we were happy to get them. They were clean, inexpensive, safe and commodious. But sometimes we lived in homes in town. Those were nice also but they were never ours and mostly they came with a stove and refrigerator. I don't even remember anyone we knew back then having a microwave. But we bought a refrigerator during one of our "in town homes" and had that for 24 years and the man who bought it thought it was new because it was so clean and in such good shape. Then we bought a home and had to buy other appliances. But never at one time did we have new appliances until we moved to this house 4 1/2 years ago. Then about 2 years ago it hit me: I had all new appliances—stove, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator! That just seemed like so much to absorb from all those years of living frugally. Plus they are all paid for. So that's why I feel so blessed.


  1. do you have to dust those letters? just askin.

    One thing I learned about appliances. They die in threes.
    Never fails.

  2. I could not dare show the rooms I mess up while so called crafting! Your letters are precious...your fireplace and area is go girlie, if only my husband would go for a look like, paid in full appliances is something to be grateful for!!

  3. G'morn, sweet Connie ~ I have good news ... you won #1 Tea Cozy parcel in our GIVEAWAY. TY for entering, tomorrow we will post another so be sure to enter again.

    Please send me your address ~

    TY for following me, I so enjoy you. Have a lovely week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. you were blessed indeed! sweet "nest" letters.

  5. I love the letters! What a great idea!
    Just popping over from Cielo's. :)
    Love your blog!!


  6. love the letters.... "nest" is perfect!!! sorry i missed the giveaway!!

  7. The letters look so great with the fireplace...and a creative mess is the best kind, don't you think?

    I don't think I've ever had all new appliances, although the ones in the cottage weren't that old when we moved in. Still have to fix the dishwasher...


  8. Hi Connie,
    I love your letters! and they look perfect on your Mantel.Its always fun to make things for our home. I think it make us happy.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  9. Your room is wonderful. I love the cheerful look.


  10. You could show off your bathroom and I know it would be cute as a button Connie.
    Love your letters. I caught on, but I'm not one to enter giveaways. I like to read all the excitement it brings to the girls when they win.
    Lucky Kim
    I ADORE your letters. Mine didn't turn out 1/2 as cute as yours. I'm not good at that. I like BIG THINGS!!!!!
    Happy SOYCM... Mr. Linky is still sick at Cielo's.
    Love Claudie

  11. Hi, Connie,
    I am in love with these letters you are doing!! I especially love that red and white polka dot, so, so cute! I am with you on new appliances. I always bought used to save on money. However, when I moved into my home (only the second home I ever owned), I had totally new appliances. I am thankful for mine, too. Blessings to you, dear friend! Vicki

  12. Hi Connie! First off pamela your first poster said appliances die in three's......SHE is RIGHT! I lost my washer, dryer and my dishwasher all at once. My grandmother's washing machine lasted 20 years, mine lasted 8 that's the quality nowadays....ugh!
    ok now on to your pretties....Love,Love ,Love the nest over your fireplace, actually I love your house!!! When I create I always make a mess too! Have a sweet week! hugs, Jennifer

  13. Hello Connie, I did miss your giveaway offer. Darn!!! I love the nest letters you have done. I think it is great to do things you have wanted to do. I am thinking in the same light. Some quilt projects I am so wanting to start. Lets do it!! I'm getting my inspiration from you.

    I loved reading your story about the appliances. I'm happy you now have all new ones.


  14. Love the letters- I just sent my daughter some letters like that but in Christmas colors- they spelled out snow-
    Love your.

  15. Connie
    Thanks for dropping by Lavender Cottage and from a Canadian to an American - hugs!
    With so much pink, do you sell Mary Kay too? I did for a couple of years and had a real appreciation for this girly colour and jewellery.:-)

  16. Hi Connie, I am just loving the letters and how you created with them. Gorgeous.
    I can so relate to making a mess when creating. But hey, you have to make a mess to get anything done, right?
    Love the NEST with the fireplace.

    Have a great week sweet friend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  17. Now these are just picture-perfect for your fireplace, sugar! Love them!! They just make such a great accent for your room. The entire picture (and feeling) of this room is just ethereal!

    Angelic Accents

  18. Those letters are just wonderful! I love your faux fireplace, too.
    Thanks so much for paying me a visit earlier, always appreciated!

  19. Connie..I just love how your LETTERs you created really do help your *love* nest look beautiful!

    And...yes appliances are a good thang!


  20. Love those letters, Connie. You picked such cute colors and fabrics. I love the diamond one. I'm drawn to diamonds for some reason, I mean the shape not the real deal LOL. Anyway, that is so neat that you are blessed with new appliances and are so very thankful for them. Kathi

  21. Your letter turned out so pretty! I love the romantic pink room and your faux fireplace was cool!


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