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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pink Shoe for Pink Saturday 11/21/09

Welcome to Pink Saturday once again. Please go visit with Beverly at howsweetthesound and view all the pink you can handle for one week.

Now for the other shoe. Some photos were taken inside and some outside on a very cold snowy morning!

As I said, I think this one should be pink since that's my favorite color. Then a couple of layers of pink tissue paper were glued on. I'm still working on more layers.

The heel was painted white but I decided to do it in iridescent silver. That's taking a lot of coats. So far I have applied 5 coats at this point.

I keep forgetting to take photos as the work progresses but you get the idea. Lace, roses, vintage jewelry and a little chick.

The back has some little poseys and a paper rose. I can't sell this because I actually did wear these shoes at one time and who in the world would want my old scuffed worn out shoe?!

After looking at the shoe critically I asked for some feedback from my sweet eBay group. I agreed with them; it wasn't exactly what I wanted and a bit over the top with the grass and chick. So I revamped it and this is what I came up with finally. I must say I like it a lot better, although I'll have to adjust the stuffing a bit. I was in a hurry to get this on since I've been known to forget. It looks "cleaner" now. Perfect for a place in this pink house!

If I ever do another shoe, and there's much doubt about that, I'll never use tissue paper again. I believe I'd use fabric. I like working with it much more than anything else.



  1. Hi Connie,

    I agree, I like the revamped version better. Very pretty pink today!

  2. Happy Pinks, Connie! The finished shoe looks lovely! Your did a great job on it. Such an adorable idea. Love it!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Well, golly...this is such a cute idea..Where do you sit all these cute things you make? I don't have another spot in this entire cottage to put one more item! wait a can always move things around to make room for something they LUV !!
    Really cute shoe, Connie!

  4. Thank You
    Happy Pink Saturday and Thanksgiving
    xxoo Denise

  5. Connie, I really like the direction you ended up taking. It looks old-fashioned and has a wonderful shabby chic feel to it. You have far more patience than I do. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. Connie,Happy Pink sat. That came out so cute.I do like the softness of it also.Looks like a victorian ladys shoe.Thank you so much for the comments on my ornaments.Hugs,Jen

  7. Great shoe and I love how you shared your process...HPS!

  8. Connie - that is wonderful! I like the final version the best. What a creative person you are! Happy Pink Saturday, my friend.


  9. Happy Pink Saturday. I do like the finished version, so pretty!

  10. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie! Well, aren't you the creative one? Who would have thought? You did a wonderful job and I'm sure it was a lot of work. Thanks for stopping by today. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.


  11. Hi Connie,

    Love the revamped version. Very creative, very you.

    Have a wonderful Thansgiving.


  12. Your too clever my friend...who would of thought to do this...but Connie!! Girl I had pink shoes I got married in many moons ago and had them dyed to match my wedding dress...At that time you could't wear white if you were married before...Now days you can even wear white have your kids in the wedding and be PG all at the same time...No BIG deal any more ha ha!!
    Now girl you know I make Victorian lamp shades will beleive it or not I did one for a gal using her wedding shoe for the lamp and her dress for the shade...she wanted a vanity lamp so I did it...I wished I had taken a picture of that one...Oh well long before my blogging days ha ha!! Now I carry my camera to the bathroom ha ha!! Oh my that didn't sound nice did it...Hope all is well on your side of the mountain my friend...Hows your son and daughter doing...I think and pray for her every day my friend...
    We have rain now for 2 days here on my mountain top...Girl I'm lovin it...God watering all my trees for me...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

    What a clever gal you are! I like it revamped better, too, as it is now is so shabby and chic with the coming here to visit as you always have something wonderful you are working on....
    HAPPY THANKSGIVNG...I am looking forward to stuffing and pumpkin pie....not the best for the ole hips, but Oh well.....

  14. Wow , that is a lovely bird nest !
    Lovely pinks !!
    Happy Pink Saturday !
    Love from the Netherlands RINI

  15. You have a delightful talent!!
    Happy PINK Saturday!

  16. Connie,

    I loved the shoe, but I was thinking the same thing about the green grass. It did look kind of Eastery, but needed a softer look. I love the way it came out. And of course, I got quite the chuckle from the fact that you wore this shoe, so you can't sell it! lol

    xo Cathy

  17. Connie..I really do like the sweet pink/white with all the roses and pretties! You are such a clever girl!!!


  18. How adorable! I loved it both ways!! LOL

  19. Very pretty, Connie. I liked the first version also. Great for Easter. I would love to get inside your mind for just a day to see how it works. You are just so darn creative!!!!! XOXO

    ~ Wendy

  20. Your shoe project turned out lovely. Happy Pink Saturday and Blessings for Thanksgiving! ~ Sarah

  21. Happy Thanksgiving! G-r-e-a-t idea.

  22. Conney huney, wow! what a great idea! now I must find where my old shoes again.. you are so creative! Happy PS!

    have a good weekend

  23. Hi, Connie!
    I, too, agree that the redesigned shoe is a nicer, cleaner look. And when it comes to shoes, remember that Cinderella proved that your life can be changed by special shoes!
    Hope your Pink Saturday was FANTASTIC!
    Betty :)

  24. Hi Connie, Happy Pink Saturday! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Love your pink post this week. Beautiful creations you've made!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  25. I like the end result. Very nice. I also agree with your previous post! Even though I made a mental note of the title, it is gone! Well said. Happy Pink Saturday!

  26. Very sweet. It looks like it would be fun to make, get all your creative juices flowing! Happy Pink to you and have a beautiful Sunday!

  27. Connie you are forever coming up with something creative!! I love those little pastel flowers you used on it! I was just thinking how cute these would be using a little childs slipper-

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  28. The first creation has it good points - the revamped version looks so pretty & elegant. Very creative work - beautiful.

    Happy pink saturday - have a fabulous week.

    ciao for now,
    Elena :)

  29. Yeah, baby ~ the bling and millnery flowers are doin' it for me today!!

    Happy PS!!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  30. so so pretty Connie! And I love your feather wreath on the next post. I am making a wreath today amongst the five hundred other things I have to do after I finish with my belated Pink Saturday comments. Have a joyful Sunday. Will an email do with how to do journals? xo Lynn


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