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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pink Saturday 11/7/09

My friend, Lorena, is having a 200th post giveaway so please visit with her and sign up for her gorgeous items to be given away.

Beverly from HowSweettheSound, is sponsoring Pink Saturday so go visit her and see all the PINK stuff, chicks!

I mentioned in this post that I've wanted to do several things on my list that I made a long time ago. This is another one of those things. Read on...

First I assembled the letters and painted around them with white paint. Got out my Mod Podge, fabric and scissors and went to work. Roses, paint, ribbons, snippets of vintage lace, rick rack, etc. Can you guess what they spell?? Hah!!

Let me mention something here about these scissors as an aside. I have probably 12 pairs of scissors in this house and that is after going through the house about a month or two ago and throwing out pairs that just didn't "cut" it anymore. ;-) Five pairs are Gingher and one pair is Fiskars and the rest are just inexpensive scissors. The pair of Gingher on the bottom in the photo below are a relatively new pair that I bought and are incredible. The next photo shows the blade that is serrated. It works incredibly well in "holding" the fabric while cutting. I recommend this pair highly. They are dressmaker shears I think and are not inexpensive but will last a lifetime. And Love Bunny has been warned that if he uses them and dulls them, he's forking out $50 for a new pair of these.

See the serrated edge. Very, very sharp.

So here the fabrics are cut and glued onto the wood letters and then the embellishing began. Here are the finished letters that will go in the.......

...Laundry Room! Have you guessed what the letters spell out yet?

And here they are after hanging them in the laundry room. I think they're cute.

I changed out the embroidery that my daughter did for me years ago with this picture of a cottage that was behind the sofa in the family room and put it behind the washer instead. I think it looks fine there but now I'll have to find another place for the embroidered flowers.

Close up view of that area.

Oooh, and I covered the clothes rod with fabric also.

I'm grateful for the health hubby and I have. No one believes we're as old as we are because we don't walk as if we were infirm. I'm a very spritely old lady but I recognize those who aren't blessed with good health and how blessed we are to have healthy bodies. Okay, so I could lose some weight! ;-) But by and large we are in excellent health. I thank God every time I think of it and ask for continued blessings with it.


  1. Oh Connie this is a great idea. I love Mod Podge it seals so many things and makes it look so good. I love your post what a beautiful Pink Saturday post.


  2. What a great idea, it makes your laundry room look "happy". Everyone knows there isn't too much happiness in doing the laundry so this should help! Thanks for sharing your information about the scissors. Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Connie Sweetie,
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    I absolutely love these covered letters. They are scrumptous on that wall. I am thinking they would be good in my grandkids walls. What a wonderful little inexpensive Christmas gift. It personalizes their space. Especially if they share with a sibling. Thanks for the tutorial and the wonderful Christmas tip.
    I love it.

    I hope you have a great day. Please pop over and let me share my pink post with you.

    Country hugs, Sherry

  4. love your wash the colors...have a great weekend..:)

  5. Hi Connie. Oh' you been a busy bee. I love the letters, they turned out so cute! What a nice laundry room you have, even covering the rod, wow.

    My Mother got a set of Gingher scissors from my dad one Christmas when I was very young. I know she was so excited about them because she had wanted them. We got the warnings issued to us to. I still remember they were in a pale blue zippered case with 3 pair I think. I know there were pinking shears in there too. I grew up using those scissors and loved them. I've never had a pair I usually by the Fiskars soft touch. I love the spring action. I'd love to have a pair of the Ginger with the teeth.

    Have a fun weekend...Tracy :)

  6. How fabulous! And I didn't know Mod Podge was good for fabric. These really are spiffy, and could live in my home anytime they need a holiday. Happy Pink Saturday (I'm not taking part this week, but HAD to visit!)

  7. Connie, a woman after my own heart. I have some letters I bought some time ago that spell out Dream and Inspire and I love what you did with yours. They are so adorable. Mine will be done with pink scrapbook paper and some of the many trimmings I have from my mother. Since I will be locked up in my bedroom today, I am going to start my Christmas cards, so will be needing some snail mail addresses. Now I would enjoy doing laundry in a room like yours. Great job as always. Big Chicky hugs, Pat

  8. OHHH I love your pink post , it is beautiful !
    Love from the Netherlands , RINI

  9. Your letter are so pretty. I love the fabric. I love fabric and I don't even sew:) Your picture of the cottage will be great there. It will put a smile on your face. I think I can look at cottage's all day, I'm memorized by them.

    Have a wonderful pink Saturday,

  10. You really dressed these letters so pretty! Love them! And they're in the laundry room? WEll, it makes such a wonderful sight while doing the washing and ironing :-) Oh but if I have something as pretty, I would want them displayed LOL


  11. Connie...Your posts are always sure to make me smile! You are a wonderful blogger! I smile at you wit...your humor...AND that sweet fave...nope you would not lie ( I always scroll back to see what you've been doing). So about your dress...ohhhhh....laaaaa...laaaa! I have had to put a pink ribbon on all my "best" scissors here...AND the warning is outhere too...use these ONLY if you want to be in BIG trouble! Hugs!

  12. How cute is this, Connie! Love it...makes me want to do laundry!!!! Great job.
    Happy pinks today! xo Tami

  13. Love it! My mom has an old handpainted weathered sign above her laundry room that reads "wash room" so I am thinking of trying to make something similar! Happy Pink Saturday!

  14. What a lovely job you did. You are very good with yours and creative mind. The letters would do any room justice. You may be old, but I am sure that I am right along with you. I was wondering if there were other bloggers as old as I am. Take care and keep moving. You have been blessed.

  15. FAbuloUs...your fabric patterns and embellies are so cheerful!! Almost makes me want to go in there and do some laundry...almost!! Thanks for the tutorial!!Happy Pink Saturday xOxO

  16. Connie,
    I certainly to LOVE all that you did with these letters! Isn't Modge Podge fun? I'm loving it..its my new friends!


  17. Connie, first of all, I'm SO glad you told us about the scissors. My grandmother always had excellent scissors, while every pair I buy tends to dull with time. Now, I know why! I will look for a good pair to keep here and not let Mr. Magpie use them to tinker with whatever. ;-)

    And I love, love, let me say it loudly in case you didn't hear the firs time, LOVE those letters! I am so jealous of how cute your laundry room is. And I love the fabric over the pole, too. Honestly, you made me want to race out and get some letters and do this. I think I might opt to use some paper... would that be awful? Because I saw some pink check that I just love. Provided it's still there.

    Happy PS...


    Sheila :-)

  18. Connie, I loved every minute of my visit here with you today. The tutorial was first rate and I love the letters you've created. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

    How cute are those letters! I will have to try that one day....

    We, too, are healthy for our advancing age and do not walk like others our age..What a blessing and we are grateful every day!..Hubby does have severe osteoporosis and is on Boniva...I am diabetic, but keep everything under control with NO meds, so I think we are in pretty good shape, considering. The doctor told us this week we were going to live for a long long time. I hope so, as I want to see my grandchildren grow and see their families, too. I hope I am not asking for too much!

  20. Hi Connie..
    what a great and creative idea. I always admire the way you decorate your house, even the laundry room look so beautiful.
    Lovely pink saturday post. Hope you'll enjoy your weekend.

  21. How CUTE !!! I just love those letters. You are such a smart cookie and a very talented one, at that!! You always make me smile, Connie.
    And, oh, yes...your thankfulness for good bodies is on MY thankful list. :)
    love, bj

  22. Hello Connie!

    What a great idea - I love those letters. The fabric choices are fun and happy and they go perfectly in your laundry room. How can you not smile when you go in there?

    Also, thank you for the information on the scissors. I'm in the market for a new pair - and you're right, the investment is well worth it.

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Pink Saturday!


  23. I am so impressed! These are so cute!

  24. Hi Connie, you are right, this is just the sweetest project for your very feminine laundry room. It should be girly, how many men do the laundry anyhow??? Not mine and frankly I do not want him in my laundry room. HA!
    This is the best idea, I have laundry room blocks. The first time I met you is when you commented on my laundry room. Do you remember that?

    Love your Pink Saturday post. Also, I think it is great that you and your hubby are active. We are too. Don't you know that only 'other' people are that old. Surly not us!!!

    Have a wonderful Pinky weekend.

    Hugs, xoxo, Jeanne

  25. beautiful... my mind was running with all the possibilites of what to spell with those letters. wouldn't they pretty in a little girl's room too?

  26. Well girl aren't you just the most creative chick in town today! Those are adorable and who wouldn't look forward to laundry now. I'm cruising over to your friends blog to see about her giveaway and will post it for her. Hugs friend, Mollye

  27. Dang....CUTE as can be....I LOVE them...I think it might make me LOVE doing laundry....??? :-) They look so cheery in your laundry room!

    I bought some letters to do too, but they're not nearly as cute as yours. I got mine at Michaels....I'll just bet you're one of those ever so lucky gals who has a Hobby Lobby?

    And, You're sooo fortunate. I could get so much more done if I could zip around.


  28. Yours look fab Connie
    I haven't been by lately, not sure why, but here I am.
    I tried making some also a while ago. I found it very hard to cut the fabric/paper to be exact. Great scissors help. I used a scalpel. I'll let the experts do them from now on, but it was a challenge.
    Off to paint the claw foot tub pink. Love It.
    Happy PS.
    Loved your last post with your "Antoinette".
    Love Claudie

  29. Happy Pink Saturday, my PS post came up late today. poo! I love the letters, so clever!

  30. I love this idea. Hmm, I should be cleaning the kitchen but may need to make and emergency run to Michaels for the supplies. Great inspiration.

  31. Connie I think your laundry room is just adorable.I love what you did with the letters and the hanging pole too great idea.Its just so cheerfula nd happy!Hugs,Jen

  32. Those letters are fab! What a fun place to do laundry - not drudgery at all!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  33. Connie you are too funny! This is my first, of many,m visits to your blog. Your letters are very cute indeed. Happy Pink Saturday!

  34. Pink is my color and today is always such a special day for me. Oodles of pink to check out and oodles of beautiful blogs to admire.

    Thank you so much for participating this week. I l♥ved dropping by to see your delightful pinkness. Have a wonderful weekend filled with fun and the company of those you love.

  35. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie! Love the fabric you used on the letters! Really add to the whimsy and prettiness in the laundry room! Great job! Love the funny commentary too!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  36. OMG this is great... I made a patchwork initial in bible School..when i was little!! I absolutely love what you did!!! Woo Hoo for Mod Podge!!!

  37. I love your post! The letters look wonderful! I would love for you to pop in for a visit Happy Pink Saturday
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Karrie♥

  38. Love your new letters, it's a cute idea!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!!

  39. Love what you did with the letters. Never would have thought of that! Happy Pink Saturday!

  40. Connie, Now those words make a big statement in your laundry room, soooo creative and fun.
    Very well done. Happy Pink Saturday!

  41. Hi Connie,
    Oh I love the letters covered in fabric. Very creative and the covered clothes rod is great too. What a wonderful idea to decorate the laundry.

    I also love your white linens. A true favorite of mine as well. And your MA doll is gorgeous.
    I really enjoyed catching up. Thank you for your many visits. I am swamped here, but will get over to visit again soon.

    Love to you,
    Celestina Marie

  42. Oh my gosh I love those letters!! So, so cute! You have the best ideas. Have a beautiful weekend, dear friend! Vicki

  43. Connie - the letters are just beautiful !!! I also love your Marie dolls and lovely dresses. Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful week.

  44. What an absolutely wonderful job you did with the letters, Connie!! You are so creative and I always look forward to seeing what you are working on next!! So, so adorable!!!!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  45. Connie, your laundry room is just soooooo FUN!! Love those letters! The plaid S is especially pretty!

    Happy PS!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  46. Connie,
    What a wonderful idea! The letters came out so pretty. You even covered the rod with fabric...fantastic!
    Happy Pink Saturday. Thank you for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway, (and yes google reader counts!)
    Hope you have awonderful weekend sweetie!

  47. Oh Connie.. you are so cretive.. wish we are neighbours.. am sure to come & visit you often and enjoy learning something new & fun from you.. now your laundry room look so pretty!.. Happy PS!

  48. love the letters and "Darrell and I are to so blessed with our health,
    hope you have wonderful week.

  49. Oh goodness, these are delightful! I absolutely love them!

  50. Ah, what a sweet posting. I love the letters and I'm thankful for good health too! xo rachel

  51. Connie, you are just too good. I love your letters. The W is my very favorite.

    Happy Pink Saturday, dear one.

  52. Wonderful! I have SO much fabric and this may be just what I need to do for our laundry room!

    I learned a tip the other day for sharpening scissors, cut strips of sandpaper with your dull scissors and it'll sharpen them right up.

    Hope you had a fab Pink Saturday and a super week!



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