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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pink Saturday 10/17/09

Happy pink saturday and please go to Beverly at howsweetthesound to view all the women who want to share their "pink" with you. You'll enjoy the journey!

At Bev's request I went to a blogger I've never been to before as it is impossible to visit all of them with almost 200 participating now. This is Esther and her blog. Do go visit her.

I'm going to be a trifle lazy today with pink saturday because hubs wants to drag me off to the other side of the state this weekend...sob...sob...sob...I hate not sleeping in my bed, eating my own food (or Applebee's or Olive Garden's alfredo fettucine!), walking around the house without my bra and various other things, but to keep th' man happy, I'll go. *Sigh*.....

Anyway, I'm going to just show you some beautiful rooms—not mine but others.

See what can be done with very little space to make an tiny office. I love this!

I once painted the insides of my huge linen closets in our other home a Pepto-bismol pink and it did jazz up the long hallway. Love it and may do it again. These are wonderful for that punch of bright color.

What drew my attention here was the pink jacket hanging of the door and the red (looks like lacquer) bedside table. Very oriental looking.

Another dream room for me, chicks. I love the pink walls with white wood trim and the diaphanous curtains framing the bed.

Gray and pink. The pink letter stands out and truly sets off that gray. I love gray also.

Just my style with the deep ocean blue, pink stripes and touches of green to bring the outdoor foliage in. I did this exact thing in my family room: the colors I mean. Beautiful!

We had an apron making class recently at a saturday activity at my church and I was supposed to teach the women how to make an apron. I ended with with 4 sewing machines, none of which I was in the slightest bit familiar with, and women with various degrees of "sewing ability", thread that didn't match much of what fabrics they each brought, every single machine had a problem or two, but I got a free meal out of it. If you feed me, I'll follow you anywhere! They all tried really hard though and as time ran short I offered to bring this one home and finish it off for this woman. She had never sewn before but did a fantastic job for her first apron. I applied a ruffle I had for another apron and the pockets.
And ya wanna guess who my model is here???? Hah.

So it ain't pink, adjust!


  1. Connie wooh who would'nt kill for that canopy bed, how truly lovely. Thank you for sharing these wonderful designs you have found. I am sorry to hear about the hubby dragging you off lol the things women do for their husbands we deserve a medal of honor. :0) Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  2. Great pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us this week. Have a Happy Pink Saturday :)

  3. Hello Connie, thanks to sharing this inspirational photos.
    Happy Pinkn Saturday!!!

  4. Connie, I just love that first little "office"! Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Very pretty rooms!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Mary :)

  6. Visiting from the Duck Pond...loved reading your interview and visiting your blog. Being a SAHM and housewife has been giving me the blues lately. I know when I feel like this I need to get creative. I look forwad to reading your adventures!

  7. Hi Connie, Love the decor pics. The pink walls are like my guestroom with white. Love it. The pink jacket hanging on the door, makes that room, I think. I love painting the inside of a closet too. Love that desk nook. Perfect for a small area.
    Sweet apron for the class. I know the ladies had fun and learned a lot too.
    Have fun on your get away.

    Blessings, Celestina Marie

  8. G'morning, Connie girl,
    Enjoyed your images today. Especially love that grey desk...and I don't even care for grey. :)
    Happy Sat.

  9. Connie, I love the pinks you've chosen to share with us today. Have a great road trip with your husband.

  10. Those rooms are so beautiful! I saw your profile on The Blonde Ducks blog and came by for a peek!!

    Loved looking at all those neat ! and pretty rooms....Loved the canopy bed.
    Husbands...we can't live with them, sometimes, and we sure can't live without them. I try to remember that they are from Mars! hehehe!

  12. the apron is cute..I love the color too..have a great weekend my dear..;)

  13. What beautiful rooms! You made me laugh..."walking around the house without my bra and various other things, but to keep th' man happy, I'll go. *Sigh*....." Well, if he's like my man he would like it when you walked around the house in your bra!!! LOL! You're a sweet wife to do what he wants. I hope you have a great weekend!

    :0) Sharon

  14. So charming. I love it.
    Happy pink Saturday and nice weekend !
    Love Rini the Netherlands

  15. So dreamy Connie! I can sure see some fun ideas to try....

    Cute Apron too! And again BIG smooches and thanks for my gorgeous apron...its hanging with honor in my kitchen for ALL to see..and I might even try to use it once in a while...but its toooo purty to dirty!

    Happy Pink...Lorena

  16. i'm here from blonde ducks site. you've got a beautiful blog, you're quite talented! what part of ID are you from? i lived in pocatello for about fifteen years, i miss it, especially the people!

  17. Thank you for sharing Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. Happy Pink sat Connie,I love that first office.I also like the room with the ocean blue color.So nice of you to finish the apron for the lady.Have a nice time away.Hugs,Jennifer

  19. I love these rooms too. I need several houses to get everything I want, but I don't want clean them all.
    Thank you sweet, for leaving the dear message for me to read. It sure brightened up my day.
    Have fun exploring Idaho!

  20. Happy Pink is a beautiful day but I am stuck inside feeling here I sit visiting you !!!!!
    God Bless You and keep you this week..
    I love the pink room with white trim...

  21. Adorable apron (even if it isn't pink!) Come on over and have some lasagna tonight with me and my hubby! I have a working sewing machine, you can teach me how to make one of those aprons! tee hee!

    I love those rooms with the touches of pink, very lovely!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. Finishing that apron was kind - and she'll remember you for ever!

    Love those room makeovers... sigh... we can but dream.

    Happy Pink Saturday, sweetie!

  23. Hi Connie!
    those are beautiful inspiration pictures :) you are so nice to help finish that apron. (I would've done the same thing)

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  24. Hi, Connie,
    Tell your hubbs he is a wonderful model!! I always enjoy seeing your apron confections! For never sewing before, she did a wonderful job! Happy Pink Saturday to you and enjoy your trip (even if you do have to put on a bra!). Vicki

  25. Hi Connie, Happy Pink Saturday! What pretty rooms your showing here today. Love that apron you finished up for your friend. Class sounds like it must have been fun. It's a shame they did not get their sewing machines tuned up before the class. I'd have been happy for the meal too! LOL
    Have a great visit with you nephew. Be safe!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  26. the rooms! Thank you for sharing..Happy pinks..xo Tami

  27. Connie, you are a hoot! I love the apron whether it's pink or purple or the color it is.

    Love those BRs, too. I think Claudie has a pink one. Mine is blue with touches of pink.

    Happy Pink Saturday...


    Sheila :-)

  28. Did you see your profile on my blog?

  29. Loved your post today..and I really enjoy your beautiful aprons. The ones you've shown have been just gorgeous. Happy Pinks and have a great week.

  30. honeybun.. Happy PS! where did you get so much energy and keep on re-arranging your home decor.. I envy you!.. and the gray & pink table is pretty.. I love the chair and the while chair pad..

    take care

  31. Happy Pink Saturday a day late! Please stop by my blog-I'm doing a giveaway until Friday, 10/23. Hugs, Leslie

  32. Connie, we notice and like so many of the same things! I, too, love that pink jacket on the door! And I've never seen anyone else that even knew what the word diaphanous meant, let alone that could spell it correctly! Use it in a sentence and let me know what Jack thinks it means!! Kenny is clueless!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents


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