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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

White Linens #1

I have always loved whites or an off-white of pale pink. I don't like my whites to be beige-y but an off color if they are off white at all would be the color of milk. I think the beige looks muddy or dirty but I am aware that a lot of people love that color. For the most part, I don't, but there are exceptions to everything. Right?

These are beautiful and one pillow is sort of an ecru color.

What can I say about lace that hasn't already been said millions of times? I love lace. It softens just about anything it touches. Even snippets of lace are attractive when bunched together in a bowl or on a shelf or mantle.

Years ago, as we were planning to move from California to Idaho, I shopped for an entire year buying up things I doubted I would find in Idaho. Tablecloths and napkins were some of the things I bought en masse. They were all white and huge since we have a huge dining table when the leaves are in it, but they all had at least 12 napkins with them. Macy's was my store of choice then and still is today. It's the most wonderful department store I've ever found.

In our first house in Idaho it had mahogany drawers in our dining room built-in buffet. They looked very similar to this. I lined them with pretty white paper and delicately put in the tablecloths. I have seen other women hang them on clothes hangers and thought that was a wonderful idea also if you don't have enough drawers. My tablecloths will go to my granddaughter someday. She'll appreciate their beauty also.

I also just hang them or drape them around the house on shelves, the mantle or table tops.

The embroidery on these is exquisite.

I recently told Love Bunny that when we go camping we WILL take a white cloth tablecloth to dine on in the camper. He hesitated at first but he got the clue: I'm not negotiable on this! Lace adds a certain ambiance when he decided he HAS to drag me to the wilds of Idaho. Sigh........

And who in the world can pass up a white basket weave dish to showcase their antique tableware? Not this chick.

Dress up that table out in the woods or in your back yard or on the front porch even. Give it some pizzazz and you'll feel like a queen.


  1. So many gorgeous white linens. Hope to see some pics from Idaho using your linen cloth

  2. Very pretty Connie. There is just something about the color white and lace that adds an element of beauty. We women have always noticed this and found ways of getting it. I love it too.


  3. What a gorgeous post.. I loved seeing all your beautiful lace. It is so romantic. Your granddaughter will enjoy them someday.
    hugs ~lynne~

  4. I love lace too! I used to have a lot of it in my house, but then changed it out and I have been wanting to get them out again. I am a cream person as I love the warmth of it. Decorating is just so much fun! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures!

    xox Sharon

  5. I just left a message, but it didn't show up. I couldn't remember if you approve them first or not, so I'll write another! I love all the pictures you shared today and I too love lace! I prefer cream over white as it adds an element of warmth, but they are all good!!!

    Hugs, Sharon

  6. That lace is so pretty! If you ever want to part with it you know who to contact :)

  7. Enjoyed seeing your post today with all of this beautiful lace. Gorgeous!
    Loved it!!!
    Blessings to you,

  8. I love lace! I am so happy that girly stuff is making a fashion comeback and now I can wear it more.

  9. Right now, all that creamy, dreamy white goodness looks great! Especially the dreamy part.


  10. I'll do just that! and I loves my toes painted red. I am bad about keeping my fingernails looking pretty but the toes..... always! :)

  11. Hi Connie; What lovely linens you have... You have such wonderful taste... And I don't blame you for taking some of your beautiful things along,,, I would.... have a great week.


  12. I love white...and lace...and more lace..and doilies..and linens..and...and...

  13. love all thoses picures!! Im with you love the old white linens!! getting harder and harder to find now though!!

  14. "The wilds of Idaho." LOL!!!! You are too funny, Connie. I think a lace tablecloth to go camping is a wonderful idea!! Years ago, when I lived in an apartment complex before we bought our house, there was a man named Bob who had a camper that he used to use on the weekends. It was the kind that you hitched to the back of your car so it wasn't very big. Let me tell you, he had a chandelier hanging in it, lace tablecloth on the table, velvet seat cushions, frou frou curtains in the windows and anything else you can think of that was the antithesis of "trailer." I just loved Bob!!! You probably would've loved him, too!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  15. Oh Connie, what a beautiful post for WW. I loved it all. Your linens are to die for. Know what you mean about taking beauty with yo when you go camping.

  16. Connie I love all the white and beige linens.I think everyone of these photos are so pretty.I like using more beige in the fall and kinda a off white.You can never have to many table cloths.

    The cafe/boutique looks so pretty.I can see lots goodies I woud like to buy too.
    I can't wait to see your camping pics with the white linens too.Hugs,Jen

  17. You are so funny, Connie! You must drive your Love Bunny nuts, but, hey, you're right there beside him in all he chooses to do so how could he refuse your sweetness!!

    Beautiful pictures!!

  18. Hi, Connie,
    Your laces and embroidery work pillows, tableclothes, napkins are all very elegant and lovely. I enjoyed looking at them all. You are right, lace just makes things so much more beautiful. Vicki


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