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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Face A Mother AND Dave Could Love

Introducing Stacey—mom extraordinaire, photographer extraordinaire and apron maker extraordinaire. She's a sweet little chick in our ward who just tried her hand at making an old fashioned apron with some retro-type fabric. Notice the Marilyn Monroe bodice. I think she did a fantastic job on it: big bows, a headband, plunging neckline with some sassy lime lace to match the fabric. And yep this brave little chick wore this to church today—all 3 hours. Very brave and chic of her. You go, girl!! She plans on making cinnamon rolls this winter with her new apron. I'm thrilled that she caught the "Apron Vision"! Hah.



  1. That apron is cute. She did a good job making it. I just love the big bow in the back.

  2. Greetings from Canada to you my dear friend!

    ♥ Love & Blessings!

  3. What a sweetie girl. I just stopped in for a weekly visit and to catch up on what you are up to. Love the craft room and all the desserts.

    The Raggedy Girl

  4. What a pretty apron, I love the color.
    Have a wonderful day,

  5. oh my... yes, very brave of me. Too brave perhaps. lol

    Chick, you're funny! Good thing I have you around to keep me in good spirits even when I'm being a huge nerd.


  6. Oh sweetie, now isn't that just the cutest thing ever? Loved the color combination, and the little bits of lace around the plunging neckline. She was so sweet to let you take her picture and share with us. I just love it. She looks darling, just darling. The bows and everything are just perfect. Thanks for sharing honey. Please stop by soon and say hi.

    I will be here 1 more week and then I will be leaving for Oklahoma for 17 days. It is time to go home and see the family. So while I am gone I will be out of touch. I probably will not have access to a computer. My folks don't have one and Debbie's house is pretty busy these days. My brother I don't know how good his is, so I probably won't be blogging until I get back. We shall see.

    Hope to see you soon. Love your post sweetie. Just love it. Country hugs, Sherry

  7. So, so cute! It looks like a dress!

  8. Tell her she looks adorable and great job too..and that I want one of her cinnamon buns...yummmmm...:)

  9. Fabulous apron, I'd wear it to church too! Rachaelxo

  10. Darling apron! Cute bows! I'm sure baking will be a lot more fun wearing that apron1
    Hugs and glitter!

  11. Hi, Connie,
    Isn't she cute in that sassy apron and head band! Way to go, Stacey! Thank you for sharing with us. Sending autumn blessings your way. Vicki p.s. Thank you for stopping by for a visit today!

  12. That has got to be one of the prettiest aprons I have ever seen!! The bow is just adorable!! I was just catching up on your posts. Haven't had time to read the way I like to. Have a wonderful day!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  13. Connie, Stacey Did a great job on the apron.Head band is cute too.Happy Fall,Jen

  14. Hi, Connie! I love brave women! It's funny what some of us are brave enough to do or NOT do!

    Idaho is sounding better to me all the time, connie! Maybe we'll meet up some day.

    PS What is "your ward"?

  15. Super cute! I have never seen an apron like that, she is really talented!!!

    Have a great weekend chickie!

  16. Connie
    Send me your email at so I can add you to my new private site. Gee, not surprised I'd go private, would you? Lori


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