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Friday, August 21, 2009

Shopping in Seattle

Okay, let's just say it wasn't pretty, shall we? Whenever my daughter, granddaughter and I get together they think I have to be "remade" for some reason.

The year Mandy graduated from the UC Berkeley it was the blonde hair dye that did it. I had always promised her that when she graduated college she could change my hair color. Little did I know how that would turn out. I knew when she rinsed it and was toweling me off that the look on her face was not going to make me HAPPY with the new hair color. Plus the fact that she immediately said, "Nana, I'll fix it; I promise." YeppPPPppp, I knew there was going to be trouble when I looked in the mirror. There WAS!! It looked like one of those scary blond guys in the horror movies.

Fast forward five years to the visit to her the first part of august when my daughter, grandson and Love Bunny and I all met up at her house in Washington, near Seattle. Once again they wanted to "change" me—hair color, clothes, shoes, etc.

Now, I love my kids and my only granddaughter but I knew I was in trouble. First, I tried to ignore them. Then it got down right nasty. I told them to leave me alone. They said my hair color needed to be done to eliminate the gray. Hey, God, are you listening: gray isn't the "IN" color anymore. Nuuuuuuu, Clairol had to one-up ya on this one.

Then they said my clothes are too big on me. I told them I'm waiting to drop some more weight until I buy any more clothes. Would they listen? Again, nuuuuuuuu. Mandy said it was going to be her treat.

They dragged me to a store and kept throwing clothes into the fitting room. Stretch, hip hugging, bell bottom jeans, blouses that were clingy under the breasts. They called the jeans "boot-cut" but I have enough cowboys around here in Idaho to know they were NOT "boot-cut" but bell bottoms. Then the bras........ Sigh......... Mandy and I were laughing so hard trying to stuff my.........uhhhhh, top part........into the bra I almost didn't make it to the restroom. When she'd see a "look" she liked she jumped up and down clapping her hands. Now, I ask you, how many of you have had your granddaughter stuff you into your bra. I didn't even want a new bra but they just muttered something about the b**bs needing to be perky and not sit on top of the stomach............Sigh........

Then there was the pedicure. See photo. I'm the one in the middle. Daughter is on left and a friend of my daughter's is on the right. We three had the pedicure; granddaughter had the manicure. Ooooh, and since I wasn't supposed to get my toenail polish scratched they marched me over to a cheap shoe store to buy a $3 pair of flip flops. I liked the pink snazzy color but those things give you NO support walking. I was beat by the time we got home 4 hours later.

Mandy and Nan thinking they're so clever! I may write them outta th' will, chicks.

The very top photo is me after I got home with the new color. . I'm not thrilled with it because it is NOT my natural color but Mandy said it will wash out after 28 washes. So far it's been 12 days and I've washed it 10 times! I want my old color back! Sob........ This is the photo Mandy took of me after the new color, style and makeup job. I do not normally wear eye shadow, eyebrow makeup, blush, eye liner, hoop earrings and my hair is curly (permed) but they straightened it out that night. I'm glad they didn't change my eye color! But they woulda tried, I can assure you!


  1. I like it! But hair color is something that YOU have to love.

  2. I think you look fabulous in the last picture. Oh, and the pedicure, how did you like it? I've only had one pedicure in my lifetime and though I liked having my toenails look very neat and clean and pretty, I didn't much care for someone touching my feet and rubbing my legs. It's just not my thing. As for my hair, I am constantly changing my hair color. I get really bored with myself, so I am always experimenting, but nothing too out of the ordinary. I enjoyed reading about your day with your daughter and your grand daughter. It sounds like you had fun, despite the makeover.

  3. awww huneybun.. you look fab!!! love the new makeover! really nice hair colour! and thanks for sharing this sweet moment with your granddaughter and daughter! have a great weekend!

  4. Sometimes it is easier to cave in and let them have their way. You can always fix it all up at home.
    It sounded like a lot of fun and looks pretty good too

  5. Hello COnnie...
    I must say your "new" look is very nice!!
    What did your Love Bunny say?!!
    Just think of the GREAT memories you made that day!!
    Happy Weekend.
    Deb :)

    P.S. That's being a Wonderful Grandma!

  6. I like it and I too am one to keep changing my hair color to cover that gray. My DIL and granddaughter took me for a complete makeover for Mothers day one year and I total loved it,except the feet.
    Thanks for stopping by and leave such a nice comment.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. You look Fabulous, Dahling!! I love the look. I always thought I had very pretty silver hair (only in the front) but my daughter said I needed to color it because the grey made me look old (I am old). When I said I didn't want to have to bother coloring it every month, she promised to do it for me. Well, I am stuck, she did it for two months and I have been doing it ever since. But now it has grown on me. Glad they didn't touch your eyes, you have pretty green eyes (they look green on my screen).

  8. Sweet Connie,

    Just dropping in to let you know I'm thinking about you. Love the pic!!!

    I have been taking a much needed break this summer. Getting ready for a big holiday season (I hope!)

    Miss you,

    xo Cath

  9. Oh Connie, you had me laughing.
    I think you look tres chic my friend.
    But you need to love it.

    My hair color is now natural (grow out was not pretty but it is so short it really wasn't too bad).
    The gray is kind of streaky and looks like highlights. I think I actually like it.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  10. Oh ConnieLove, you are a hoot...
    sounds like so much fun and giggles...I want to color my hair again...I am thinking Susan Sarandon red....Now if I could get this mug to look like her. Be grateful for the memories you made that wonderful day.....

  11. I think you are very pretty! This is such a cute post and you have an adorable loving family. I think it is so sweet the way they dote on you. I can understand wanting your own color and style for your hair, but you still look terrific in this photo. Cute post!!

  12. I think your beautiful!!! I love that color and your eyes.your just beautiful connie.XXOO Marie Antionette

  13. Connie, I'm so glad you came to visit me. Our trip out your way is over (we did this in July, but I just got around to posting about it) and we did absolutely love it in your neck of the woods. And I came to visit you (in the virtual world, that is) and loved your "place". I'm also a stay at home wife, mother and grandmother and feel the same as you that stay at home women are the happiest. I know I am. I also gave up working as an insurance agency owner about 5 years ago and I've never been happier. I also took a look at your shop and we have very similar tastes. If you get the chance, take a look at my other blog and my Etsy shop. BTW, I thought your last picture was beautiful. I'll keep following.

  14. wholy cow Connie..You look fabulous!!!! and I mean don't look your age by any means..they did a wonderful job...go with it look marvelous dahling..truly..tell them to come see me on my side...your toes look beautiful too,...;) have a great weekend..:) I think they did goooooodddd!

  15. Oh, Connie,
    How funny! I can completely identify. Just leave me alone, I like my clothes and my gray hair! And don't forget my sagging boobs. You do look very pretty though! Thanks for giving me a lot of smiles today. Vicki

  16. You look abosolutely Maaaaaahhhhvalous. However, you always did.
    Love ya!!
    Stacey Smek

  17. You look great in your make-over. I love clothes and make-up and all that girly stuff. My daughter doesn't care about it at all. She is into decorating though.
    Hugs, Susan

  18. But you look so nice! I laughed at the bra thing lol. You mean they "arent" supposed to rest on my tummy? Sigh.

  19. I think you look beautiful! I love pedicures too...and having Cassie at home that can do all the hair, nails and feet, is even better!!!


  20. What a fun time you had, Miss Connie ~ I can tell!!! And you look absolutely gorgeous! Listen to the girls about the hair color. You have to give it a chance. Hmmm, maybe your "sister" also needs a touch-up as Lucy's hair is starting to show a few wicked grays, too! I really love that pic of Mandy & Nan ~ they just look so hysterically happy!!!

    Now, I've got to go do SUMPIN' to get the image of Mandy stuffin' you into a bra outta my head!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  21. Connie, look at you! You look beautiful! I love the hair color! Oh those girls look so cute jumping for joy! What a fun day (even if it tired you out!). Great pedicures too! How nice to have such a wonderful granddaughter.

  22. Connie, look at you! You look beautiful! I love the hair color! Oh those girls look so cute jumping for joy! What a fun day (even if it tired you out!). Great pedicures too! How nice to have such a wonderful granddaughter.

  23. Connie, you have been to blog and I have been to yours many times...I like the new haircolor...but it is hard to make a change. Stop back whenever you can!

  24. Connie you look great. That was such a funny post. I go sometimes with my grands to shop and they make fun of me wanting to buy all the same old thing. What fun.

  25. Sounds like you all have a great time!! What a fun day and yes, I like to pic too!!

    Please stop by The Old Parsonage anytime, I love company.


  26. OH Connie; I think your new look is just beautiful... But then the first photo of you is beautiful also,,, how sweet of them to treat you... That is the same thing my Daughter would have done to me... Connie you are a beautiful lady inside and out...


  27. You're funny Connie!!

    I like the new hair colour, I think you look fabulous!!

    Sounds like fun to me - lap it up I say!!


  28. Hi Connie...
    You look have beautiful eyes too. I enjoyed reading your post, you really had a great time with your daughter and granddaughter.
    Have a great weekend and thank you for dropping by and leave your sweet comment..

  29. This is a hilarious post, loved it! What fun to have daughter/granddaughter who care so much, and make you laugh (after the tears!) and take you shopping. I bet the fitting rooms were heaving with laughter. Your hair looks great, you look great.....and your sense of humor is great to share. Love it all!

    Happy weekend.

  30. Oh sweetie, you look fabulous. Just fabulous. I love the hair, the makeup, everything. The toes look spectacular. How cute is that? You asked if you could borrow my pics for a post, or one of them, you are welcome to use them honey. I think TJ is so handsome, and he just doesn't see it. Pink was a manly color for him, even tho he may not think so. I am so happy you liked the post. Have a wonderful day sweetie. Country Hugs and love, Sherry

  31. Hi Connie
    Oh I just about peed myself reading your comment..hillarious!! I can just imagine the granddaughter stuffing you into your bra..*lol*.
    I LOVE the picture on the bottom...very very pretty! I'm glad they left your lovely eye colour alone.
    have a great PINK Saturday

  32. I think you're a hot looking Grandma and your granddaughter is so very lucky to have such a fun-loving one like you around!! Thanks for your comment on my blog. It gave me a big chuckle!!

    ~ Wendy

  33. Oh Connie.......I laughed myself silly....I know you had fun laughing with your family. Aren't daughters just hilarious? My dad used to say he loved girls because they had built-in's so true, isn't it?

    You look WONDERFUL....And, I'm so glad they didn't change your eye color....your eyes are simply STUNNING!

    Have a wonderful weekend fancy girlie!

    Lovies and Huggies,

  34. Oh Connie! You had me giggling and giggling...which is tough because Dear Bebe is napping in the next room. They love you so much these girls and what fun I think it would be for someone to want to make me over! I need it now since having the Bebe. YOU LOOK FABULOUS, DAHLING! What fun.

  35. Just tell them that next time they give you a makeover, you get to do the same to them. They'll never bother you again.

  36. You do tell a fully story sweetie! I know what you mean about not feeling like *you* but I must say that you DO look gorgeous! Of course, I thought you were goregous BEFORE too! You have such pretty skin and are one good lookin' grandma!
    Have a sweet weekend!

  37. Your haircolour looks nice but who m I. You have to like it
    Happy pink Saturday

  38. Lovely, but you have to like it yourself! Ahh, but you're a great sport though! That's how they will remember you, and that's important! Have a Happy Pink Saturday weekend.


  39. hilarious post Connie, I have to say you are looking very fine in that last picture.... although we can't see your perky uplifted b**bs!!! rachaelxo

  40. Hi Connie, I think the color looks good on you. Beautiful pic of ya! Love those flip flops!
    Love ya, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  41. Hi Connie,
    You are a hoot you know. I think I know how you are feeling. I have four daughters and they each think I should look a certain way. They hate my romantic feminine style in clothes and everytime I get my hair trimmed they say things like, 'It will look okay in a couple of weeks'. That sure makes me want to go out in public.
    I haven't had the b**b experience yet though.
    By the way you look amazing!

  42. Connie I think the hair color looks great on you.You look very pretty.Your eye color is very pretty too.Looks like you Nan and Mandy had a great time.Hugs,jen

  43. I think you look beautiful!!!

  44. I just wouldn't know how to act having a bunch of girls fuss over me like that! You're loved, Connie! ♥

  45. Oh Miss Connie you look BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Sometimes its fun to step out of your norm and play!

    I am laughing picturing you girls in the fitting room.
    I bet everyone thought you were all nuts! lol

    Enjoy your day sweetpea,

  46. Whatever the clothes, toenail trama or haircolor horror - not to mention the stuffing part - the memories will and are worth it all!

    I can't imagine the scene you Chick would have made in the dressing room or the face of the attendant.

    I think you look great before and after!



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