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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME on Pink Saturday!

Join all the participants on Beverly's Pink Saturday. Happy Pink Saturday to each and everyone one of you.

Today is my birthday and I've received special things to share with you. Vickie sent me these adorable cards, ephemera and a glittered pink "C" to hang in my other "C" over my bedroom dresser. She is an absolute doll who travels continuously! I swear Texas weeps when that woman leaves the state.

She even knew what kind of Wallies roses I have used in my office. Squeeeeeeeal...

I am so thankful I know this woman.

Isn't this adorable with the glitter "C"?

Then my sweet friend, Katie, sent me one of her spectacular paintings on a box on which she attached a handle because she knows I love to hang things around the house.

Then my friend, Bertie, sent me this little ceramic pot with vintage seam binding. Squeeeeealing with delight! You will want to go see her blog because she is featuring her 180+ years old farmhouse this week. It is truly spectacular to see what Bertie has done with that place. Just exquisite.
It is truly my pleasure to have known these women in my ebay group for 4 years now and some even longer. They lift me up and delight me each day with their caring and humor and stories of grandchildren and life. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I truly adore each and every one of you!

I've been sort of lazy the last several weeks and haven't done all I'd like to have gotten done but here is one thing I did do. I simply stuck a little print into a dollar frame I had painted and put a matte that I had painted from a hideous brown to a glorious blue and then Fun-Tac-ed it to the wall. Easy and fast. Just the way I like it!

Noooo, I have still not finished putting stuff back where it belongs because I just can't find places for it. You would NOT believe how many trips we've made to thrift stores giving things away. And there is still MORE! Anyway, some gals have emailed me asking how it was coming along so I photographed a few pictures to show you. Still haven't gotten the desired wall photo of the mantel and faux fireplace board but I'm getting there.

And lastly, this old stencilled towel I've had for about 20 years. I've used it for a painting rag but it hasn't even gotten thinner through all the years I've "cleaned" with it. Just goes to show you how long stenciling will last on a fabric. Plus the strength of that old fabric!


Random Thought:

You never want to stand between a woman who has just eaten a quarter of a watermelon and the toilet. Personal experience with Love Bunny..........


  1. Happy Birthday, Connie,
    You received some lovely gifts! Thanks for sharing your treasures with us. Have a wonderful time on your special day. Vicki

  2. happy birthday Honeybun and many happy returns! just look at the gifts you got.. all so lovely! you are so lucky to have such beautiful friends.. have a great birthday celebration and have a great weekend too!

  3. Hi connie.

    Happy Birthday and May God Bless You. Happy Pink Saturday.

  4. Happy Birthday to you and happy pink Saturday. What beautiful card you did receive already. Have a great day

  5. Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you hmmm my voice is not great today LOL. Lucky girl to have such wonderful friends to send you amazing gifts. I am sure you deserve every happiness. Hey that quote at the end is not from me LOL. Have an amazing day.

  6. Yes , happy birthday !
    You have beautiful things in your post , love the cards
    Have a nice weekend !
    Rini the Nethelands

  7. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Happy Birthday!
    Love all your goodies!
    Have a super day!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  8. Hi Connie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I hope your day is special. Love the wonderful gifts you received from all the talented ladies. Everything is gorgeous.

    Enjoyed your rooster party post too. It was so much fun getting around to everyone, or trying to. I still have many to go. It is a long list!!
    Enjoy your day!!
    with love, Celestina Marie

  9. Hi Connie,
    Happy Birthday to you on this Pink Saturday! You received some very lovely things. Gorgeous and pink! Thanks for sharing your loot!


  10. Happy, happy birthday to you! How cool we both are celebrating birthdays today on this lovely Pink Saturday. Enjoy your day! :)

  11. Happy Birthday! What special gifts from your friends . . . they must know you well!

    Your room looks just lovely! I'd love to sit there awhile with a nice cup of tea and just enjoy!

    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday and hope your day is extra special!


  12. Happy birthday to you....happy birthday to you....happy birthday dear Connie...happy birthday to you!!!!!!
    May you always be blessed with beautiful friends & many happy birthdays!
    Have the yummiest pink day!
    xo Tami

  13. Happy Birthday Connie!
    What lovely treasures you received from your dear friends and how sweet you are to share them today!

  14. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!


  15. Hi Connie...Happy Birthday to you sweetie. Thank you so much for sharing with us your lovely treasures. Have a wonderful and great time on your special day.
    Happy PS


  16. happy b'day to you !!!!
    and have a nice an beautiful day
    "Pink saturday"

    XOXO from Paris

  17. Happy Birthday, Connie. Have a wonderful day.

  18. ahhh...Happy Birthday to you! What a sweet bunch of friends you your do something extra special fun today!

  19. Imagine this in soft breathy tones:
    Happppyyyy birthdayyyyy to youuuu!
    Happppyyyy birthdayyyyy to yououu!
    Happppyyyy birthdayyyyy Connie Darling....
    Happpyyyyy birthdayyyyy to youuuuu!

    Now imagine me in a clingy sequined gown that had to be sewn on me...well, don't go that
    I guess the passing of the last Kennedy brothers brought that to mind. Remember Marilyn Monroe singing that song...wait, your're not as old as I am.....sorrrryyyyyy!!!!!
    Happy Day, glenda

  20. Happy Birthday to you!! What lovely gifts you got from your sweet friends. You are blessed for sure. And I love that "C". So pretty. Hope you are having a wonderful PINK Saturday!


  21. Happy birthday and happy Pink Saturday.

  22. Happy Pink Birthday!! What wonderful pink treasures.

  23. Thanks for sharing your birthday with us. Please come join me for Crock Pot Wednesday at The link for joining will by up by Tuesday.

  24. Connie-Happy Birthday. You have generous friends who know you well!

  25. HAPPY Birthday Sweet gift will be on its way to you next week...things kinda got a way from me time wise this week with the wedding stuff! But I want you to know how much you mean to me my sweet PRH friend! You have been there for me many times and I treasure your friendship more than you can EVER know!

    Hugs and Love...Lorena

  26. Happy Birthday Connie. You have been so great to help me with blogging problems. You are surely the energizer bunny for all the things you get done. I love those letters all decorated.

  27. Happy Happy Birthday!! Lovely blog love you received on your special day!!
    Enjoy xOxO, Nerina :)

  28. Bonne anniversaire, chere Connie!

  29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweet Conniw...May it be a wonderful one for you...Much love coming your way my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  30. Happy BDay on this wonderful Pink Saturday! You got some great goodies.

  31. Happy Birthday Connie! May this year be filled to the brim with blessings! Hugs, Patti

  32. Happy pink birthday!
    I had a fun time seeing your lovely pinks!!

  33. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!!!

    Stand between a woman and the toilet? Never! Unless you wish to suffer severe trama, dismemberment and possibly death.

    You've got a lot of B-day treats from wonderful friends... apparently I'm way behind the curve on that one! lol

    Happy Birthday!!


    My your day be special just like you are!
    Very sweet and pretty gifts from your friends.
    Deb :)

  35. Happy Birthday, dear friend...and on a Pink Saturday to boot. How lucky can one lady get?

    Hope you do something unforgettable tonight!

    Aunt May's Cottage

  36. Happy Birthday, Connie! I hope you have a fabulous day - what lovely presents! Happy Pink Saturday!

  37. Hi Connie!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY *tight hugs*
    I hope you are having the greatest greatest birthday!!
    You have the most wonderful gifts from your fortunate you are!
    thank you for sharing today on PINK Saturday...I can't imagine how the cloth still has the pictures on it...

  38. Hi Connie; HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!
    and Happy Pink Saturday, love the Rose Wally's and the small print in that gorgeous frame and matte.. love it.... such lovely friends you have... have a wonderful weekend.


  39. It certainly doesn't look like you have been lazy!

    Happy birthday!!

    Oh and thanks for reminding me that I have a watermelon in the fridge in the garage!

  40. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday, Connie!
    Hope it was a great day chickee.


    SMOOCHES on your special day.

    Jillian & Dear Bebe

  41. Happy Birthday Connie! What lovely birthday gifts you received! Hope you have a wonderful day! Loved your rooster post, I did not know you had roosters!
    Bless you, SHirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  42. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Connie
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!


  43. Happy birthday, Connie. Happy Pink Saturday, too!

  44. I'm singing the birthday song really loud so you can hear me from the Wood River Valley clear over there in the Treasure Valley. Listen...can you hear it? My neighbors can and I think they all just called the cops. It's a good thing I know them all personally.
    Hugs to you on this very special day!

  45. Happy, Happy Birthday to you. Your living room is beautiful and the ~C~ is painted to perfection. This is a great post. Have a wonderful new week.

  46. Happy Birthday Connie!
    Oh sweetie hope youhad a wonderful day. Looks like you received some beautiful gifts, and I just love the "C" glittered. That is wonderful. What wonderful friends you have. What did Hunny Bunny get you? Did you get a pink cake with pink roses? You are a rosey kind of gal. Please stop by and say hi, I so love it when you do. Country hugs, Sherry

  47. Happy Birthday Connie,Your gifts are very pretty.Love your roosters too.Your living room is coming along I see you have piles of magazines all over just like me,you should see mybedside table and floor I have piles,4 piles to be exact.I love to read in bed.Happy Pink sat.Hugs,Jen

  48. ~Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday~

  49. Happy Birthday Connie!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day! I can't believe you said you've been lazy!! You are far from lazy, my dear. You are always doing something, creating something or renovating something!!

    Hope the coming year brings you much peace and happiness!

  50. Happy Birthday!!!!! Wonderful pinks! Enjoy your day.

  51. Beautiful post as always!
    have a nice week ahead.

  52. Happy Birthday to you Miss Connie!
    Love all the wonderful gifts you received from the PRH gals!

    Hope you have a super duper wonderful birthday weekend!

    Dolly n Miss Emma

  53. Happy belated birthday, Connie. You and my mom have the same birthday.

    I hope you had a wonderful day.

  54. Hi Connie sorry I missed your birthday. Hope you had a fabulous day

  55. Happy belated birthday Connie. Your gifts from your friends are just beautiful..such gorgeous pinks. I hope your day was filled with love and happiness..happy pinks, and have a lovely week.

  56. What beautiful bday gifts the girls gave you! We all love you so much! ANd don't they make just perfect PINK Saturday items to display?!?!

    Love on your bday & always!
    Angelic Accents

  57. Sorry I am late-just now catching up with blogs.

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  58. Happy Birthday Connie,
    I am so sorry that I am late.....I have been totally self absorbed this week, teaching the kids school and everything has taken up almost all my attention.
    Hope it was a wonderful day.


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