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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Rustic Star

The other day I found this rustic 30" star at the Craft Warehouse after trying to find one for several months. I've been wanting one to paint pink and put some roses on it. I would have liked to use a decal but I think it would fade in the light so I am going to handpaint some on this and hang it out front somewhere. This is how far I've gotten today though.

It's actually pink but the sun was so bright the photo didn't come out as I wanted it to.

This is the true color. Funny how that worked out in the photos.


  1. Great pink paint job! Where are you going to hang it??? ☺ Diane

  2. Cute! I spray painted my rusty star white but am going to add another layer and then it will be pink too.Love it♥


  3. Saw one just like that at the Peddler's Mall the other day. Didn't think about painting it a different color. I am gonna like yours. Blessings

  4. That looks adorable! I have seen them in many colors, but never pink! You should have been at the
    4th of July parade with me, there was an old Ford pick-up from the
    40s or 50s and it was painted the cutest shade of pink! You would have loved it!

    Have a happy day!

  5. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! DARLING! Everything is cuter with a nice coat of PINK paint, right? I can't wait to see it with the roses....YOU CAN DO IT!!! I have to admit, I've tried a gazillion times to paint a decent rose too....I know there must be a secret.. :-)


    PS......thanks so much for your caring and sweet words about my daughter and little guy. I love them soooo much.

  6. Oh Connie I am loving all this PINKness with this star...I got one for my grand daughter's home and we did it in agua her colors not mine..Thanks for coming by my friend...hope all is well in your world...and girl I don't envy you taking off wall paper border...I tell you I didn't think I would ever get done with mine ha ha!! Of course when I put it up I used Shur-stick to keep it up...Never again...I still have my hallway to go..Yuck!! I am getting slower in my Old age now..what use to take me a day now takes a week..ha ha!! lots of naps and Ice tea...May you have a great day Dear Connie...hugs and smiles..Hope your kids are fine..Gl♥ria

  7. I Love the rustic star both before & after the paint job. I had read somewhere the when you hang a star it is for someone who served or is serving in the military... Don't know if that is accurate not but thought it was neat... You always put a fun twist on things... Love Ya


  8. Hi Connie! Very, very pretty. I want to see what it looks like with roses on it, I can't wait! Don't you just love pink spray paint??? LOL!! hugs, Jennifer!

  9. Pretty in pink for sure. I wouldn't have thought of painting one of those stars before. You're much wiser than I. lol


  10. Ooooo, love it! Now, how come you spray paint and I don't see any runs....hmmmm? Guess I'm just a clutz when it comes to that spray can!

    Can't wait to see it completed!

  11. Love the PINK STAR! You amaze me with all your transformations!

    How is your son doing? Have I missed the latest post/update?

    Do share!


  12. connieee.. I am squealing like mad! I love love love your pink star! are you going to paint some flowers on it? can't wait to see it.. must be pretty! have a great day dear!


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