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Saturday, July 18, 2009

My New Pink Walls for Pink Saturday 7/18/09

Go visit Beverly at howsweetthesound for all the Pink Saturday participants today. And thank you, Bev, for doing this. I think it is the most participants of any blog event in blogland!

The walls are finally painted pink. We have one more room to do but I'll talk about that later.

This is the guest bathroom. I took an idea from Myrna and put some fabric over the mirror to soften it and the room. I have another idea but I'll have to wait until I can find some items I need. I put the lace back up there for a touch of femininity and because I have so many little snippets of it. It adds to the overall effect.

I love the wallpaper even more with the pink wall as background. They complement each other perfectly.

Some bloggers have emailed me and asked how I did the "poofs" on the fabric. Since this is a long scarf I just took several inches and tied it off with a rubber band and then tied it with ribbon and flounced it out. Very easy, quick and simple to do. Just arrange it the best way you can since this is a bit slippery fabric. Then I hooked it on to a cup hook I screwed in just above the mirror.

Another "poof" I did here is with tulle netting. I originally bought 20 yards of this pink tulle so I had a LOT more to gather up. Here I simply started folding it back and forth several times, tied it with a ribbon and then plucked it apart. It made much better roses or rosettes than the silky polyester in the guest bath. All that tulle cost me less than $20.00 and looks beautiful over my bed. I then added a paper rose to each "poof" and screwed in the cup hook and looped the ribbon over the hook.

This one is in our master bathroom. Pictures will have to come later when I finish in there. Isn't it amazing how small details can add so much pizzazz to a room? Cheaply, too!

They're all big and fluffy.

And now we'll talk about Love Bunny's office. This is the "before he cleaned it" picture I showed you a few days ago.

This is the "after he cleaned it" picture. He doesn't want pink in there. So we agreed on a mint green and a new wraparound desk for him. The promise of that spurred him on, I tell ya. He got into such a snit about it that I'm not even scheduling the painter back. Hubs has to do that himself. My aim in life is to make and keep him HAPPY!! So when he's ready for it to be painted he'll have to call him to come and paint the very last room in this house. Then I'll get the desk. That ought to spur him on. *Smile*


  1. Hi Connie - I always look forward to visiting you pages! Looks like you have been very busy! I love your enthusiasm for your home and your dear husband - you're an inspiration as usual! Pink Hugs, Patti

  2. Hi Connie! Wonderful post honey! You have done so much with these rooms. I love the pink in the bathroom. It is gorgeous. Looks like hunny bunny got organized too, imagine that? Sometimes they get more than they bargain for. It all looks beautiful, and your are almost finished. Then you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer. I am still waiting to see the finished look on that gazebo you started in the backyard. Did you get the lights on it? Stop by and say hi. I would love to see you. Country Hugs, Sherry

  3. That room is to die for! How very gorgeous! Happy Pink Day!


  4. Connie huneybun.. your guest bathroom look so romantic.. and so girly.. I love how you play with the fabric.. Happy PS and wishing you great weekend!

  5. You know how to pamper your guests.
    And yes, pamper your sweet dh too.

    Cheers, Candy

  6. Hi Connie.....well all your decorating looks fabulous and you were so sweet to share the how tos!
    Hubby did a great job, too!
    Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  7. Hi Connie,
    Love your pink bathroom! Very feminine! Happy Pink Saturday.


  8. Love the tulle. Always great hints for making the dh happy and getting what you (me) want at the same time. Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Oh Connie, the bathroom turned out beautiful. All that tulle and romantic!
    Haave a fabulous Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Nerina :)

  10. Hahaaa..I love this post about your man, Connie. It seems you have learned how to handle him and still keep peace in the household.
    xo bj

  11. Hi Connie, Happy Pink Saturday! Your room look lovely in pink! I can't wait to see lovebunnies room in mint green black toile! It's gonna be beautiful!
    Love ya, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  12. Oh so pretty and froo froo as always!

    Happiest of Pink Saturdays to you!

  13. Connie the bathroom came out wonderful.I like your tulle puffs to with the paper roses.Jacks office looks good for a mans office.LOL They could care less what they look like colorwise,I think.Atleast ya don't have archery things,tree stands, guns and camoe mixed with it.LOL Hugs to you and now you deserve a big break.SIT back and enjoy your weekend.

    I read your camping trip.I think I would have packed up and went home..The scenery was so pretty though.I like to plan ahead too,its much easier.Happy Pink Sat.Hugs,Jen

  14. Your bathroom turned out beautiful. Hey, is that a pink file folder I spy in the last picture of your husbands office? He does like pink - he just doesn't want to admit it - LOL

    Happy PS!

  15. What a beautiful bathroom. You have done an excellent job.

  16. I love the finished look of the bathroom, very creative and beautiful. Have a lovely Pink Day. Valarie

  17. Connie, your girly girl bathroom is so lovely! So nice that hunny bunny got organized. Everything looks wonderful!

    Have a lovely Pink Saturday!


  18. Everything is looking so wonderful at your home. And a happy hubby to boot.
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  19. its too gorgeous!!! happy pink saturday!!!

  20. Oh, I love those "poofs"! So pretty. Your pink walls are beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday!

  21. Connie, everything looks so pretty and fresh. I love the way you placed the roses in the centers.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  22. You are an amazing decorator... each thing seems to be lovelier than the last. The poofs and puffies..the's all gorgeous, and you are truly an inspiration. Happy Pink Saturday and have a great weekend.

  23. Hey Connie; Happy Pink Saturday...

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love your guest bathroom..... wow we wow wow.. You have an amazing eye for detail, it is just beautiful.. I would not be able to leave it.... lol Have a great weekend..


  24. Lovely! Thanks so much for such a lovely post today. Cold and windy and a little rainy here today. I truly needed a little lift☺

    ♥Have a terrific Pink Saturday♥

    Wishing you and all those you love the best of weekends.

  25. Your style of decorating looks very fabulous. You know it very well how to pamper your guest.
    Happy PS

    Lots of luv,

  26. I think all the black in Love Bunny's office will look really nice with a mint green. But he'll probably want to call it something manly like "outdoor green" or "money green"! LOL


  27. you certainly have had lots of trials in your family. i am sorry for all those things but God has given you grace and faith and perserverence and even forgiveness and more. But hang on and have courage, He is still with you. Lovely pink walls. i am about to paint mine pink also!!!!have a better week and happy pink sat.

  28. LOVE your poofs! So pretty. And wow, Love Bunny did a really nice job on the office. He needs to teach my Dear Hubs how.

  29. Gorgeous! I love pink walls ~ well, pink ANYTHING almost ~ and your bathroom is beautiful. Love that fabric over the mirror!
    I enjoyed your visit to my blog, and mine to yours!

  30. Hi Connie, I love everything in pink and what you did around the mirror is wonderful. Like you said, really softens the look. The added paper roses is so pretty.
    The office looks great too. You have inspired me with the idea to do toile with green in there. In fact, I want to repaint my studio with that green as well. I told DH and he agreed. Got to love him for being so cooperative with my many decor changes all the time.

    I am so looking forward to your styling post from past decor. That will be so fun to see.
    Thank you for stopping by Lorri's home tour too. She has really enjoyed reading all the kind comments. I know her house looks like 5000 sq.ft or more, but it really is about the same as mine 3100. I think the open concept gives that feel. It is even better in person. She has written a thank you to everyone which I will post next time.
    Have a nice evening.
    Love ya, Celestina Marie

  31. Hi Connie,
    Your pink frilly room looks so girly and cute, my husband would have a fit if I did that to any of our rooms! LOL
    Happy Pink Saturday...

  32. Good Morning Sweet Pea,

    I absolutely love the "poofs" of pink. Aren't they soft and elegant? Just perfect in your new pink house!

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

    xo Cath

  33. I clicked on How to do a Mosaic. I put the site into my favorites, as well as your site. I hope I can learn to do this neat display for photographs. Thanks, Connie!
    Joyce M

  34. Hello Connie,
    Your Pinkness I should say!!
    Looking lovely and thanks for stopping by...
    Happy Weekend.
    Deb :)

  35. You have been very busy. That newly painted room is gorgeous. Have a wonderful day.


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