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Friday, July 31, 2009

Love Bunny's Minty Green Office

We are finally done with every single room in this house being repainted!!! Squeeeeeal....... Okay, so it wasn't as bad an ordeal as I had anticipated but I'm so glad it's over. No more disruption. No more having painter being around all day. No more having to be careful when going to the bathroom. No more........well, you get the idea. I'm so thrilled.

The contrast between the beige and the new color as he did the cutting in.

It almost looks like an iridescent blue but the true color shows below. Just showing you the contrast here.

This is the finished room.

Time to start putting the new desk, credenza and printer table in. Hubs is soooo excited.

A good photo of the true color. I'm not sure what accent color I want now. Hubs asked me to not put pink in there. What color do you think for curtains? I've decided to not put the black and white toile or checks in there. I think maybe I'll head to WM and see what is available.

Some of this is going to be given away or sold. There is no room for it in there and it is NOT staying in my office/computer room! Truthfully, I can't even give away some of my stuff. I've tried! We have a desk with a separate bookcase top and a printer table that is in excellent condition and have asked a couple of people if they wanted it and they answered "no"! Go figure. So I listed it on Craigslist and had a call immediately for the desk, the top and the computer table. He came and looked and his wife loved it but left without purchasing it. I couldn't figure that one out. If you saw my home and furnishings you KNOW I take excellent care of everything. Just stymied me. So the desk, top bookcase and computer stand are sitting on my front porch

Random Thought:

It's rare than hubs will wipe up bread crumbs on the counter top after making a sandwich. (He just doesn't think about it.) So if I didn't do it then after about a year I'd have enough bread crumbs to stuff a turkey........uhhhh, not HIM, an actual turkey!


  1. I like it! The green is very soothing.

  2. Connie your so funny. I just love the mint green paint your hubby chose. I think for the curtains, maybe a beige. When you showed us the two colors that were still on the wall, I never realized that the two colors do make a good color combination. I'm glad to hear that the hard task of painting is over now. But now you have lovely rooms you can fill and enjoy. =) Have a nice day!

  3. Hey Connie; I love the color hubs picked out. Makes the room so light a bright. Can't wait to see it when you,,, I mean he gets it put together.. hope you find the perfect pair of curtains.... Just can't figure out people some times,,, they say how much they love what you have but then don't buy it,,, it happens to me all the time.... oh well... some one will really love and want it...


  4. I love the much so I have a bathroom in almost the same shade!! : )
    So. Youhave a husband who forgets crumbs too huh??What are we gonna do 'cept love 'emanyhoo! *laugh*


  5. Connie, you are crackin me up with your breadcrumbs...but I wish I knew why they dont SEE them!!! lol

    Well, I'd say your room sure looks very close to the color of my studio..and i LOVE it! Are you diggin this color? I'd say put some tans with it...that's a more masculine color palet..but still will stay in the theme so to speak.

    Well..get to working!!!


  6. This is just beautiful, Connie! What a difference!!

  7. Love the color and I can so relate to the crumbs from Hubby.....mine doesn't wipe off the counter either. Must be in the genes!

  8. The room came out GREAT, Connie! What a vision you have!

    You ALWAYS make me smile BIG! You are sooooo hilarious! Side splitting moments of joy when I read your blog or your comments.


  9. Wowsers, I love that shade of green!! Go ahead & put up some pink curtains if you want ~ you KNOW he can't see pink anyway!! :0)

    Angelic Accents

  10. Love the new look of the house! Great job.


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