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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Haaaaaaaaaaate Camping!!!!!!

Settle in for this horror story, chicks, because it "ain't purdy", I tell ya.

First of all, this is a picture of our beautiful Sawtooth Mountains here in Idaho near Stanley. It is beautiful, but..........looks can be deceiving. Here's the story of this camp out. We DID NOT live beautifully!

Love Bunny did not give me any notice at all this time, just said he wanted to go camping "tomorrow" and I tried to stall it but he insisted. Well, he couldn't get the camper lights to work on the new SUV we just got so we did delay it for a day (prayer did NOT work here and I truly did pray so LB must have needed the solitude more than I needed the prayer to work). He was ecstatic but we didn't realize there were other things that needed to be fixed before we went.

Here is a picture of me after 3 days in the wilds of Idaho—no shower, shampoo, blow dryer, makeup or curling iron. I "roughed" it all 3 1/2 days up there. I "finger combed" my hair the whole time. When I only take my moisturizer (which I did) that's roughing it. You cannot live in this dry climate without moisturizer. Notice the eyes have no mascara on them either. We were in a secluded spot but could see other campers a bit from where we were.

This is me trying to be cheerful and take a picture of myself. Notice the eyes in the 2nd one. They are NOT happy!

Love Bunny forgot chairs so we sat in the camper the whole time and it rained most of the time. Now, I did this for him because the older I get the less I like leaving my house, bed, pillow, computer, sewing machine, refrigerator, TOILET(!!!!), etc. I did it for th' man and to save our marriage. Okay, so I forgot the butter; it's not as bad as forgetting the lawn chairs. It was 109° the day we got there and cooled down to 47° at night, but we came home in mid 80s weather. The camp fridge didn't work either so we had to go buy extra ice for the chest we took up there and thank goodness we took that because I picked up a Milky Way bar to reduce the stress of this.

Then LB forgot to put the lid on the portable toilet we had in the camper at night. (During the day we put it outside.) I kept smelling something awful during the night and when dawn appeared I saw the 2 lids (one inner lid and one outer lid) for the toilet not on it. He got up in the night and used it and forgot to put them back on. This was the 2nd day of using it.
I don't think I have to elaborate anymore, right?

Hubs has a whistle in our trailer which is actually a good idea, but he decided to play "lifeguard" with it. He'd blow on it and say "okay, everyone outta the pool" in that officious way lifeguards do. Then he'd blow it again and say, "no running there" as I just looked at him sarcastically and asked, again sarcastically, if he had any MORE quips in his repertoire of lifeguard sayings. He gave me a few more with a smirk on his face: "no diving in that end of the pool", "no food in the pool", etc. He can make me laugh whether I want to or not.

He did put up a shower the night before we left so I could shower and feel a bit clean but the camper was absolutely trashed inside from the mud and "untidiness." I'm a fastidious person with my house but it does no good in that camper. We started making a list of things we should take with us next time. I'm hoping there isn't a "next time" for a looooooooong time.


  1. oh are a GOOD wife...I am not a camper fact I don't even care for HOTELS...have you read about all the bedbugs these ....nope...nada...I think home is best...either in my bed or recliner or couch..however my body will let me are a brave hearty woman, Connie...a much better one than me...

  2. lol, a great story Connie. I absolutely loathe camping!!! Rachaelxo

  3. Now that's funny! :) I got a good laugh out of this post my dear. I like heading to the lake where we have our camper but I don't really "rough" it. I have to be able to curl my hair ect...we even have a microwave in our camper but I rarely use it! We have a gererator so that I can make our coffee in the morning! It's a MUST! Hugs~

  4. That was too funny!! I'm so sorry but the toilet thing really made me laugh!!! I'm not a camping type persone either unless I can have all the comforts of home with me, includind a toilet and toilet paper....a sink,shower,make-up you get the idea......I hope you don't have to go camping for a long time either. I would need more than one milky way too......I feel for you connie!!! hugs, Jennifer

  5. OH MY GOSH CONNIE! That was so funny. Dear Hubs and I went camping two years ago and I was in a similar mode as you... no makeup, no hair washing, etc. The first night was all rain...but by the second day I was okay!

    Thanks for sharing your story! You survived it!

  6. You are TOO funny Connie ! I laughed out loud about the toilet smelling. I hate camping too.It is more work than fun to me.

  7. Ooooh girl I am laughing my butt off here...this was indeed a true picture story for me...and girl My idea of roughing it is not having the phone close by to call room service ...I don't do camping at all...My Ex-Hubs loved it and if you notice I said EX...He thought there was nothing better in the world to do that take 3 small kids out into the woods with just a cook stove and a tent...Where as I got to boil water to wash dishes, wash clothes and wash kids every day and he thought that was fun!! YEA! sing me up for more NOT...Glad your home my they say there no place like home...May you have a great day you silly thing...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. Great story, love your not so happy eyes pictures!

    I love camping, but only the dew all over you in the morning, the bugs, campfire smell in your clothes, sweat, no toilet, or shower.... yeah, I don't love those things either :)

  9. What a hoot of a story. Aw you'll be able to laugh at this one when your all cleaned up and in your comfy home. We use to camp to so I know what your talking about, lol. =)

  10. OH my Sweet Connie; lol; what a great story. I am sorry for laughing while reading it, but my heart does go out to you... Love your LBs whistle he he;;;; sounds like something my Honey bunny would do. And you look pretty darn good with out any makeup,,,,, wow wish I looked as good as you,, you have gorgeous eyes and skin,,, not fair... at least you had a camper,, when we go we have a cabin tent,, now that is bad talk about cold and uncomfortable...
    I hope you are feeling better now sweet chick... and thank you for the sweet comment,, oh yes hubby and I are really getting close and that is so great!!!!!!!! enough said... lol


  11. Oh I loved that story. Haven't been camping since HH set up the tent under an apple tree and none of the kids could sleep because of the bumps under their sleeping bags. I slept in the car with the 6 week old new baby and all 4 of the others climbed in the car too. HH was with his poker buddies in a nice cabin cruiser. Boy that was a long time ago. BTW I got my mosaics up and running. Blessings

  12. OMG not sounding too fun! Now Connie I promise never to yell. "Hey you, no running around the pool!" I gotta give you a star though cause man oh man I would have been a screaming!!! Give me a posh suite any day!!!! Love to you, you camper girl! Lori

  13. i am cracking up reading about your husband & the whistle.....sounds EXACTLY like my husband. :o)

    I'm not real fond of camping either but have fun when the grands come along. I think I'd go nuts if it were just hubby & I.

  14. Oh Connie, I don't envy you one bit. Sometimes when the "kids" come home they camp out in the field or yard. I just shake my head but don't say a word. I live here all the time and I see what things live out there in the fields. Uh huh! I don't have to worry about Bobby G. camping. He could never go a day without his shower. xo Lynn

  15. P.s. I think you have very pretty eyes!

  16. oh you crack me do look tired in the second photo..but I must say you have the most beautiful skin I have ever wrinkles or anything..I want to know your secret...your trip could be a are just too funny...I would have been there with you..miserable..glad you are home and you are still a good one...:)

  17. You are a good wife! I have seen you posting at Susie Q's... you have a great sense of humor.

    I came to look at your blogicon but alas, I cannot see it.

  18. LOL! I don't mean to laugh but oh my gosh did this post put some images into my I am not a camper either...I mean how is it fun to sleep outside and not shower? You made him happy and that counts for so much more than a few days of uncomfortable inconvenience (or horrific torture...however ya look at Yay for Milky Ways!

    Hugs ~ Angie

  19. Hi Connie, oh my gosh what a time you had. Sorry but I had to laugh! We used to camp before moving to the mountains but I would only camp where we could hook up to water and electric.
    Love ya, Shirl
    Shirl Rose Cottage

  20. Oh dear, Connie, what can I say? I'm surprised you have ANY hair left ~ I'd have pulled all mine out!! Well, at least I'm sure you've earned another jewel for your heavenly crown! LOL

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents


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