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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Faux Plants

I don't know about you chicks and certainly don't speak for most people but I love faux plants. They don't die, rarely fade out now and are easy to maintain and provide an attractive punch to a front garage. Trust me, we've tried several little color spots in these pots but to no avail. They just sat there with dirt in them trying to look unashamed but hopeful. I felt pity for them and tried to find some 3-ball elegant topiaries, even tried to steal some from Stacy (friend), but that wouldn't work as I'm too honest, and trying to find them at a reasonable price was not working either. SHE got 4 of them at WM at a closeout price of $3.00 each!!! Am I frosted or what? So I had to spend $10.00 a piece on these three "hosta" type plants for the front of the garage. But they definitely do punch up the garage/front of my home.


  1. Mornin sweet Connie,

    I luv your plants. They do add a wee bit of a punch and a lovely splash of color. I luv the fact that I can't "KILL" fake plants. They rock!

    Love & Prayers,

  2. Connie girlfriend, I love faux plants in certain places, from just a little distance, you can't tell the difference. Hubby so hates them, I tell him he's the yardman, I am the decorator..LOL
    Do something fun today.

  3. Good Morning Connie... Love your faux plants and you are so right... they do give your garage a beauty lift...


  4. Yes, I'll still leave you my topiaries should I kick the bucket....

    Those look good, I noticed them the other day.


  5. I have a love/hate relationship with faux plants. Love, because I kill real plants. Hate, because they get dusty.

  6. I have nothing against faux plants. I have had them on my front stoop for years. I gets no sun at all and I would forget to water them in the front of our home. Your picture is great and those plants are great.

  7. Hey again, I am not on your favorites list. Do I put me on there or do you do the putting?

  8. Oh Connie Girl I love your plants. Only their Hairdresser knows for sure!! You did a good job now, they really do look real from the pics. You are a true Faux - Pa - Girl. Please stop by and say hi. I love to hear from you. Have a great day sweetie. Love your house. Country Hugs, Sherry

  9. Hi Connie they look great. I have a friend that has some faux pansies in pots besdide her window shutters and they look fabulous

  10. Hi Connie! The faux plants look delightful.
    Wow your frind got a great deal.. you did good too!
    Yes they really do add "punch" to your lovely home...
    Hope you having a good Summer. take care!
    Hugs ~Mary~ :-}

  11. The plants look great Connie! Thanks for stopping by the other day. Happy weekend to you. :)

  12. Morning, Connieness! Now you know I adore faux flowers!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Good Morning Chickiee! I wanted to stop by and ask you to come by for a visit. I have left something on my blog for you. You are so deserving. Thank you for making me smile, for sharing your heart, and for sharing your ideas. Country love and hugs, Sherry

  14. I tend to put faux greenery inside -- becasue like you i kill most everything i touch-- however on the outside i stick to killing live ones.

    3 months of trying isnt so bad :)

    Happy Pink

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥


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