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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Glammin' Up the Backyard for Pink Saturday

Thank you for visiting today. Be sure and visit Beverly at howsweetthesound for more participants in Pink Saturday.

Our son and grandsons were here for a couple of days this past week. The 2 on the right are our grandsons, 20 and 11, and the young man on the left, 13, is a "sort of adopted" child. He takes him whenever he and his wife can because his mother isn't a good influence on him and he loves our son and boys. He is treated just like his sons in everything: trips, cruises, punishments and college when he is ready. His mother won't give him up because......well, just because. He is a sweetie though. Keith is doing much better but, of course, he will have to repeat the surgery on his leg that the gang injured when they beat him. He is very optimistic about everything though.

Here is hubs planting 2 grape plants for us. I suggested we use this metal arbor since the clematis' have all, but one, died. He transplanted the clematis. We'll have a lovely place to view from our patio door and have the grapes to eat. The arbor will definitely hold them.

I have looked at every garden and hardware store in town trying to find a window box I thought was pretty enough. There was nothing available and then "POOF" an epiphany! I had two french vintage wire window boxes in the house—one in the living room and one in the family room under the faux mantel. Another "duh" moment for me. *Sigh*.........

Anyway, out it came from the wall and I put it under the window in my office with the faux ferns (I can't grow any other kind). Then...........

We went out to Michaels and Joanns and found some lovely silk peonies and roses and I stuck them in there with the ferns. I absolutely love looking at it from the front of the house and I can see it out my window seat.

The peonies are really very pink. I took this picture just after a rain storm and it was a bit dark but you can see underneath how the water stayed out from the box a bit. (Notice the rock underneath in the above photo.)

Here are the other faux roses and dahlias I purchased today at Michaels and Joanns. They are truly lovely and 60% off!

While I was out there I snapped more photos of the new crop of roses in the rose garden. Aren't they lovely? I have finally succeeded in growing something!

Just absolutely stunning to me, chicks!

Have you ever seen anything as gorgeous as a rose except for a newborn baby? I think not!

Ooooh, I almost forgot to mention th' thumb! This is what happens when hubby and son take me and grandsons target practice at the local shooting range and they neglect to tell me my thumb is in the wrong position on the semi-automatic handgun for the sliiiiIIIIiiiide (slide)! These are 2 Marines who know and taught Marines how to shoot but neglect to tell th' wife and mom. They're just lucky they weren't standing in front of me after I dropped the gun. *Sigh* hurts!!!!

And...........*sigh*........the fluorescent ear plugs you wear when shooting???? Well, I tried one pair and they fell out of my ears so I tried the 2nd pair and they got stuck in my ear! I tell ya, it was not a good day for me, bloggerettes. Thank goodness my son is a nurse. Hubs tried to get them out. I finally got the right one out and I couldn't hear out of my right ear. It was strange because it seemed that I could hear out of my right ear through my left ear. Then Keith tried pulling the left one out and he couldn't get a hold on it. He said, "Mom, why did you put them in so far?" I said that they kept falling out. He used his fingernails to grab the very edge and started pulling and boy, did it hurt. Felt like he was sucking my ear drums out! I had to tell him twice to stop as he was pulling. Well, I can hear out of the left ear but the right one is still plugged up badly. I can hear it trying to pop but I've been going around for 3 days "yawning" to pop it but so far nothing. I think I'll give up shooting.........unless it's a hubby and son! Target practice just could be hazardous to their health, ya know. :-)


  1. Loved the pictures of your family Connie! You guys have been very busy! The window boxes are so cute & I've visited Michael's twice this week for flowers.

    How's your finger & ears? Thanks for the giggles - not for being hurt - but for the story.

    ☺♥☺ Diane

  2. I can't believe I am first! I guess it pays to wake up early. Love your roses Connie. Glad your adopted grandson has a good man in his life. It will make all the difference. Sweetpea Sue

  3. Oh Connie...I am still laughing and I know I shouldn't as I know how that hurt. I love to shoot, too, but I don't wear those darn ear plugs as they just always fall out! hehehe!
    I am glad your son is healing....He is such a lucky young man....isn't it terrible we have to worry about safety in this country, like we do? Lucky little boy that he has such a good life thanks to your son! How proud you must be!
    Your roses are beautiful and atleast you don't have to worry about forgetting to water your fern!

  4. The velvet folds of the roses are so evident in your photos. Thanks for all that sharing.

  5. Your roses looks big and beautiful. They're kinda different but still beautiful :-) I enjoy smelling them too :-)

    Hope you feel better. Me, I don't want anything getting inside my ears :-) it's a scary thought when you can't get it out. :-(

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Hi Connie! I love your window looks great. You are a brave woman to go target shooting. However, with the injury and the hearing problem, maybe you should give it up - at least for a little while.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Happy Pink Saturday! Love all the changes in the garden and landscape you all have been doing!

    Good to see the kids too!

  8. Good Morning Connie; Happy Pink Saturday;;; OH dear sweet Connie; you just crack me I so love reading your posts... I hope your thumb is doing better as well as your ear.. I just adore your window box, they look so real. I have a large over hang above my windows and I might try the silk flowers and Ferns, wonderful idea. So please take care and have a great weekend.
    Love the grape arbor too.


  9. OUCH!! that made me cringe.

    I love when we women get the men doing good works! ;)


    Take care of that thumb

  10. Love the window box, and those roses are fantastic! eeewwwww the thumb looks painful. Hugs.

  11. Your window boxes are adorable..the roses are beautiful and.....OUCH on the thumb,dear one.
    Take good care of have a lot of crafting to do!!
    hugs, bj

  12. Hi Connie,
    What beautiful roses you have! Your window box looks pretty too. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday weekend.


  13. love your garden and rocks and boxes..your thumb looks like it hurts..and now your poor ears..your grandsons are sure handsome kids..:)

  14. the pics of your roses and family are great! glad to hear your son is healing-such a scary event!! hope your thumb is better soon too-you're braver than me to even try to shoot! happy pink week!!

  15. Dear Connie, I have an email for you.Your photographs are very, very good. I have finally discovered all your tutorials now,even the mosaic.

  16. Loved your family picture, thanks for sharing with us..and your window box is so pretty...your roses are just gorgeous.
    Happy Pink Saturday weekend Connie..hope it's a lovely one.

  17. love the window box!!!! happy pink saturday

  18. Hi Sweet Connie.......

    I've been so impressed by your son from the first time I "met" raised such a wonderful man. I thought he just couldn't get any better, and yet he does. It made me cry... How wonderful that his family has "chosen" this will change his life. I so appreciate your sharing your stories with us.


  19. Hi Connie! All your flowers are just beautiful, but oh my gosh.. I do hope your thumb and your ears are feeling better soon! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you have a wonderful week!

  20. Well sweetheart...what the heck???? I hope your DH and son begged for! Ouch on the ear thing. I despise it so when my ears aren't right. Despite all of that, your window box is pretty darned terrific!

    Deanna :D

  21. Hi Connie, It's so nice that your son has taken that young man under his wing, the world needs more people like him. The planter looks great under your window and the roses are gorgeous!! have a nice Sunday! hugs, Jennifer

  22. Happy Belated Pink Saturday as I am slow getting around to everyone.
    Happy Fathers Day to the men in your life.
    Awesome but heart breaking story of the 13 year old least he has found a safe haven for some of the days of his life.
    Your thumb looks horrible...that really, really must have hurt.
    I love those gorgeous pink flowers you bought for 60% off...they look so real.
    your yard is so very pretty.
    I was going to join your blog as a follower but I didn't see a place.
    have a beautiful week end

  23. Happy Belated Pink Saturday! The planter box looks lovely.
    Sorry about your thumbs. OUCH! I love shooting. I have asked hubby for a 99mm or a Glock with a pink handle for me and then take the concealed weapon course. I gotta have the pink handle though. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  24. Oh my Connie! Lots going on here...beautiful house, lovely lovely roses and a sore, pink thumb! I hope it feels better soon!

  25. Wow, you go girl! I don't touch guns, not so much because I'm "afraid" of them, just because I don't like them. Love Monkey takes the Farmers out shooting, even Miss Is, and they enjoy it. I just enjoy my alone time.

    Glad you had a family visit. I'm sure it was a blast and probably much needed.

    The grape plants are huge. We planted just a stick this spring and it's already up to the third rung on the arbor LMonkey made.

    Sorry about the Clematis...


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