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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gardens Are Looking Good So Far

Does this look good or what? I am so impressed by the man who came the other day to "fix" our yards up. The back yard needs weed and feed and de-thatching so I won't show that to you yet, but here is the front yard.

We call this the porch garden. Two hydrangeas in front and rhododendrons in the back. Soothing water effect comes from the fountain against the garage wall.

Hostas, a bright and fragrant lily 2nd on left, hydrangea and another hosta in back. In front, 2 more hostas. I may plant more. I just love them.

Rose bush will go in round spot.

Bilbugs got hold while we were in California but it has been treated and going away nicely.

I bought 2 more David Austin rose bushes to go in here.

Bush on right hand side will stay to kind of balance out this area.

And here is the biggest surprise. Pinkish/lavender rocks! Yes, you heard that right. When we were at a nursery the other day we were looking for medium sized rocks. Hubs came across these and said he liked them. I pointed out that the "Oregon Trail Rocks" were $34.99 a yard and these were $119.99 a yard and he gulped. Last night I asked him which one we should buy and he said the pink/lavender ones would look so pretty! I almost fell over in the doorway to his office. BUT I sweetly said, "Yes, they would be beautiful." I had him at that point, chicks. He wants them! I told you guys like pink! Do not doubt me on this, my friends. So we will get them in a day or so.

Now, this is hard to believe and the photos don't show it well but the nursery lady told me they get even more pink/lavender when wet! Be still my heart. They do! When we get them down in the garden spots I'll try to capture them again, but they are called "Wild Rose Rock." And they really are a different color from regular rock. Just gorgeous. I am sooooo excited.


  1. Those are going to be some awesome pink flower beds! Cool rocks, I'll be waiting for the pictures. Can you show wet & dry? Happy PINK Saturday! ☺ Diane

  2. WOW!! youve been busy!! I havent been blog reading for some time!! Your Gardens look FAb will be great when they are all fullly grown!! Your house is stunning!!
    hope your having a great weekend!!

  3. can't wait to see the finished product..:)

  4. Your summer garden is going to be delightful Connie. All my favorites there.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  5. Connie how pretty your garden will be looking.
    Love the roses

  6. I am beginning to realize there is probably nothing you can't do. Wow this is amazing. I have never bought rock just got them at the river or creek, so was totally unaware of the selections. Go Pink Lady. Blessings

  7. How fun to get everything fixed up. Your home is beautiful! Love the lavender rocks!

    :0) Sharon

  8. Connie,

    I think you need to celebrate big time. Hubby likes pink!!!!! It took a while for him to admit it. But he had to do it on his own terms, ya know what I mean ~ kinda like he always loved pink ~ just slipping it in oh so casually.

    I'm glad you are so excited about your garden. I spent all day yesterday sitting on my walkway picking 1" weeks one by one. It was grueling. Today is raining, so I'm sure the rest of the weeds are dancing around in happiness.

    Have a great one sweet pea,

    xo Cath

  9. Hi Connie!
    We live in Fremont - the Warms Springs area. Where did you live & what city is your daughter in?

    Here's my link:


  10. OH Connie!! Your yard is looking BEAUTIFUL!!! The pink still my heart, I never knew there were pink rock. I can't wait to see it finished! hugs, Jennifer

  11. HI Connieness! Oh, what a wonderful garden spot and I can't wait to see it with your flowers all blooming beautifully! Your house is so pretty!
    You, Oh Mighty One, I believe can do anything!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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