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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Update on Son

My son sent this email out to family and friends yesterday, saturday 5/16/09 to update them on what has been happening so I thought I'd post it in his own words. He's recovering nicely and almost back to normal which is this first picture.

Day after beating.

Two weeks after beating on April 4th.

I got some good news and bad news in the past week. Since this is the first time I have written to my whole contact list, let me start at the beginning. I don't want to make this too long so I will just hit the highlights. On 4/4/09, I was assaulted by five guys at the gas station while I was filling up. I was trying to help a young lady who was getting hassled by these guys. I was knocked unconscious very early in the confrontation and don't remember too much. I do remember that as the situation started to come unhinged, I realized that it would be veeery difficult to defend myself since I was still on crutches and wearing a knee brace from having my ligament rebuilt on 3/9.
The end result of the attack was my left pupil was damaged and I have some vision problems in BOTH eyes, damage to the inner ear causing constant ringing and vertigo that persists til today, broken bone on bridge of nose and broken cheek bone which gave me the worst black eyes I have ever seen, damage to the eye socket that makes a sound whenever I blink or move my eyes, sprained left shoulder, bruised clavicle, strained right elbow, aaand I just found out this week that there is more damage to another ligament besides the one repaired in March and more damage to the miniscus which is causing it to lock so that I can't straighten it. That was the bad news this week.
I am still in physical therapy for the ligament repair and I will find out in 2-3 weeks if they will have to do another surgery to repair the knee again. Most of the head trauma is healing slowly. I am still having trouble sleeping, the ringing is as loud as ever, the headaches are getting less frequent but are still pretty severe, and the vertigo is still bothering me every time I stand up (I have to be real careful not to fall down).
But this week I finally got some good news. The police have not been answering my calls and will not return my messages. We called almost daily for the first 3 weeks and finally I got fed up. I figured that since the assault was RECORDED ON VIDEO, it should have been pretty easy to make an arrest. So I finally wrote to my city councilwoman and asked for her to put some pressure on the cops to do SOMETHING. Well I got a call this Wednesday from a Sergeant. He had gotten a call from City Hall and now he had assigned a detective the case (5 1/2 weeks after the fact). He got the tape on Wednesday night, set up a photo array line-up on Thursday, and called me today (Friday) to tell me that he had 3 of the 5 in custody and would probably have the others by Monday. What a relief! Finally some good news from the whole situation. I had, for all intents and purposes, given up on finding these dirtbags. At this point, I am so relieved to have them caught that I don't even care if they go to jail (of course it would be a bonus). At least they know they didn't get away with it. I wish I could have seen their faces when the cops showed up to arrest them. They HAD TO HAVE THOUGHT that they had gotten away with it after 6 weeks. And I hope to get them in civil court to recoup some of the medical costs, too.
So things are looking up. Still a few problems but I am feeling better and the therapy is doing some good. I appreciate all the messages from everyone. I know I haven't been prompt with replies this past week but there are so many things going on and so many good wishes coming in from everyone. Thanks to all who keep me in their prayers but please don't forget to pray for the guys who did this. As much as I need your prayers, I think they need them more.


  1. Hi~ I am glad your son is recovering from that terrible incident! He sounds like such a wonderful man...I know Mom is you should be! :)


  2. Oh Connie, I am so sorry to hear about this. I can't believe that your son went through this. It must have been horible. He was a hero and helping that lady when these cowards attacked him. I am so, so sorry this happened. I am thankful he is recovering and I pray that he will continue to recover completely. That picture of him after the beating was horrible, it looks like he is wearing makeup. I don't think I have ever, ever seen black eyes like that. I am so thankful that they finally arrested those jerks.

    God bless you and your whole family.

    Love, Sharon

  3. Oh, Connie...
    My heart is so full of thankfulness that your boy survived this terrible beating. I know he has goone thru a lot of pain and hurt..I can't even begin to imagine how much. But..he is alive. And, now doing better each day. You raised a mighty good boy..his last thoughts here is for the men who did this to him. You and your husband have every right to be so proud of him....and, besides all this...HE IS DROP DEAD GOOD LOOKIN' !! :o)
    Prayers for him to reach a full recovery !
    xo bj

  4. Connie,

    I am so sorry!!!! It is so hard to go to someones rescue anymore without your life being threatened at times and obviously this was one of those times. It saddens me the number of hateful and mean people walking around these days.

    I'll pray for his complete recovery and for the thugs that did this to him.

    Love & Light,

  5. I am so sorry to hear about this, Connie. Wow. I'm glad he is recovering but sounds like it will be a long struggle. I'm glad they finally arrested the ones who did it. I have a son probably about the same age as yours, I can't imagine the pain I would be going through if it were my son and I know you feel the same way.
    Prayers and blessings to you both.

  6. Dear Connie

    Praise God for answers,even when we cannot see or hear God is at work in our lives and those we love.
    May God continue to heal both you and your son.May your son reach a full recovery quickly .It is difficult to be a Mom who has to see this and still trust that God is at work.
    Moms want and need to handle up on things concerning our children no matter their age.
    Blessings to you sweet Connie and thank you for the update. Will continue to pray for Gods victory all the way around.Good will come out of all the bad.
    God fill your day with lots and lots of joy and tiny little miracles each day this coming week.

  7. Connie- My heart goes out to you, your son and your whole family. I can't begin to imagine having to endure a beating like that for doing the right thing. I know going through something like that leaves emotional scars as well. I will pray for your son and those that did this to him. What happened to the lady he was trying to help? Where does he live? Is it a big city or someplace smaller? I realise this can happen anywhere but I am curious. Please thank your son for me for what he did. I know if I was that woman I would have been grateful.

  8. Connie I am in shock over this whole story. I have been absent for quite a while and didn't know about your son... I am glad he has recovered somewhat and sorry he has some bad side effects left from this horrific deed... He was definatly the HERO in this story and hope they get their just reward with time in jail.... I will pray for him to recover fully.


  9. this is good to update.
    Stil praying for you and you takes a long time to recover from all of this...I know firsthand.

  10. Hi Connie,
    I'm sorry your son is still experiencing so many issues, but I'm praying for his FULL recovery. It was great to hear that they arrested several of these hoodlums, but so frustrating that it was only after pressure from the City Council. It breaks my heart that there are such evil people out there that are capable of doing this to another human being. It's beyond my comprehension how people can act like this. Your son is a hero for trying to help this woman and I know you must be so proud of him.


  11. Oh my goodness! I just started reading your blog, so I had no idea! Your son is a hero, and I am so glad the men were caught.

  12. Oh my God Connie, I can't even imagine having to live with the thought of my child going through something like this. I will say a prayer for him right now and try to continue to offer him up in prayers for what has happened to him. It's as if he lived through the scourging of Jesus. I am certain that God will send His Graces upon your son for his bravery of trying to do a good deed. I will also pray for you so that God will comfort your heart in such a bitter time of your life.

  13. Connie, I've been following your son's story since you first posted it... found it on someone else's blog first and then to yours. I must admit it... the idea that if any one of us were to go to bat for someone else could mean that 1) our own life is in jeopardy... 2)then to realize we are on our own with medical bills, etc... If we survive... 3) Law enforcement is either so strapped,overwhelmed with other problems or maybe even just numb to all this ... it angers me. Things sure have flipped all wrong in our country. This incident really brings home the feeling that we seem to be on our own, and yet...

    ...having said my mind here ... The fact that one person out there did step up for a defenseless person, is comforting. Your son is an amazing man Connie! He stood up and did something in spite of risking his own life, the medical bills on top of it, and the on-going physical pain and problems as well. Wow... I'm in awe! Really.

  14. Connie,

    I am so happy your son is doing better. I know healing takes a long time in situations such as these but he is doing wonderfully despite all that has happened to him.

    What a brave and courageous son you have raised you must be very proud of him!

    My best to you, your son and his family.


  15. Oh, I am so sorry to think that your son has had to experience such a senseless act of violence. My thoughts are with him as he heals.

  16. What a great post from your son, Connie.

  17. So sorry to see your son was in a terrible situation...but glad to see he is on the mend. How awful for him!

  18. Hi, I just happened upon your blog today and saw your brother, what a story, a story I know to well about. My brother was killed, in a similiar situation, so I am so thankful for you that your son recovered.

  19. Dear Con....

    OMGOSH! I'm in shock here! I can't believe the cops weren't doing anything! Wow!

    The good news is that God ALWAYS wins. Your son is right...the bad guys need the is obvious their lives are a total mes..

    I hate to think of where they will be if they don't change.

    Blessings to to you and your family.


  20. Connie, I am pleased to hear your son is making some progress, albeit slow. The best news yet is the fact that finally the law have caught up with these 'losers'. Hopefully justice will be done and no-one else has to suffer at their hands.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  21. Hey Connie; I am so glad to hear that your Son in his own words is doing well. I will continue to pray for him and his family, and like he said for the ones who did this awful thing to him.... What a generous Son you have. You must be so proud of him... MY Prayer is for the Lord to heal him quickly.

    God Bless you all;


  22. I am just in awe at how far he has come in 6 weeks. It is obvious he has a strong spirit. How gratifying it must be to finally have the people responsible behind bars. I hope they are held accountable for what they have done. Continuing to keep your son in my prayers....

  23. I will keep praying for you and your recovery.
    I sure do hope justice will be served.

    ~Take Care, ~Melissa :)

  24. Connie, so glad to hear they have made some arrests, and I hope justice is served. Your son is a wonderful man, and my prayers are continuing for your family.

  25. Connie, I am so sorry to read about your son, but am glad he is recovering as well as can be possible. What an awful incident to go through and only wanting to help someone. God bless him. My prayers are for him and those that did that to him, per his request. Pink hugs, to you too my friend.
    Susie of The Polka Dot Rose

  26. Connie, I am so glad they caught them. I am SO sorry for your son that he has to endure all of this pain from the acts of others. I hope he is feeling better soon and hopefully can go on without much permanent damage.

    Hugs to you Mama... I know this has to be hard for you.


  27. So sorry to hear about this terrible incident that has happened to your son. I know you are hurting as much as he is- How blessed to read at the bottom of your blog about praying for the men that did this to him- Bless you! God will honor you and your son for that attitude!


  28. Oh my goodness Connie ~ I am just now reading this ~ wow ! I am so sorry that this happened to your son ~
    What an awesome man he is ~

  29. I'm so very sorry about your son Connie!!! What absolutely horrible men!!! It makes me so mad that the cops were just blowing him off!!! Grrrrrrr!!!! I'm glad they're finally doing something about it!
    Anyhoo, your son is a total hero!!! He was very brave to come to that lady's defense!!! I pray that he has a complete recovery very soon!!


  30. Glad that day by day God is healing your precious son and that the people who did this will face justice.

    from The Raggedy Girl

  31. This whole thing is just disgusting. I cannot believe what your son has been through and continues to go through as a result of being a good samaritan. I'm glad things are going better, but what an experience!!

  32. God Bless him!


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