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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random Thoughts

Years ago I called a small business in the next town to us and no one was there so I didn't leave a message as it wasn't that important. Later in the day a woman called me asking what I wanted. That told me right then and there she had Caller ID. Now, this was before "cell phones" and when CID was very new. I was astounded and more than a little put out for someone to invade my privacy. If I had wished to leave a message I should have done so.

Fast forward 15 years and it happened again but this time it really "frosted my cookies"! I called a bank—not mine—to ask a question about something. The man to whom I was referred asked if he could refer me to another branch and then proceeded to repeat my own telephone number back to me! So now they're monitoring their incoming business calls with CID at huge banks! I don't like that. Too invasive for my taste.

Don't ya just love a guy with a sense of humor??? *Smile*

We had a friend once that named their daughter, Myrtle. Now, while I had an great-aunt with that name, it isn't exactly a "beautiful" name in today's society. Oh, I'm all for naming children what you want (after all, my daughter is named after my hubby's favorite cow and an old girl friend and how in the world did I let that one slip by?), they'll be teased about certain names. Names do matter! Choose carefully. The girl named Myrtle?? She's a lovely young lady and very, very bright!

I read on the news on the internet about women having children later in life. Now, I love children, absolutely LOVE them, but if you're in your forties and your children don't have them until their 30s or 40s, you stand a huge chance of never meeting your own grandchildren! I'd be very sad not to have met mine. I believe the people who make a conscious choice to not have children are very selfish. Noooooooo, don't go harassing me on that one. Think about it: when you give up much of your time, dreams and ambitions, you're making one of the ultimate sacrifices. I salute you moms of the world!! You are selfless.

The other day as Love Bunny was leaving for work we were idly chatting as people do when readying themselves for the day. He mentioned something about his schedule and I then said something about "but I'm just a housewife" in jest. He immediately said to me, "Yes, but you're very good at it." Made my day for him to be so flattering plus he was serious. I take good care of that man!

I saw on the internet several weeks back a man who got caught in a ski chair and ended upside down with his pants around his ankles and his ski jacket up around his throat - remember, upside down. He was n*ked for the whole world to see. Oooh, it was absolutely no fault of his own, but the other skiers whipped out their camera phones and caught that poor man in all his "glory." He must have been terribly embarrassed as he had a child in the seat beside him on the lift chair. His own??? Don't know. But it does give one pause since a famous young gold medal swimmer was recently caught doing something he knew he should NOT have been doing. Again, the gawkers couldn't wait to whip out their camera phones to capture it for the generations who will follow us. So my advice to anyone would be: don't do ANYTHING you wouldn't want captured by "your best friends in the whole wide world" to capture on their cells for the whoooooole wide world to see!

My granddaughter works for Microsoft after graduating from the University of California at Berkeley. During the interview several years ago, the interviewer asked her how she would explain "something complicated to a novice computer person—like your grandmother." Well, she laughed because her grandmother—ME— is on computers all the time and while chuckling she told the interviewer this. So now when they have a meeting for the division she works for they ask the same thing: how would you explain something complicated to a novice—like your grandmother, but her boss then turns to my granddaughter and gives her this caveat—except yours, Mandy. Hah.....ain't no dumb or stupid people in this family! Her co-workers are astounded that her "grandmother" is so computer savvy. Go figure!


Is this guy clueless or what? What mother would let her child go out like this? Hey, mother of this guy, give that man a "talkin' to", huh!!!! Looks sort of like "Li'l Abner meets Nascar with a little surfer dude thrown in".........uhhhh, sorry, all you Nascar fans. Not casting aspersions on you, just this "dodo bird"!!!


  1. OMG.....LOL at dodo bird. I sure don't get that!!

  2. Happy Mothers Day ,may your day be filled with love and joy.
    Hope your son is doing better.

  3. I so agree with your granddaughter! How very patronising of Microsoft - they'll be opening a Help The Aged department next!

    You might want to tell her: I am 57 in July - and writing code for blog buttons, email buttons & blogger backgrounds (also worked out the button code for WordPress all by myself) and now addicted to photoshop brushes. All self-taught. She should show them my Computery page.

    Whislt she's at it, she could also thank them very much (NOT) for stopping the support for Front Page - my web hosts now no longer support it either, so I have to completely rewrite my website in another format. Another learning curve! This was a great format - when will these people ever learn that NEW is not necessarily better, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    I also heard from so many people that Vista sucks, and the UK online newsletter I get (Windows Advisor) says XP is being reinstated in the new Office 7 and that it can be downloaded now, free for 1 year, as it's still in beta testing. So things might go wrong (as they usually do anyway).But it just goes to show that Vista wasn't the greatest programme on earth, as they hoped. I really like XP, so I will be interested in Office...

    Apart from the rant (pls delete if you think it isn't relevant) Happy Pink Saturday & Happy Mother's Day to you!

  4. Your granddaughter is absolutely beautiful! I sooooo agree about the Caller ID thingy. That happened to me one time when I called a business. When they called me back, I told them that I must have dialed a wrong number, because I sure wasn't trying to call them! Happy Mother's Day. laurie

  5. Hi there, I must comment on your granddaughters BEAUTIFUL red hair, it is amazing. My hubby and I have come to the conclusion that RED is the new Blond, almost every T.V show has a red head in it. Have a great day.

  6. I am trying to read my favorite blogs before it is time for church but you slowed me way down because it was hard to read with laughter tears running down my face and now I have to fix the mascara. Great post!

    Just stopping by to wish you a
    Happy Mother's Day

    The Raggedy Girl

  7. Happy Mother's Day Dear Connie...

    Loved your post...I'm thinking I'd better do a random thought post too.......speaking of husband had a friend who named his son Random....can you even imagine??

    Whew, the guy in the shorts? Oh dear.


  8. Connie,

    Happy Mother's Day. I am still stunned and wondering about that "dodo" who looks like a cross dresser.

    Your granddaughter is a real beauty.


  9. Hi Connie, Stopping by to say hello and hope you had a special Mother's Day. Have a great week ahead.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  10. Funny stories hehe :) I believe the same thing as you about having children early. My dad was 40 when I was born (I'm the youngest) and it kills me to think that he will never have the same relationship with my children as he does with my nieces and nephews (the oldest just turned 18). I just don't think it's fair that my kids won't get to know their amazing grandpa like my other siblings know? My kids won't really have any grandparents sadly because my mom is moving to Hawaii in a couple years to retire. Taylor's (my boyfriend's) parents are all in their late 50s and won't be around much longer by the time I've had kids...sorry I keep going on and on LOL. I just get caught up in these kinds of thoughts because I know how important my grandparents are to me, and were to me growing up. People today don't even realize what it will do to their kids. It stinks let me tell you.

    All the best,

  11. Your granddaughter is beautiful....enjoyed the post....Hope you had a Happy Mothers Day!

  12. I think Mr. NASCAR guy is.... well, he is a guy - right?

    Love Bunny gets extra nibbles fro sticking up to the "I'm just a housewife" comment. I need to remember that I'm more than "just a housewife/SAHM" too.

    In the middle of getting my parents up to speed on the whole computer thing. It would be my parents she would have to explain things to!

    Happy Mothers Day. (Late of course)


  13. Hi, visiting from MMB. I really enjoyed looking at your blog. You are a super crafty lady! I look forward to the day I can pull out my craft box and make something nice without my kids eatting it :)

    That picture of that guy... holy moly! I was cracking up, had to call my hubby in to see. Too funny!

  14. Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day! I saw that guy before! I just can't remember where.

    Some funny thoughts, my friend.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  15. Happy Mother's Day Connie ~ sorry it's a day late! Your hubby just sounds like the best...what an awesome comment!

    Hope your son is feeling better...he's in my prayers every night!


  16. what a crack up! thanks for the laugh, I needed one!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  17. I always enjoy your random thoughts! Lil Abner meets Nascar is such a hoot! Mandy is such a beautiful girl. I also agree with you about the caller id issues!

    Angelic Accents


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