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Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Camper Birdhouse for Pink Saturday 5/30/09

This is the little camper birdhouse I made in January and sold. I didn't want to sell it because I wasn't sure I could find another one since this was the only one they had at the time. But I did find a couple more and am making another one for OUR camper. It will NOT be for sale. But I thought I'd show you how it came together in case you might want to make one for yourself.

I finished this one the other day and it will definitely go into the camper that I've named the Rose Cottage Camper.

Garland and rose on top along with the name of the camper.

I started with a good sanding first and then painted some parts pink since they won't be covered with fabric.

Wheels will be covered with fabric though.

Some of the fabric might be lighter than others so the pink paint will help the wood to not show through.


  1. What a precious little trailer. it reminds me of one my Great- Grandmother had for years and years. It wasn't pink though. Just tiny and sweet, and crammed full of things. Happy Pink Saturday and I hope you are hanging in there, God Bless!

  2. Oh that is just toooooooooo cuuuuuuuuute! Where oh where did you find a mini wooden camper?

  3. Hi Connie that is such a sweet Birdhouse

  4. Thank you for the tutorial Connie. I was on a blog the other day where sisters had a yearly outing with their little campers. I was in awe how everyone decorates them differently. Then I watched a show all about the teacup trailers. Your trailer is absolutely adorable.

    Happy Pink Saturday.


  5. HI Connie! sooo cute I want one to live in!
    Pink! Happy Pink Saturday Denise in Hull,Mass!

  6. Hello Connie, Happy Pink Saturday! Love your little pink camper! Great Job!
    Bless you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  7. Hi Connie, Oh how darling!! I just love your Rose Cottage Camper. This is the sweetest touch for your camper. I love the fabrics and details. You are so creative.
    Hope you have a nice weekend.

    Love ya,
    Celestina Marie

  8. Connie dear.. I lOVE your camper! I want one too! hehehehe.. so beautiful! seriously I love it.. you are so creative huneybun! Happy PS! have a good weekend! take care dear

  9. With our little PINK SATURDAY having a birthday this week, I am on "pink overload" and that is difficult to do to me! I'm lovin' it like crazy!

    What lovely pinks this week you have, my dear. The better to see your through my rose colored glasses!☺

    Have a great weekend. Not all that warm up in my neck of the woods but the sun is out and that makes the day good. I hope you are surrounded by those you love and that you, too, are bathed in sunshine.

  10. Good Morning Connie!
    I'm not blogging very often now, but I always like to visit your beautiful place. Your job is wonderful and inspiring.
    Both your camper birdhouses are unique. And I like the name "Rose Cottage Camper".
    You are special!

  11. It looks like a lot of work went into making that sweet camper. I agree, this one needs to be for you. I want you to know that your family is being thougth of Connie, sending good thoughts your way, happy pink saturday, Char

  12. They are so darling. What fun to have a little pink camper.

    The Raggedy Girl

  13. I love it, it's just darling! Connie you are so creative!

    Happy Pink Saturday Birthday! Glad to see you here at the party!

  14. Connie, those camper birdhouses are just darling!What a clever idea! Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. Connie, those camper birdhouses are just darling!What a clever idea! Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. the trailer is so cute, i want to camp in it. happy pink saturday

  17. Hi Connie,
    That is adorable. You did an awesome job!
    Happy pink Saturday.

  18. Connie, this is so cute! You are so talented!

  19. Hi Connie - what a cute camper! I love it! I used to have a 1956 camping trailer and I sold it - and have regretted it from the very moment I took the cash. Hope your week is peacefilled - you bless us all on Pink Saturday!

  20. So sweet! I love the little birdie peeking out of the doorway.

    Your creations are so delicious.

    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  21. I love your creations. I don't understand the lingo about exchanging links, but I would sure like to be on your list. I have you on mine. When I hit your blog I see and feel femininity personified. I love being a woman. Not a feminist, I love men and my man in particular, but I love feeling pretty and dainty.

  22. How darling! And so pink!

    All the best,

  23. Cute pink camper.....
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  24. Great tutorial today for that precious pink camper!

    Thinking of your sweet family today & always. Give Nan a big hug for me & Mom.

    Much Love,
    Angelic Accents

  25. Hi Connie! I left you a blog award, come pick it up.....that camper is way too cute, nice job!! hugs, Jennifer

  26. That is just to cute and perfect for this happy PS :0)

  27. That looks like a lot of work, Connie. So darn cute, though. I'm sure it was well worth it and it will look beautimus in your camper.

    Hugs and stuff,

    Aunt May's Cottage

  28. hi connie and happy pink saturday to you!

    i love your little camper. the fabrics you used to make it are beautiful! i made one for maryjane at the beehive cottage -- similar idea but all cowboy prints and ginghams for our little cowgal.

    happy pink saturday!


  29. This is the CUTEST little camper I've seen since the Barbie one my sister and I used to play with!... Actually, it's MUCH CUTER! Happy Pink Saturday, and have a wonderful week!

  30. Your camper is darling and I can tell that you put a lot of effort into making it look so special. I wish that I had the talent and patience to do the creative things that you do.
    Thanks for sharing.

  31. That is so cute! Happy Pink Saturday!

  32. oh pretty pretty birdhouses! Makes me wanna be a bird just for a day and get to live in a pretty house such as that like that little guy :-)

    Happy PS!


  33. That is a wonderful collection for Pink Saturday!! lol Meg

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  35. I just love that little camper bird house!I saw some of these at Michael's and now I think I'll try that out!

  36. That is sooooo adorable! Was that a kit that you found? I want my REAL camper to look like that one! :)

    Have a lovely day!
    Margie :)

  37. Girl if you don't make some more and sell them you are missing your calling. :) They are adorable. Happy Belated Pink Saturday. My Saturdays are always so full and I am usually out treasure hunting that I don't get to do my comments until Sunday. Hope your Sunday is glorious. xo Lynn

  38. So very cute and so you! Happy Pink Saturday!

  39. Connie, what beautiful birdhouses.
    I am just getting to a computer and read about your son in law and I am sitting here with my eyes in tears and words failing me. Please know that you are all in my prayers. I think about all of you in blogland while I am gone and coming back and reading this was horrible. Please give my sincere regards to your daughter and grandson. Big Hugs, Pat

  40. Oooooo, I love it ...that is just too cute! I saw them at Michael's and thought to myself, that it would look cute pink. Then Glenn gave me an eyeroll...oh well, I'll have to show him yours!


  41. What darling cottage's Connie, there simply adorable. Such nice work you do. Pearl

  42. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie. I'm still visiting. It will probably take me all week.

    I love your camper birdhouse. You are always so creative and imaginative.

    You and your family remain in my prayers.

  43. This is just toooo cute! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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