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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seed Packet Roses Ephemera

I think these roses are among the most beautiful of all the vintage ephemera roses I have in my collections or have ever seen actually. They have been my favorite for many years. I'm sharing these with you because of their beauty. Click to enlarge and use as you would like. BUT if you do use them, be sure and let me know when you post what you've done with them. I want to see your creations, chicks.


Random Thought:

What is it with UPS packages? They are so dirty I think they must intentionally drag them through a dirt pile before delivery. I wonder if they've ever thought of "cleaning" up the insides once in a while. I do, however, love my UPS delivery persons!


  1. ALl of my UPS packages come filthy too! That ephemera is beautiful!

    All the best,

  2. Thank you for sharing these Beautiful Roses from your collection, Connie... I've enjoyed catching up, again, and I'm still praying for you 'n your family... especially for your son and husband, as they both work towards recovering their health... I hope you're doing well...


  3. Thank you for sharing these lovely, lovely roses! What a nice way to start my day, seeing these beauties!

    I had to chuckle about the UPS packages, I agree, they are usually very filthy! My packages from the post office aren't! tee hee! Go figure!

    Thanks again for a good start to my day, gorgeous roses and a good giggle, two of my favorite things!

    Have a lovely day!
    Margie :)

  4. What beautiful pictures..there is nothing as lovely as a Rose.

  5. Those are beautiful Connie. Thanks for sharing. I did a post on some pretty old seed catalogs.
    Great minds think alike huh?

  6. Hi Connieness! I've been a bad blogging friend and haven't stopped in for a while! I've been so busy with moving Mother into a retirement center and then I'm still trying to get my house back in order! Yuck!

    The roses are very lovely and I too love the vintage look here.

    I was scrolling down through your blog to see what I've missed! Oh, your poor son. Bless his heart and yours. I can imagine how hard this must be on your Connie! I'll continue to keep y'all in my prayers!

    And you poor hubby! Bless his heart, too! Are his eyes better now! I can't imagine what it would be like to have those horrible shots in my eyes! You really must love that guy! LIVER! Yuck. Mr. Precious like liver and onions too, but when we got married I told him I'd do just about anything for him, but uh uh, no no Nannette, I will not cook that disgusting liver and onions. I can't even bear to look at in the grocery store!
    Take care, Dear One,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I am so excited when that cute UPS guy shows up that I have never noticed but I will check this out. Love the roses!

    The Raggedy Girl

  8. Had to laugh at the UPS package thing....I was just thinking about that no less than an hour ago! What do they do with them???
    The roses are FAB!!!
    Hope your day is great!

  9. Dear, dear Connie! What a terrible thing to happen to your son! And how humbling it is to see your great wisdom and warm, kind heart in not bearing intense hatred and anger towards those evil men, nay, not men, but animals utterly lacking in even the most basic human decency.

    May it bring him some solace, as he searches for a complete recovery, to know he was doing the right thing in helping the girl. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and will light a candle for both your son and your Love Bunny.

    As for your adventures with Nancy...well....somehow it doesn't surprise me! You two are so hilarious. I've seen some nasty public bathrooms in my life -- rural gas stations, roadside parks, and rock concerts come to mind -- but yours takes the cake! Or the poo, as it were.....

    Your roses ephemera (ephemerae??!) are gorgeous, a lovely way to start the day.

    Praying that your life will soon be uneventful, Ronda

  10. Connie,stopped by for a visit.I really enjoyed your blog!Have a great evening! Blessings, Faye

  11. Love that random thought. I do think that sometimes. ;-)

    Your rose prints are beautiful! Connie you sure know how to pick them. No wonder they're you're favorite!

  12. Those were the days! I have a few vintage seed packets too. They're like tiny little full color magazines. (:

  13. My UPS packages are usually dirty too! Your ephemeras are beautiful! You should share those at Vintage Thingie Thursday at


  14. Hello Connie;;; wow what beautiful roses, and what a sweetie you are to share them... I know what you mean about UPS I think they should wash out their trucks once in awhile... My boxes look like they have been in a dirt bike race... lol


  15. you are so funny! i love the shift from beautiful ephemera to filthy boxes! that's life! LOL


  16. Hello Connie,

    I have the same problem with the UPS truck here. Everytime I receive a package it is filthy. I hate to even bring it in the house. But I too, love my UPS person.

    Those are wonderful rose seed package ephemera. I am making tags with some of the clip art that is free.


  17. How can you not love roses...they are just the most beautiful things! And I'm always so THRILLED to get a package I never even notice if it's dirty....well that and I'm distracted by the cute little shorts those handsome drivers wear!

  18. They are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them. laurie

  19. Those are so pretty! Hope you have been doing well sweets!

  20. I am so glad I stopped by for a quick visit this morning ... I had been wondering how your son was doing. I hope the laser surgery on DH's eye was successful. My thoughts are with each of you.

    My UPS packages usually arrive dirty as well ... I think it's because their uniforms (cute shorts in summer) and trucks are brown ... everything else needs to be brownish. Every time I see a UPS delivery person I say "Hi Brown!" They always laugh at me.

  21. Connie, Would you belive no matter where a package comes from when its the postal service, US, its always torn apart!!!! I mean each and everytime!! Drives me nuts! Great rose images, gonna put one on my sidebar! Thanks dear! Lori


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