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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saving Money on Repairs and Being Green

A couple of months ago I almost burned the house down from cooking. I turned the stove burner to low and I mean real low but something malfunctioned and it didn't go low, instead, it went HIGH! Luckily we caught it in time.

Now, does this mean I shouldn't cook anymore. Nuuuuuuu, hubby doesn't like that kind of talk since he really enjoys eating but likes to save money any time he can. Me??? I just want things to work well and as they should and not become a hazard. He's my hero when it comes to fixing things but for this particular time he was busy with some other business and told me to call an appliance repairman. I did. Just to have that man come in cost me $70.00 plus the cost of the part. It was a switch behind the knob, not the element itself. Hubby was flabbergasted at the price. So I happened to do some research on doing the job ourselves and found a wonderful place to buy replacement parts for just about any and every appliance you can imagine. If you need to replace any part of an appliance go to EasyApplianceParts and buy it at a savings and repair it yourself. Save money!!

Now, the advantages are cost saving in more ways than one. First of all, you don't pay for a repairman to come out and I think it's important these days to know how to fix your own appliances. Our stove is less than 4 years old and no way were we going to buy a new one. I just wish I had known there were people on the internet who sell appliance parts at a discount so we could have saved 70+ dollars. With the economy the way it is every little bit helps. Plus things aren't put into a landfill to rust for eternity. It just makes sense to save money, be as "green" as you can and get it done quicker. Oh, did I mention it took him almost 2 weeks to get here?

Looks like a simple stainless steel sink, huh??? Nope, it has so many things underneath that you wouldn't believe it. The spout on the right hand side with the little black handle is for instant hot water for hot drinks. That's very hot water. The curved neck spout on the extreme left is filtered cool water. But there's even more underneath the sink. We have an instant hot water tank that gives us instant hot water for washing hands and dishes. This is not as hot as the spout for drinks however. So you can imagine how many things could go wrong just under our sink!

We all need to know where to get the correct part for any appliance in our homes and to learn how to do it ourselves. It just makes sense, ladies!


  1. You are so right. Our outside water pump fell apart and we found the repair parts for $7 online and they came in four days.

    The Raggedy Girl--Roberta Anne

  2. Hey Connie!

    My husband is one of those guys who knows how to do anything. We designed our home. He drew up the plans, did all of the electrical wiring, did all of the plumbing, all of the woodwork, built the fireplace mantel, steps, you name it he did it basically all by himself. He has fixed our washer just this past Christmas. The part was only $5 or so I believe. It sure has saved us lots of money that he can do and will try to do any and all repairs around our house!
    I found a keeper! lol

  3. i am impressed by anyone who can follow instructions cuz i can't! LOL


  4. You are right on here Connie about us needing to know how to repair things. With me it seems that things start acting up when hubby IS gone not when he is there.
    I am glad your son Keith is doing a little better. I pray for him. May I put his name on the prayer roll here in AZ?
    I was laughing picturing you and your daughter in the bathroom. That is WAY funny yet so embarrassing.
    The little bird house is so Beautiful!! You did a very good job. Take care! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  5. I've been trying to convince Love Monkey that one of those hot-taps would be cool. lol Instead the Farmers and I picked up a Cocoamotion by Mr. Coffee that makes one (five actually) frothy cup of cocoa!

    Good for you to save some shells and find the part on your own. Talk about an exuberant expense...


  6. I agree 100% with you on this one! Knowledge is Power! Hubby and I have been to the library countless times checking out DIY books to fix something or do something ourselves. You just feel a real sense of pride, too. This summer I am learning how to change the oil on our car..that should be quite entertaining to watch, huh! :-)

    p.s. your kitchen is sooo clean! I love the hot water spout so tea whenever I want it! Yay!


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