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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Random Thoughts 4/11/09 and Pink Saturday

I found these darling little buttons the other day and thought I'd change my jackets and blazers out with these instead of the standard ones that come on them. It makes them unique and no one else in town will have one exactly like it! Not a good shot but these are medium pink background with little red roses painted on them. Really cute!

These are going on a beige blazer. You can't see them very well, but it is a little landscape with trees. Darling buttons!

Love bunny thinks I've gone overboard on making clip-ons, but I thought I'd try this "ruffled" pair. I think I need to shorten the ends though. AND maybe buy a new pink pair of shoes, huh?!?!?! There ya go!!! Another new pair of shoes. I get on a roll and don't know when to stop, chicks.....*Sigh*..........

I like visiting new blogs from time to time when I see something interesting posted by a blogger I have never seen before or a post by a blogger seems particularly interesting. And I read their Profile Page if it is accessible. I come across many that are cute but some seem to stick out in my mind sometimes.

The other day a comment drew me to a blogger and her Profile Page had the ubiquitous question. Hers asked:
In the dream where you show up to school naked, why do you never go swimming? Her answer was: What and ruin my hairdo? My kinda woman, chicks, and she is from the south, which answers the question the way most southern women would answer. Other than I'd rather bleed than sweat (uuuuuh, excuse me, I mean "glisten"), I'd rather die than get my DO wet!

If you have an adult child in the 22-24 age range still living at home, you have a deadbeat! Tell him or her to get a life and move out and ON!

Time for some eye candy: I made 7 of these little tissue paper pompoms. They're huge and I plan on hanging them in my office or craft room.

To all bloggers: if you use the labels in your blog then you need to check your spelling because if you misspell a word then they won't find you when looking for that particular label or tag. Let's say you're doing a blog about "creating" and misspell it like "creatting" then they'll never find you. If you are not sure of the spelling or have any doubt at all then look it up or use "spell check" and it is the little abc with a check mark under it just above where you compose your blog post here. Click on that icon and it will highlight in yellow all the words that are misspelled or doesn't recognize as a word. Just for your information, chicks.

Mothers who have all the craft supplies out and ready when kids come home from school are, in my opinion, profoundly disturbed! *Smile*

This is a comment I found on another blog. This is pure and simple an advertisement! While I don't mind at all sending chicks to other blogs if they ask me to and it's not an advertisement, I do have a problem with "scammers and spammers" who try to post on my blog by posting something like this. I've obliterated this man's name and blog, which is a "business type of blog" and is done only to draw business to their blog. I didn't want to embarrass him by showing his name so left just enough to let you see what I'm talking about. I, also, got one recently for steel buildings and I'm now getting emails from this business! I'm not too keen on that. You can also tell they come from a foreign country by the use of their language - english is NOT their native language. BUT I can block anyone I don't want from my email with my Mac Mail with a rule. I don't receive any emails I don't want to receive at all now. Bottom line here: moderate your comments OR at least check them every once in a while to see that there are no "advertisements" in the form of comments because the gambling, p**no people use these a LOT to draw people to their site. And trust me, you don't want that! That is if you don't want them; if you don't care, they forget all of the above. ;-)

When my daughter and granddaughter were here recently we watched a DVD on the tv that is still in that box and covered with a "cover" I made to disguise the box and the tv. Remember, we do NOT watch television at all. So I am so used to years ago when we actually did watch tv and "tapes." Well, when it ended I said to "rewind" it and everyone looked at me and just guffawed at my faux pas. Hey, it's been 25 years since we watched television! What do I know?!

The heart is strange terrain sometimes.

What my friend and I did last weekend. ;-) I'm the prettier one!!! *Laughing*....

I try to lead a holy life and a spiritual life. It's not hard to do but I'm human and sometimes fall off the carousel.

I made these little place mats from leftover fleece. Used pinking shears and cut them 14"x20" and they're perfect for using daily over my white table cloth to catch the spills from drinks and food. However, do NOT wash them with a load of fluffy white towels. Note the "fluff" I've been picking off now!

I enjoy surfing the blogs everyday or just about every day and I find soooo many wonderful women who are creative and kind and resourceful. I sometimes just click on the names of women who have left a comment where I'm leaving one and voilĂ , a new blogger has caught my eye and I love it! It's just marvelous to me.

Looking at some pictures in a popular magazine my daughter bought for reading on the airplane recently I noticed something. Our young women are trying to look s*xy beyond their years. What ever happened with sweet and innocent? Hmmmm??? I love the fresh look of clean skin and a sweet smile instead of those "here's kissin' ya" look they all try to come up with now. What has happened to our young people?


  1. Connie, I hope your son is doing well. I'm so sorry that this happened but my gosh, what a man to stand up for that woman! I don't even know him but I'm sure dang proud of him!

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday
    and a Happy Easter!
    Deanna :D

  2. As always, you are a scream. And I agree with you, I would rather bleed than sweat,too!!! I enjoyed your post immensely!! Happy Easter.

  3. Hi, Connie...I have been trying to play catch up on all my favorite blogs...I have been so busy and not having a lot of time to visit. This time of year keeps us all busy and away from our computers, I think.
    I enjoyed this post...giggled about not getting your "do" wet..I wash mine every single day...funny!
    I love your idea of using the cover for your tablecloth..great idea! I love all the clip on's for shoes...I used to wear them years ago but I don't wear high heels any more. These pink ones are so so cute...
    And...20 years since watching tv? I would curl up and die without my daily fix of FOX NEWS, 2 and 1/2 Men, Fraizer, I love Raymond...they keep the laugh in my life (well, except FOX NEWS!!)..
    And we do love the DVD's....
    Great post, sister friend...
    xo bj

  4. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie! Hoping your son is recovering and healing from his wounds.

  5. Good morning Connie, I have been thinking of you and I hope your son is improving each day. He is still in my daily prayers.

    Love your tissue paper flowers. so pretty. Pink ones too!!!

    Wishing you and your family Easter Blessings.


  6. Hello Connie,

    First, I was so sad to read the news about your son being attacked and beaten so severely. It seems he is improving a bit if he's finally able to eat a little--great MRI news, too. What a bunch of thugs. There are creeps like that everywhere---several jumped our priest at a car wash a few years back and beat him up and robbed him. I am so sorry to find this all out, Connie.

    I did enjoy your "random thoughts" today! You are such a delight to read---I love your mix of humor and profound thoughts. I also love those Pink shoe clips! :)

    I hope you have a joyous Easter and a great Pink Sat! L, Dana

  7. Hello Ms Connie, Your buttons are just too cute! I love them they are so different and pretty, and your shoes, are just too cute! Oh how I wish I had more time to do fun things like this.
    Take care my friend,

  8. Hi Connie,
    Happy Pink Saturday! Hope you have a wonderful Easter this weekend.


  9. Connie, You are so informative today! I chuckled at your deadbeat comment and the rewind the DVD - you're a hoot! I think your blazers will look snappy with those new buttons. - What a great idea! Hope you are having a Happy Pink Saturday! ~ Robyn

  10. Very sweet Post Connie Dearest!
    Great Idea with changing out the buttons to create a new look..and I saw somewhere that the shoe clips are making a you are *with it* girl!!!

    Happy PINK Sweety!

  11. Love those beautiful buttons! Hope your son is doing better - what a guy!

  12. Connie,
    The buttons are very pretty and I just love the pompoms.
    You know I tried holding one of those signs at the airport and people just laughed at me! Can you believe that?
    Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful Easter. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  13. May the angels protect you
    may the sadness forget you
    may goodness surrond you
    and may God alway bless you and you family, specially your son. I hope his doing well.
    Happy Easter.

  14. Sweet Connie!

    What a GREAT post......I laughed like crazy about the "do"....I think I got plunked in the NW by mistake! My Dr. is from Mississippi and even he said I should have been from the south!

    Did you notice the PRETTY gal on the right has shoe clips?? :-)

    The tissue paper flowers are just wonderful. One of these days I'm gonna sit myself down and make some of them. When I have some free time! I finished wrapping my girl's BDay presents just before she drove in....YIKES!

    No TV for 25 years? YOWZA! Hmmmm.......just thinking....I don't really think you missed much.

    Have a wonderful Easter. What an impactful day!


  15. Dear Sweet Connie, I am just now getting to a computer and read about your son. How horrible our world is getting. My friend is a LDS and I have been reading up on it. You sound so much like me---hating someone makes them win and I won't allow that to happen anymore. I will pray that your son continues to get better each day. Al is also and X Marine and could have easily taken on some of them, but it's cowards who take one man and beat him, the way they did your son. I don't know him, but you have raised a gentleman for helping a woman out and I am so very proud to know this and you. Happy and Blessed Easter. Pat

  16. Happy Pink Saturday Connie and a Joyous Easter. I just read the back post. Prayers for your son, his family, your family and the health care works taking care of him. Hugs, Lynn

    P.S. Bobby G. does wonder why I will rarely get in our pool. It's the hair thing but he wouldn't understand that. LOL

  17. I like those buttons, and the ruffles on the shoes are awesome!! What a terrific blog you have. I'm also sending get well wishes to your son......Have a blessed Easter, Jennifer

  18. As usuall you have a delighfull post. I adore the women with the signs that are asking for money because they are pretty. Mom always said" pretty is as pretty does" and I have foung "pretty" does pretty well.

  19. Jello, COnnie! Thank you for stopping by my PS post...

    You have a wonderful Easter! Dear Bebe has her first cold so we shall see if we go visit the famliy or not. :(

    She'll be fine soon.

    Take care!


  20. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter, Connie. You and your family remain in my prayers.

    I am in love with your pom-poms. I think I might need some of those. ;-)

  21. Love the pom poms, happy Pink Saturday.

  22. Connie Happy Easter to you and your family! Love the buttons, esp. the landscape ones! Glad your son continues to heal.

    Imagine what he saved that poor woman from. If they did this to him you know they may very well have attacked her, in THAT way, and my gosh I'll bet your son prevented that. I hope he knows that. I am so proud of him.

    Love the clips and quips!

  23. WOW! You had alot in there this week! I love your Pinks!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Happy Easter!
    Hugs, Lisa

  24. Hey Connie; Happy Pink Saturday
    I just love your tissue flowers, they are so pretty. You have the most beautiful buttons, where do you find them?? I am so glad to hear that you Son is doing better,, I will keep him and his family in my Prayers.. Have a beautiful Easter.


  25. Love those pom poms...hope you post a picture where you hang them.
    Happy ps and have a great Easter.

  26. I just wanted to stop by and wish you a really Blessed Happy Easter.

    from Roberta Anne
    The Raggedy Girl

  27. Connie Happy Pink Sat,I think your buttons,pompoms and shoe clips are so cute.Hope your son is doing better and his family is safe and sound.Have a happy easter.Hugs,Jen

  28. Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Easter! I've also been catching up on your blog. I'm so sorry to hear about your son, I hope he is doing well now. You did a great job on writing your thoughts!


  29. I may be from the UK, but I must have been a Southern woman in a previous life. I am SO with you!

    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter.

  30. Connie, I hope this finds your son healing and feeling much better. I love what you did with the shoes this week, the buttons are beautiful too, Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter too, Char

  31. your son is my hero! I hope he is doing well.
    I glisten also and I'm training my daughters to do the same. Love the tissue flowers they remind me of prom in the 70's.
    happy pink, heidi

  32. Hello Connie. I really loved your post today...
    Hope your son is feeling better.

    Happy (belated) Pink Saturday!

    X Es X


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