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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Red Shoes

I finally found a pair of red shoes that weren't too high to walk in. I love the red. They're patent leather and I made the pink clip-ons but aren't they sassy and cute?! Okay, I'm helping the economy. ;-) Yesterday I bought a new blazer, 6 new tops, new purse and this pair of shoes, not to mention a new ironing board cover and 9 new (used) books to read. I'm on a roll now, chicks.

Oooohhh, and yesterday in the mail I received coupons from KFC. They now have "Bailout Buckets"! *Sighhhhh*.............. Sign of the times, huh?


  1. Love the bailout buckets! Talk about marketing schemes...

    Sassy shoes for sure, Chick. While Bunny's away, you're doing your best to stimulate the economy, aren't you!

    Heading out to the Fab store - again. Was there yesterday with Love Monkey who wanted more fab for his grills. I couldn't pick under the pressure, but after a sleeping on it, I know what I want!

    See, I'm helping the economy too!


  2. those are some jazzy shoes,Connie...sooooo YOU...good give me my ugly old crocs or clogs...I tend to go more for purses than shoes.....I am all about comfort when it comes to shoes....

  3. Oh I like the pleats alot! and the pink with the red is very sassy! Are you wearing those to pick up Love Bunny at the airport? LOL


  4. Those shoes are AWESOME!!! You have such great taste in shoes Connie...

  5. The shoes are going to look so cute with your new dress.

    Roberta Anne

  6. LOVE the shoes!! Are you EVER gonna share the "how-to's" on making the clip ons?? PLEASE??????

  7. Love those shoes, Connie! Really cute!
    Hugs, Susan

  8. ooh la la! look at those cute shoes. you know i have only worn heels once? let's just say my fashion icon is the skipper doll -- flats all the way! LOL


  9. yeah got my coupons the chicken mashed potato bowl..DH hates KFC..I love your new red pumps the fancy pink ribbon do nice work...have a good one...

  10. Hi Connie! I have read your blog for quite some time now and read thru your archives also. When I read your Random Thoughts post on my blog reader (it doesn't show on your blog) about you raising your hand in your church Relief Society saying you felt sorry for ladies who don't get to know you because you are a positive, happy person, well, I just had to post and let you know I am so happy to know you thru your blog. Sweetie, you have made me laugh until tears came, you have touched my heart and inspired me with your faith, you have given me a kick in the pants when I needed it...Your blog is an absolute favorite of mine and I never miss a post. Love the lace panels in your entryway. They look very pretty and a girl can never have too much lace! Your home is adorable and I love seeing your rooms and decor! I will be commenting regularly now, not just reading and enjoying your posts. Thanks for being the sweetie you are! God bless!!

  11. Just had some of their famous chicken wings. The wings are my favorite part of the chicken. The meat is usually very tender. It certainly didn't help my diet(not that I've been on one, sigh.)

    Well now, Miss Connie aren't YOU stimulating the economy!! Lord only knows it needs to be stimulated and what a better way than to rebuild your wardrobe.

    As for those sassy red shoes, you'll be turning heads for sure
    ...don't turn around to see who's looking though, if your like me you might turn, twist, and injure your foot in those heels. I just cannot wear any heel anymore I wobble and weave and look like I'm just off the farm!!!


  12. Wowzerssss Ms.Connie!!! LOVE those red shoes girlie!!! You will be smokin HOT in em :) You go girl!!!

  13. Love the SHOES! Totally so CHIC! ;) ~CC Catherine

  14. Those are fabulous shoes! Sassy and sexy and cute and wonderful!


  15. Hi Connie, thanks for stopping by! Actually I was here the other night, checking out your lovely family room redo, great job, but I was just too tired to leave a comment. Gosh, those red shoes are gorgeous!! well, I guess you are busy trying on all your new
    Hugsy, Jannet

  16. Those shoes are the SHIsssle!!

    I LOVE them.. Every girl needs a
    pair of red shoe



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