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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Friend's Home Tour #1

I have a woman in our ward who thinks like I do in many things, but decorating is the part that touches my heart the most I think. It's been very hard to find women around here who decorate similar to me in any way. Phyllis does! And what a sweetheart she is. Mother of 11, yessss, 11 children! You would not believe this if you saw her, trust me. She's very young looking, a sweet, kind loving mom/woman and just so patient.

Anyway, I asked her if I could photograph her home to show you another chick here in Idaho who loves the froufrou style of decorating while making her hubby comfortable in their romantic home. I have 50 photos to share after editing so I'm going to make this a series of five blog posts. I have a feeling you're going to love her home.

She lives up the road from me. I live on the very edge of the county/city line. Looking at the house here, I would have my back to my own home. So I live on the edge of the farmers and ranchers area.

This is the front of the home and I got my car in the foreground. As you can see, there are 2 front entries. This house sits on a sloping hill. The hubby built the small kiddies a playground under the deck that could only be for little munchkins as adults would be too tall to stand under there but the little children fit nicely—swings, teeter totter and such under there. Snug in all kinds of weather.

Her hubby built a little "cottage" out there on the side of the house but the cottage is for HIM!! LOL It's his office, but Jack would have to fight me for that little place if I lived there. *Smiling*...........

Walking up to the front entry.

Stepping into the front entry puts us right into the formal dining. White painted chairs, pink candles and pink table runner and a chandelier—one of many in this home. Beautiful roses swag over the windows. (I'm sorry this photo didn't turn out well as the room is lovely and the windows were "fighting" me for light, but I took up a lot of their time the day I photographed the home and didn't want to disturb them again.)

Also her carpet in this area is a floral. Most unusual for this area, but as I said, the woman has taste! It's gorgeous.

Her plate collection. This is also an artistic family. Her hubby paints and some of her children paint or draw also.

This is a painting done by her hubby. You can see a little peek of this lovely lady up in the left hand corner but I've wanted to protect their privacy as much as possible so I won't put their photos of them on here.

A little curio cabinet to the right of the dining room windows. I love the lacy look of it.

A see-through fireplace looks into the kitchen dining area.

This is standing by the dining room windows and looking at the front entry. Stenciling is above the front entry. She has a vintage sewing machine under the mirror on the right side.

That's it for this post but keep in touch to see the rest of the home.


  1. GASP!

    this could be the latest issue of country living. absolutely stunning!!! i love the front door, too. very cool.

    thanks for sharing, sweetchick! :)


  2. I had no idea he painted! And I would have not guess that it was HIS office and not for the girls! lol Wow, I'm so excited to see the next installment!


  3. Very pretty, I'll be looking for the next posts. thanks, karen

  4. Connie, what a wonderful home. I love the lace door cabinet on the wall.
    I have moved back to my parents, so won't be here much, but will try and come at least once a week. Your things are addictive and always so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Love and hugs, Pat

  5. Gosh, This home is magazine ready!! gorgeous inside and out. Please tell your sweet friend, Thank you for inviting us inside.
    Can't wait to see more, 11 children wow she is blessed.
    Great job Connie ; )

  6. wow for 11 kids..that house is spic and span and beautiful!!.can't wait to see the rest...:)

  7. Oh Connie...
    I can see why you were wanted to get pictures of her truly is beautiful! I also recognized that landscape...anyday!


  8. Your houses are defiitely differne to both English and French roomy and open.

  9. Loving this house already Connie and looking forward to seeing more in the coming posts.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  10. Wow! What a gorgeous home. Everything looks just decorator plus!

    I'm finally back on the internet. I understand about traveling and finding wifi spots. I wouldn't dream of staying anywhere without internet!

  11. What a lovely home. I especially love the plate collection and the door and entry way.

  12. What a Gorgeous home!! I cannot wait to see some more of it!!! Stunning!!
    Thanks for showing us!


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