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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Creating Your Own Style

First of all, I need to apologize to all the regular bloggers I visit for not commenting. I looooove commenting, but the posts got to over 250 and I could just not catch up, sweet thangs! I was negligent and I don't mean to be or even like doing it but passing these stones and being on pain killers for over a week kinda "dulled" my senses and I was truly "loopy"or sleepy for the better part of 10 days. Combine this with not getting a shower or worst...WASHING MY HAIR!!!!....and I was heading toward grouchy, chicks! It warn't purdy I tell ya....... So please accept my apologies and I'll be trying to catch up in the next few days.

I've been thinking about style a lot lately as I redo my rooms and thought I'd share a few things with you. I may have said this before in some fashion but it bears repeating I think.

Create your own style! Yes, you do have one. Maybe you haven't "connected" with it yet but each person has a style. Define your style and then refine it. This can take years, chickees, years!! When the wealthy redo a home it takes them 3-5 years to get it all done and sometimes more. It's a long process even if you do it yourself. So don't be too eager to get it done in a week because it ain't happening - usually.

It makes me feel free to select my own style and not be matchy-matchy with my furniture. Again, I want the look that says I've collected these wonderful things you see in this room over a lifetime. That's my style: romantic collector. Nothing truly matches except for a pair of Baker chairs I've had recovered twice. They are "lifetime" chairs because I paid good money for them 20+ years ago and they take to recovering really well. Somehow it all seems to fit together beautifully - for me anyway. I just "play" with it. I have fun with it. I make things work. If I love it, it works. Simple as that. You can do it also, just PLAY with it and have fun doing it because there truly are no rules when it comes to decorating. If you love it then it works. I'm absolutely not afraid to try new things or combine things that most people don't think go together. If I like it that's all that matters. I don't give a whit or fig about other people's opinions. Mine is what counts in this house! Love Bunny accepts anything I do. He would have to come up with a real dislike for something for me to change something in this house.

I "shop" in my own home.......and my daughter's home. That means I go into the garage attic, other rooms and look at the fluff on the walls and "redistribute" it to other rooms. It makes the whole space look different. When we go back to California to visit the kids I also "shop" in my daughter's house because she'll get it back when I'm dead and I give her stuff now so she doesn't have to wait until I'm dead! She's always telling me to get rid of what I've got because she doesn't want to have to do the job for me and that she's going to put all my "stuff" on ebay for 99¢ with free shipping! Can you imagine?!?! I think I'm cutting her out of the will and just giving it to my granddaughter! At least she'll put it on Craigs List and get a few bucks outta the' deal!! No matter.

I rarely spend a lot of money to redo the look of a room. So change things around in the home for a different look, add a fresh coat of your favorite color of paint if so desired and voilĂ  - a whole new look. Puhhhhleeeze, do NOT tell me hubby would cringe or say no. Men rarely care about how you decorate your home. YOU are the one in it most of the day and if you can't stand that ugly wall color then just change it. If he then threatens to divorce you then you can change it back, but do one wall and see how he reacts. He will, of course, react viscerally and not intellectually so tell him to adjust and see how it goes from there. ;-)

I've included some photos of what I consider beautiful creative rooms of truly divergent styles, but ooooooh sooooo beautiful. I love them all.

Okay, this has to be my favorite since it has PINK (!), roses, RED (!), and vintage fabrics and just all around romantic shabby style. I love this above all others in this group. It's a room to create or craft or sewing room.

How could you not love this bold and bright room to sit in and dream or read or whatever???? I don't know who owns this room but she was bold. Now, you need to be bold. Bold doesn't mean bright vivacious colors; it means taking a risk, being courageous and confident in what you are doing. I'm a bold person but I don't necessarily use "jonquil yellow" or "flamboyant pink" in a room. I'm just bold in what I do because if it turns out less than perfect I can change it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and I plan on "gaining" a lot in this life, my sweet cherubs. Go for the gusto or you'll never know what you are capable of. Make yourself happy and others will be happy to just be around you.

Even the outdoors can be beautiful. Just hang a collection of your favorite things on the back side of your home, flaky vintage bench and voilĂ  - instant "fabulous"!!

This room also spoke to my heart. I'm not really into the rustic style but I do love this room. It shows that the owner put a lot of thought into it. She mixed all elements of comfy in this room: a beat up old leather chair, the texture of the rock fireplace, books (!), roses and florals and a comfy plaid chair that looks like it might be a favorite of someone who lives in that house, a favorite old cabinet and pieces of furniture that are used in diverse ways. The ottoman is a coffee table on which to put up your feet. It just looks like an all around "collected over time" place to relax. Yep, I love this room. Oooh, and about books....even if you don't read, put some books around the room. On shelves or the floor or table. They're a really great decorating statement and cheap! Of course, if you love to read like I do it's all the better. ;-) Plus it gives instant personality to a room. Plus it'll make people think you're an intellectual! ;-)

Here the rustic is combined with vintage barkcloth fabrics in florals. Another outstanding room! This is a feminine, masculine room. What man wouldn't like having the florals on the sofas if he could hang pictures of animals on the wall and have it look this stunning?! Sort of Hawaii Lodge look. I love this room also. Uhhhh, notice the open book? Yep, just keep a book opened on a table so a visitor can peruse it also. Yep, I do that. I even stack lamps and faux plants on books. Makes me look smart. ;-)

Ooooh my, another fabulous room where the owner combined the french provincial country with the vintage look. Different textures with the peeling paint of the chairs, the tattered, upholstered bench and the burlap looking table runner with that fabulous arrangement of food. Ooohooo. Gorgeous with that green cupboard and salmon colored settee.

Who would think a simple inexpensive thing such as a canopy could do so much for a space – whether inside or outside? It gives "intimacy" to this tiny little "room" in the garden. I plan on trying this but it is a bit more difficult in this hot desert in the summer. We don't spend much time out in July and August, just too hot. I want to do it for the visual effect though so I will. It will have to be a while though. It's down the road because of all the other projects I have in mind. This will be hubby's job. I tell him what I want. He'll give me a bit of static about how it can't be done and I just tell him to make it happen and that I trust him to make it happen. He then figures it out. Men love a challenge!!! ;-) I don't think he can make that lemon tree happen in this cold winter climate however.


  1. Connie, I am loving these photos, the last one has always been my favorite. I have it marked in my magazine. Happy Sunday!

  2. Ohhhhhhh, la la!! Such beauty in these pictures.

    I LOVE each photo, with the exception of the Jonquil Yellow and Red room. I have discovered that Red in a room, along with any Bright colors, really sets me on edge...probably even raises my blood pressure.

    I had the 2 LONG walls in my kitchen painted a blueish-red. There isn't that much wall space on those 2 walls, because the cabinets and appliances are on those walls. Even though I LOVED the red...when I re-painted those 2 walls after 3 years...I feel much more "at ease" in their presence.

    I painted them a medium green and then ragged a Gold Glaze over them. I love it...and so does Tom.

    Color never ceases to amaze me. Neither does Interior Design.

    I have been an Interior Designer for over 27 years, by trade and things I believed back then, I still find myself using. Much like your thoughts of "Creating Your Own Style"...and mixing and matching items that others wouldn't think would go together!!

    Jan church today, after almost 13" of snow yesterday

  3. First, I hope that you're feeling 100% better. It must have been terrible for you to go without a bath or shampooing your hair. I decided several months ago to create my own style. I went from "Simply Country" to eclectic. I have several ideas that I want to work on. I really enjoyed your post. You have such wonderful ideas. My current dilemma is to find something in which to display my "Willow Tree" collection. I need something that does not take up much space. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. Wow Connie what beautiful rooms... They were great... I sure hope you’re on the road to recovery really soon... Glad to see you back on... I too have not been on to much either. We are in North Florida and my internet card is not real strong...Missed ya


  5. The rustic with flowers has stolen my heart .............

  6. I saved a couple of these pics to my computer for future reference. I'm always doing something around the house even if it's just something small. I love the one with the outdoor vintage bench.

  7. Great post. I have been trying to "define and refine" for awhila now. I just keep jumping around as I like so many styles. Each room seems to be different and to me it's comforting. Someday I'll finally "get it"'s a long road getting there!

  8. Oh the comment about your daughter, ebay, and craigslist was funny!

    I think I will slowly but surely give it all away so I can see who gets what and what they do with it. On second thought, maybe that's not such a good idea.

  9. I agree wholeheartedly and I love all the yellowand red. Those are just my favorites- make me feel ALIVE and happy- and in long winters here in Iowa- they are the SUN inside my house :) If your home reflects you and what you love, it is always so much more cozy...and your friends love coming over...and you are just happier I think. I don;t do matchy-matchy anymore- I did that in the early 1990s- and it stressed me out trying to fins all the matching things. Now the rooms evolve over time and lots of times, things move from room to room and maybe get a fresh coat of piant too. One blog I read today said we need to "use up and make do" more and this is my decorating mantra. Largely because I have champagne tastes on a beer budget- HAHA!

    Thanks for the validation too :)


  10. Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you & hoping you are better soon.
    Sending you big (((HUGS))) from cold Canada.
    Love Claudie

  11. glad you're on the mend, honeeeeeeee

    DON"T miss the fun over at cityfarmer.....
    this is your kind of post

  12. Now I know the name of the style I am trying to create in my living room... rustic. It I lived with cutesy country clutter for about 20 years and I need something different. I then I just added frothy shabby chic to my dining room. I am having a ball and your post was most informative.
    Roberta Anne

  13. Hey Connie. Wow Weeeeeeee What a great post. I so agree with every thing you said, imagine that... lol
    The photos are so pretty and lovely love them all. Thanks for Sharing


  14. I'm so glad you are feeling better. I have missed you, but totally understand, sometimes it's really hard to catch up with everyone! I love the decorating pictures. I love decorating, but I am kind of done with my home, so I have a sadness that I don't have an empty canvas. I really love the way things are and don't want to re-do any rooms. BUT.....I just started thinking about redoing my laundry room and so I'm all inspired and excited about that!

    Have a great week!


  15. Woohooo!!! I'm officially shuffling the Farmers rooms around this week. That means I get my office!!!! Haven't decided what my style is, Chick.. but thanks to your post I think I can start narrowing it down. It also means I get to redo Miss Is' room too! Oh, too many projects going at once. It just might be next year before Humpty is put back together again.

    Hope your feeling better,


  16. Somebody is going to get a spanking for making my sweet Connie feel bad. :) Hope you are on the mend Connie. And you just drop by whenever it's convenient and works for you. Hope you have a happy and pink week. xo Lynn

  17. I've been MIA myself. So sorry to hear you have been under the weather so to speak. Hope you are in top shape again soon. Love the photos, gotta get busy. My home is currently styless-is that a word?

  18. The first one and the last one are my faves! My house is definitely a work in progress. I don't have the money to do a lot of the things I want to (like replace the flooring), but I try to surround myself with what I love. If you love it, it works! ~Lori

  19. Connie, hope you are feeling a whole lot better now - Rachaelxo


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