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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Laundry Day and Embroidery

My days aren't always like this one because it's laundry day and I have some errands to run today. It's a very mundane chore but I do get a lot of satisfaction seeing all the clothes in their drawers and closets when done. Such is the lot of the "housewife" and I say that with awe and respect to all of you housewives. For me it's a very rewarding "job." And Love Bunny tells me how much he appreciates what I do for him. :-)

Ooooh, yuck, I didn't realize we were that dirty!! :-(

And having a lovely laundry room definitely dispels the "not so glamorous" of chores!


I thought I'd also share some of my embroidered pillow cases with you today. Even when I was in my "feminist" days I enjoyed and loved doing embroidery. I'd do needlepoint, petit point, cross stitch and just regular ol' embroidery. My daughter has a love for it also and has done many pieces for herself and some for me. It's peaceful and satisfying. So I did many pillow cases.

These are done white-on-white for a more elegant look when I wanted just a "white" look to the bedroom. I cross-stitched our initial on to it. The thread is barely visible but it's the best I could do. Hah....

Here is one of the absolutely first pillow cases I embroidered. Pansies remind me of my grandmother and I did this as a tribute to her.

Roses are, of course, a favorite of mine. This is very old pillow case with some vintage lace from my grandmother so this is somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 year old lace and I'll never ever part with it. If it becomes too fragile and tattered I'll frame it or hang it on one of my shelves in my craft/sewing room or office room. It is absolutely stunning and just a tad off white.

A very simple little flower vine with a white daisy in the center and more vintage lace on the edge.

This is the pillow case on my pillow at the moment. Don't look too closely for my drool!! ;-) And yes, I use all my old things on a daily basis. They were not meant to be tucked away but to be used in my opinion. When each pillow case or the lace edging becomes too fragile, as I said, I'll put it to rest in a place of recognition and love to remind me of those who have gone before me and love me enough to give me such beautiful things. I was my maternal grandmother's favorite granddaughter, you know. ;-) I miss seeing her and her beautiful wrinkled face and gray hair. I hope my granddaughter and grandsons feel that way about me some day.


  1. Good Morning Connie... Wash day can be a drag but in a beautiful laundry room like yours it would be so much easier to endure... Your home is lovely. Have a wonderful day...


  2. My laundry room seems to be always busy. I have two teen daughters who seem to have heaps of laundry every day. They start the laundry, but seem to leave the drying and folding to me. I adore your embroidered linens. They are such a special touch, that even make ironing (my least favorite thing to do) more enjoyable. Have a great Sunday. You even make laundry look pretty in your photographs.

  3. Hi Connie,
    Your pillow cases are beautiful! They must produce sweet dreams. I like to do laundry too!
    Hope your holidays are going well.
    Happy 2009 to you! May you be surrounded in peace and love!


  4. Thank you Connie:
    My Grandmother embroidered all her pillowcases too and I had forgotten that so what a nice memory on a Sunday morn. Your work is lovely. Your laundry room rocks.
    Roberta Anne

  5. Thanks for visiting me today...I will get those magnets off to you first thing in the morning. Your pillow cases are beautiful!!! I love the white on white too!!! Talk to you soon. Laurie

  6. Oh, your pillowcases are just beautiful! What little treasures those are! How sad that more people don't embellish things with their own hands these days! I just love your laundry room. Who wouldn't mind doing laundry in such a beatiful place?

  7. Love these pillowcases. Reminds me of the ones I used to own back in the 50s and 60s. They wore out. I threw them out. Who knew this vintage stuff would be popular in 50 years. I did a lot of needlework when I was young also. Started with embroidery when I was just a little kid. I enjoyed scrolling down through your blog and looking at all the lovely pink stuff.
    Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  8. Oh, Connie, I so love your are truly a woman after my own heart. I have a precious story to relate about older women ie. grandmothers, to post someday soon. i will come over and tell you when I do.
    I loved seeing your beautiful lovely.
    And, I would KILL for a laundry room as pretty as yours!
    xo bj

  9. nice work..I love coming across these at thrift stores did a great job on them..I love your laundry room by the way..have a great rest of the weekend.
    Gina ;)

  10. Your laundry room is so cute and your washing machine is so clean! Mine is stained from doing laundry for four boys and a husband who works in the woods for a living! I love all your pillow cases, they are just beautiful!

    Hugs, Sharon

  11. I clean...and it soothes me...:)

  12. There is something very special about hand embroidered linen. I bet your bed always looks lovley Connie.

  13. :0)
    I love your "ice" bucket on your dryer.....

  14. So so pretty Connie. Good job! I love pillow cases done like that. I had some my mother made when Alan and I got married but they got worn out from washing them so much over the 20+ years. he he
    Hugs, Bobbi Jo


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