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Friday, December 5, 2008

Greenhurst Nursery #17

Have you ever thought of a black and white Christmas? Well, here's what it could look like if you DID. Exquisite. My friend and sister PRH chick, Stephanie, will squeal with delight on the bling in this photo. SteeeEEEppphhHHHHhh, are you listening?!?! Give mum smooches for me, honey...... She does love me the most, ya know! ;-) hahahah

Fur covered ornies that remind me of santa's helper's hats turned upside down

Polka dot and shell ornies........

More lovely clocks in this place. The middle on is huge.....

Steeeephhhhhh..........more blingggggg!

Eye popping glitzy bling.....

I would LOVE to have that chair in my living room!

I'mmmmm dreaming of a whiiiiiiite Christmas, just like the ones I used to knoooowww........

I absolutely love clocks so these are right up my alley..... even cuckoo clocks ornies....

You can display it just at Christmas, but I'd display it all year long.......

Did someone say "white" Christmas? How about "RED" Christmas????

Or a feather and/or grain Christmas??? Beautiful!

Father Christmas is about 4 feet tall here.

Another stunning lamp for hanging on the wall.....*Sigh*.......Lamps are a weakness of mine also.........

Years ago I was at work in my job and walked around alllll day long with an ink smudge on my upper lip. Cannot for the life of me figure how that happened but finally at the end of the day a woman told me. I always wondered why she didn't tell me about it when she first noticed it and saved me the embarrassment of walking around like that. I think she was not a true friend. This kind of says it all for me. Telling me about it when it happened as opposed to telling me at the end of the day that it had been on there all day would have saved me much embarrassment, but actually, I think she was the one who should have been embarrassed!

Lovely cabinet.

This was also bright true red. I could find a place for this in my craft/sewing room or my office/painting room I think......

This ain't yer same ol' "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree, trust me! It just sparkled even though it's "minimalistic"!

Okay, you'll have to enlarge this photo to see the "sticker shock" on these gorgeous little ornies. Hah

You would definitely have to be a "connoisseur" to collect these little expensive jewels!

Gorgeous and stunning!


  1. great as usual, I wanted a white tree this year but had to restrain as already have to much.

  2. great post as usual, I wanted a white tree this year but had to redtrain as already have to much,

  3. I think I'll just move into the nursery as a squatter and invited all my friends over.

    That way I can have a fully decorated, put together home that suits my many moods. I can be the black and white girl and the wheat and feather girl all between visits to the potty!


  4. Good Morning Connie... Great post again... LOVED the clock display and the Father Christmas... did that clock in his base work??? Love this place... Have a great day!


  5. Is there any end to the beautiful things you find Connie. What a truly amazing place that is.

  6. Everything looks just wonderful! I love the black and silver for Christmas.


  7. Hi Connie! There's no end to the beautiful things there. I would even love working there so I could be surrounded by beautiful things. I really loved the clock section and the wall lamp was just beautiful! Deb

  8. I love the little red multi round shelf thingy, but I am sure it has a real name. this place is incredible and you are so fortunate to live near it. I am amazed at the amount of stuff they have.
    Roberta Anne

  9. What WONDERFUL inspiriation. Thank you for taking lots of pictures!

  10. Hi Sis! Of course you know I'm gonna say this is your best post EVER!!!!!!!

    Where to start? First, in the first pic, I need NEED to be able to see that multi-tiered table/tree display better! I love it! In fact I have often thought of doing a black/silver/white New Year's theme. Think I could pull that off, at least in my red dining room? Wouldn't that be fun?!?!?! I just don't have much black, but then there IS my old friend Krylon! :0)

    I've gotta know the price tag on that incredible 4 ft. Santa, too. What is he made of?

    Wow, double WOW, blingy to the max WOW!!!

    And yes, Mom does love you LOTS! YOU never gave her any trouble growing up!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  11. hey...missn you like crazy!


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