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Friday, November 7, 2008

Sneak Peek!

I keep tellin' ya chicks that you ain't seen nuttin' yet!! Here's a bit of a tease of just a tiny fraction of what's aheeeEEEaadddDDD!!! LOL LOL I'm lovin' teasing ya..... Ooooh, are y'all gonna be surprised.

Debbie G. the paint was Valspar Signature paint color Pink Air. I got it at Lowes. I didn't have your blog or email so have to tell you this way, sweetpea.


  1. Oh you little tease... what are we going to do with you Connie...I just want to know If I make it up there will you show me around???


  2. Hey Connie; It looks like a some kind of shoe to me, and shame on you for being such a tease. But then you would not be you if you were not you being you.... Get it. ha ha don't worry I confused me too. he he... can't wait..


  3. Well, I'm stumped. You will have to show me MORE!

    Your craft room is really looking organized and very pretty in pink. The roses will be the perfect touch!

    My work room is so bad (and it' huge) that I have to wind my way through it like it was a maze. So embarassing! It is almost impossible to keep it tidy and work at the same time!

    Have a happy weekend! Dana

  4. Thanks sweets for the paint! I dont have a blog hon...just a reader of all things "beautiful"!!


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