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Monday, November 10, 2008

Sewing/Craft Room Before and During

You've seen the before of this room. It's beige walls are now pink. See the transition below.

Jason, my sweet painter. Ain't he adorable?!?!

Getting better but still needs new pink toile curtains, pretty shelving put on wall you cannot see and tidying up and more frou frou stuff. My sewing table is another old school desk that has been green, blue and will be white soon. Probably last on list since it's getting colder now and can't paint outside. I can paint in garage still though, but it'll be several days before I can do this desk.

You can start to see some of the roses I've put on the wall near the ceiling - a frieze. I got up early this day and put all the roses on there. I had to measure for some and just "eyeballed" the rest. Turned out pretty good I think. But more to do, of course.


  1. Jason...uh, I mean...those pink walls look adorable! The stacks of fabrics make me wanna plant my face in there and wallow a little bit!

  2. I am so jealous! I wish I had a sewing room... I seriously need a sewing room. And yours is pink! My most favorite color of all... *sigh*

  3. Hey Connie!
    Your wall color is just the perfect shade pink! I wish I had a sewing kitchen table is the only place I can sew...I think that's why I don't sew more and the reason why I haven't perfected my skills...maybe one day! LOL!
    This turned out beautiful...ooooohh, and look at all that fabric you have.... and I can just imagine the pink toile curtains cute cute!

  4. WOW I just love it when you ladies throw in the eye candy and the room looks good too... what a difference it is making... beautiful...


  5. It's coming together very nicely! It's so much easier for me to work when it's all organized. I'm a nut about it but don't really have the space right now to do it how I want. I'm jealous of your space!

  6. Oh my gosh Connie! I think you might possibly have more fabric than me!! I can't wait to see how you get it all organized. I want to show these pictures to my hubby when he says I already have enough fabric. LOL

  7. Hey Connie!
    Honey, thank you so much for stopping by with your sweet words of encouragement...I appreciate it more than you know. I am gonna move on now about it all....yes, I've cried, but I will dry it up now, I've prayed and I'm gonna move on. Hope you have a great day sweet lady...I sure do appreciate you.

  8. That is great...look at all of that fabric...and I love the pink. Your painter is cute too!


  9. ooooohhh....Connie this is turning out wonderful.
    I went to a Christmas bazaar on Saturday..there were a couple Shabby vendors there...well this one very sweet lady has told me that she would personally teach me how to paint ROSES..I am so excited and just can't wait...not sure when or where...but I have HOPE...
    You go pink girl...

  10. I didn't mean for this much time to pass, my sweet chick

    ....I, too have a pink living room..."Dew Kissed" by it.
    I am lacking a sewing room, though.....

    I DID get a macbookpro for my birthday.....

  11. I too need a space like yours...Ahhhh,It makes me want to come play at your house:)

  12. It's amazing what a little color can do. Looks beautiful!! I just might have to hide out in there too. You won't notice me hiding behind all that fabric!

    Very inspiring. I'll have to dust off the roller covers and crack open my own paint cans.


  13. Your room looks scrumptous!!!
    You are quite a sewer!
    Id like to get my hands on some of those fabrics!


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