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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Greenhurst Nursery #9

We'll still be looking at some halloween stuff here. Hey, it takes a long time to go through all the pictures, edit them and make up a blog post, ya know, so just sit back and enjoy! It's gonna get to some really special stuff soon, chicks. :-)

Look at these gorgeous bulbs. I've truly never seen so many different kinds of bulbs anywhere in one place. I'm sure there are Christmas stores but none around here.

Does this say it all or what?!?!?! CHOCOLATE.......yeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!

Candy and truffles. My absolutely fav candy - TRUFFLES.

Huge cookies, too........

Another scrumptious display during the transitional period in the store.

Strawberry door mats.

A "witchy" cake or cupcake plate! Cute.....

I never knew they had "halloween" bulbs for Christmas! I guess if your fav color is orange then these are for YOU.

If course, who in the world could pass up these pink and brown stripe boxes.

I kinda like the orange, pink and purple together. I could deal with that one for a time. Orange is my least fav color though.

Okay, till next time.................... SMILE cuz I love ya chicks!! ;-)


  1. Good Morning, Connie!
    Beautiful and sweet/love these sweets/ pics.
    Have a sweet and blessing weekend!

  2. Hi girlfriend... Just love this place and you could never post enough fo me on it... You know when I had my home we use to have a beautiful tree in the front entrance... I called it the Holiday tree... I decorated it for each holiday so those halloween bulbs would have been great on it... in between it just had lights on it to give the entrance a warm glow... Thanks for the great pictures... Bring it on... Have a great day


  3. Hi! I love your pink post! Happy pink saturday!

    visit me anytime...

    you´re invited drink tea with me!xoxo

  4. fun pics-especially that witchy candy stand!! happy pink saturday!

  5. I LOVE those HWeen Ornies!

    I actually started a HWeen tree this year (black imitation feather tree) with glass ornaments. The first set was given to me--then I RAN out and bought a few more. These were from Pier 1. Oh, I could've used some of the ones you just shared!

    It IS alot of trouble going through all of those photos and editing them---we THANK you for doing that!

    Happy Sat.!!!! Dana

  6. This looks like a great place! I love browsing through shops, even if I don't buy anything it seems to be creative inspiration. Happy Pink Saturday. Karen

  7. What a fun store to visit! Even "virtually"!

  8. I love pink and orange together! I'm more of a sepia gal, but I can appreciate other colors TOO *smiles*.

    I hope you will stop by my Pink Saturday post when you have a chance.

    Have a great Pink Saturday!!

  9. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie.

    This place is just like a dreamland.

    My mother loves truffles, too.

  10. What a fun shop to wander around in. I also had a Pink Shopping adventure. Please be sure to visit me! Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. Orange is not at the top of my list either. Those cookies are a MEAL! You'll see Christmas ornaments when you come visit me. Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. Oh my gosh Connie! That place is amazing. Candy and cookies too?? It's also dangerous!! LOL

  13. Hi Connie
    I love the first picture with all the Christmas Ornaments!
    Happy Pink Saturday

  14. Great post. I love those chocolate and coffee signs. That would work in my house. LOL! Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. A happy Pink Saturday to the boxes. I would definately have to have one of those and also some candy.Yum!!

  16. What a fabulous store! I would soend hours just looking around and I'd want everything!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Hugs, Pat

  17. Happy PS, Connie!

    I just cannot believe this store!! How long have you known about it?

    I would never come home if I had a store like that to shop in!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  18. Connie, I am so impressed with this store and I wish I could visit it myself. Thank you so much for letting all of us take a virtual tour with your wonderful photos over past few weeks. Hope you are having a totally fabulous weekend.

  19. HPS Connie - love all your pink goodies - must be a fantastic store!!

  20. It looks like a fun place to shop. Happy Pink Saturday.

  21. Hey, I hope you are having a Happy Pink Saturday! I could go for a truffle or two and maybe one of those cookies! ~ Robyn

  22. So much fun to see all the eye candy Connie. Happy Pink Saturday.

  23. Connie Wow that place must be huge!Is that a real bakery in it?I love the choclate signs and coffee signs.Can't wait to see more! Hugs to ya,Jen

  24. What a fun store to visit! the boxes.
    Have a happy and Bless weekend,

  25. Hello Connie. Thank you for stopping by for a visit. And thank you for wanting to help with my camera problem, the problem is that I bought a cheap one and I should have known better, wellll now I do. lol

    Love all the Christmas Photos they sure have some beautiful stuff.


  26. Connie Sweet sweet Lady, now you are REALLY torturing me. Oooooooh what I would give to have a Nursery like this, I mean to say the Nursery or main one here in Coffs has plants (of course) & a few statues, outdoor plaques etc. I would be in heaven to visit this place, you lucky lucky Chickie. Love all the Christmas baubles, just so gorgeous.

    You enjoy the rest of your weekend hon, cannot wait to see more of this special place.

    Lyn xoxox

  27. Hi Connie
    Oh yummy yummy chocolates. I love truffles and I love chocolates. What a great display.
    That sure was a lot of bulbs. While the pics were loading I thought you were talking about Hallowe'en flower bulbs...*g*...
    Great pictures. Thank you for sharing.

    Come visit sometime when you have a chance.

  28. Connie, I think your photos are fabulous. I sat back and I enjoyed them so very much. I enlarged them to really see the details. It is all good!!! smiling big.


  29. Happy Pink Saturday....Katherinllen

  30. There's nothing like a well stocked garden center/florist! Thanks for taking me along on your shopping trip :)


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