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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Greenhurst Nursery #6

First of all, chickees, I'd like to show you the roses I'm preparing to put in my sewing/craft room. You like??? The room is in a shambles at the moment but you'll be seeing more pix of it later. It's getting its coat of PINK paint tomorrow. Squeeeeeeeeal!!

Okay okay, here's a pix of what it looked like today. It's bad, sweet cherubs, really bad!


We haven't even gotten to the best part of Greenhurst Nursery yet!! Wait till you see. Ooooh, are you gonna love it. I just may go back in the next day or so to get close up pictures of their special "kitchen" section.

Looking out the front door over to some farmer's field and a house just across the street.

Foyer as you enter and straight ahead is the cashier's area.

A close up of the little witch sitting on a chair in the foyer. It's still done in halloween theme but they're preparing for the Christmas redo to be done very shortly. Isn't she just so chic?!?! ;-) Even has her purse on - Dooney & Bourke, no doubt. ;-)

Off to the right of the foyer. It's getting a redo also so I didn't get any pictures in this room. Chains draped over the shelving, in buckets and on the windows. Scarey, chicks.

Larger view of the right corner of foyer.

"Spooky chandelier" hanging there. Ooooooooo, scared me, chicks!! LOL Gobblies and ghosties and spiders.........ooooooooooooo

Looking to left of foyer just entering the "kiddy" room. I love what they've done with the wire cages here. These people are so creative!! Looks like snake skins wrapped around the "dead trees."

Another shot of the "kiddy room" entry to the left. Notice the witch in the bird cage hanging from the ceiling.

I love the pink feather boa! A zebra skin strung up and just visible above the boa is a pink witches hat!! Squeeeeeeealing with de-fright!! Ooooooooo...... ;-)

Instead of totally boring you with all inside shots, I've included this picture of one of the roses in their stock. I would love to have this rose bush. It just looks so gorgeous. I probably will have it before the next summer. Hubssssssss...........are you listening to me.......uuuuhhhhhh, reading this, I mean........

Remember.......we're not even 1/2 way through yet! Much more to see. You're gonna be surprised and love it! Hahahahahah......ooooooooooo.......not so scary coming up, sweet cherubs!


  1. Oh I love it, absolutely adore that store. And it is so BIG!!

    Hugs from Marian

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh, I love those roses!!!

    Remember...the disastrous mess of your craft will dramatically change into a beautious (my word) place to create, after the paint and your "touch"!!


  3. What spooky fun! I would love to go visit that store with you and I know we would have a ball! I just changed out my Halloween stuff to Thanksgiving yesterday and I love it! And good news, I have decided that I need more Thanksgiving decorations, guessed it...that means head to the thrift stores to shop!!!

    Have a great day!

  4. Heartbreaker roses? Sounds painfully beautiful!

    Again, mom needs to go on a field trip. Better do it before payday rather than after. Two weeks is a long time to sit on your hands when you spent all your dough on a frilly, yet incredibly lovely, sumthen-sumthen on the house.



  5. I can just imagine how they "dress" for Christmas. Is it close by? You may have to go back and get a few shots for us to see :0).
    Enjoy your day!

  6. I love the roses on the first picture, but couldn't tell if they were a painting or silk roses... they're just lovely either way...


  7. I love the roses... they will look great in your sewing room... I just love this store... I am tellin you watch out you'll have guest to go to the nursery... Have a great day...


  8. I hope you bought the pink feather boa (if you don't have one). It was calling you name!

  9. What a fascinating store Connie. We have nothing like it here...but I wish we did!

  10. Connie,

    Your posts this past week featuring the Greenhurst Nursery are just fabulous. It looks like the kind of place I could spend days shopping in. Can't wait to see you sewing/craft room when it's all done. I'm sure it will be amazing just like your office transformation was. When you have time, stop by my blog for a visit to see what I've done over the years to reduce my clutter of decorating magazines. Take care..

  11. Hey Connie!
    Thanks for coming over and look like you've been in the same boat as me this week with your sewing room. I know you will be excited to have the painting finished too. It's gonna be pretty I know! Girl, I wish I could have hired someone in that bathroom of mine....but we have to do it ourselves this time, maybe one day. LOL. You are right about the paint not growing on me....and I know we will end up looking for a better paint color of white that I can live with for the bathroom trim and cabinets, I'm telling you it's like a flat white and it's supposed to be semigloss, I don't know what is just so stark, almost like a primer color. I know I won't get used to it. Now I'm just living with it til I can muster up the strength to start again. Robert's gonna help me, so it won't be as bad the second go around. Well, I sure loved catching up on Greenhurst Nursery...this place is amazing, they have everything...I'm so glad I got to see it all. I will be back to see your new paint job soon....I know it's gonna be lovely! Talk to you again soon. Thanks for checking on me! Have a great night!

  12. I am lovin that store! Great displays. I know you will have that craft room in tip-top shape in no time.

  13. I love the store you are showing us !! I need to go there someday ~
    Your craft room looks like mine right now ~ I redid it really pretty about a year ago and it needs just a tad bit of organizing right now ~
    Your room looks like the room of a creative gal !

  14. hey there chickadee...missn our's been a long hard road...but I thinkl we've turned a corner....

    nice to see your smiling face!!!

  15. Ah, sweet Countess Connie, you made my day. I thought MY craft room was bad right now, because I bought a scrumptious chippy antique worktable for myself last weekend, and can't seem to spend more than thirty seconds at a time trying to change out the old ones for the new one, but, my dear, mine has NOTHING on yours. I'm skipping happily HURRAY, mine's not so bad after all.


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