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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Changes in Where I Create

If you have read my blog for any length of time you know I've been painting my house pink but especially my sewing/craft room and my office/painting room. They're pinker than the rest of the main rooms are going to be but everything will still be pink. In doing them one at a time it gives me more time to take everything down and put it back up without a HUGE mess in this 1800 sq.ft. house. I don't like having chaos in my life if I can, at any cost, avoid it.

In doing that I haven't put everything back on the walls yet. I'm "thinking" on it before I do it. Well, I did put a few things up and I'm "rethinking" them! So indulge me a minute, please, and let me digress for just a moment.

I was at a blog site a day or so ago and saw a couple of gingerbread houses—the regular small ones. I thought of a friend of mine whose hubby makes them and asked her if I could show you a couple of them. She agreed so I'm putting them below for you to see. NOW, we're talking GINGERBREAD houses!! Yes, these are huge. The one in the second photo is 85 lbs, chicks. He has won 3 awards and is on his way to winning another one this year. Have you ever seen anything like this? He's meticulous in doing this and I think quite an artist.

Not sure what this is a replica of but look at its detail.

St. Ignatius School in Ohio.

This one is a replica of a chateau in France owned by Yves St. Laurent's. That's supposed to be ivy on the front. Isn't that spectacular?

This one is a Masonic Temple in Ohio

Now on to my office/painting room. I'd call it an office/studio but I'm not good enough of an artist to call my humble abode "studio." Anyway, I had the roses paper lanterns over the vintage school desk but someone said they thought they would look better over the window seat. I think I've always agreed with that, just been too lazy to change them and waiting for more inspiration to "HIT" me. It hasn't yet! But I did change them from one side of the room to over the window seat and I really like the way they look.

From here to............



I think it was Sharon who was recovering a footstool she bought for $1.00 at a garage sale. It was a leather one and wasn't as bad as one I redid. Okay, now, I don't want to steal anyone's thunder and I certainly don't want to be described as someone with bad taste but I think I absolutely deserve the prize for "most drastic or dramatic change" in refurbishing. Take a look at this footstool in our family room and I can't even claim I bought it at a garage sale to redo; I actually had the "bad taste" to have bought this and a chair like it in the early 70s. I plead "tastelessness" for even considering buying such a piece of work! The things we do when we're young! Sheeeesh.....


Refurbished with my cover on it that I made a couple of years ago.

I also received another MEME to post. This one has come from Miss Linda and she wants to know six random facts about me. I think you'd love visiting with her also. She has lovely white furniture with cats! I can't believe it but she does. So again I want anyone reading this to put six facts on their blog and notify me when you do so I can come and read your "deep, dark" secrets also. :-) Please don't be shy. I truly will read your posts and leave a comment if you let me know you've done this.

Fact #1: I memorize numbers. When going down the street I'll look at license plates and try to remember them so I'll know my friends when I see them in their cars and can wave hello. I think this is a symptom of my OCD!!

Fact #2: I got sick one night and threw up all over my hubby's chest. Yes, I did. But he's such a sweetheart he just cleaned me up and put me back to bed.

Fact #3: I look in the mirror and at my driver's license and see my motherrrrrrr!!!

Fact #4: I absolutely love LOVE LoVe donuts and pastries! If I could live on them I would but I'd weight 5,000#! Don't even tempt me. I ate chocolate covered donuts when I was pregnant with my daughter and gained about 40# with her.

Fact #5: I am not a party girl or social animal but am married to one.....uuuuhhhh, a social animal. He loves parties and socializing and I hate it. I'd much rather be at home reading, blogging or crafting or even doing housework than socializing. I do love lunches with a few people though.

Fact #6: I hide my hubs' magazines regulary and don't tell him. I usually make him look for them, but I have been known to forget hiding them and then they're discovered weeks or months down the road! I have to be extra special to him for him to forget my lapse!

There you have it: The Life and Times of a Boring Housewife! Hah........


  1. YOU...BORING??? Now, come on...I don't think so!!! I don't think "HUBS" would think so either!! LOL!!!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting about my cameos...and I always post my ROSE WEDNESDAY early, so some of the early birds who post at midnight can LINK up!!!

    ~Blessings, and Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Hello Connie,I just droped by to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving .Love your room and the just so fab foot stool.Great hubby to clean you up.Mine does that too.We are blessed,not many would.I too looked in the mirror and see my Mother .OMG,I see patterns of behavior of hers also.LOL Marie Antionette

  3. Hey Connie!
    Wow! Those gingerbread houses are something special...they are gorgeous. Your room looks soooo pretty too...I love what you did with the footstool too...AMAZING transformation! That was fun learning more about you in your tag too. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours sweetie!

  4. You don't want chaos in your life? Really... no chaos whatsoever? *sniff, sniff* I must stink - a lot! lol Just kidding.

    Your studio looks lovely! And yes, studio because you do 'art' whether you believe that you do or not.

    Not a socialite? Honey, you are! Just look at the masses following your blog everyday!


  5. The gingerbread houses are totally amazing to me! They are so beautiful. I love your office! It has come together so beautifully! I like the new spot for the lanterns. Now don't you wish they made printers and computers in pink (actually, they probably do). I wonder if you could tape off all the electrical important spots and spray paint them white or pink? I know my boys would paint their computer towers really cool colors like black, silver, red, etc. win! Your "before" footstool is way more ugly than mine! LOL! What were ya think'n when you bought that thing and a chair to match!!! Oh girl, you've come a long way! I love the darling slip cover you made for it, one would never guess what was underneath!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!
    Love, Sharon

  6. Lovely decorating Connie. Such a pretty room now.

  7. Connie, NEVER boring. It's amazing how a few little changes can make a big difference. Certainly likt the after pics of the hassock instead of the before. It's fun to evolve and certainly where that foot stool is concerned! Have fun with Nan this weekend!

  8. Connie may you and your family have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving dear friend...hugs and smiles Gloria

  9. Ohhhh Connie sweets! Your never boring!!! LOL never never!!!
    Love your room sweets! And the foot stool looks wonderful...You did a great job!!
    Wishing you & your family a very Happy Thanksgiving:)
    Have a relaxing day!!

  10. Dear Connie,

    Thank you for your sweet comments!!!!

    Those gingerbread houses are amazing. Your pink room is so beautiful and I love the cover you made for your footstool! You are very creative and talented and I think you should call your pretty pink room a studio!!!
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    Love, Paula

  11. Hi Connie
    Just stopping by to say Happy Thanksgiving.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  12. Great job on the footstool girlfirend! Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving Day!


  13. Connie,

    OMG!!! my DH is OCD with numbers too. He does the same thing except he multiplies every pennies times the number of years he still has to work until he retires!!!! I just call him crazy myself.

    Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Pea,

    xo Cathy

  14. Connie,

    OMG!!! my DH is OCD with numbers too. He does the same thing except he multiplies every pennies times the number of years he still has to work until he retires!!!! I just call him crazy myself.

    Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Pea,

    xo Cathy

  15. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving...dinner here with family....we have much to be thankful for.

  16. Hi Connie,
    Your room is looking great:)
    I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving Day.
    Yes, I am very happy that I won those great faux treasures from Rhea.They are sooo real looking.
    Take care.


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