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Monday, October 13, 2008

Window Treatments

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I love the lusciousness of curtains or fabric on a window but some do not and that is just fine. However, I've lived in some places while hubs was in the military that the windows were not all that pretty! Downright ugly in fact and needed something to cover up the ugly window and sometimes the view beyond! But if you're a fan of "openness" in your treatment of your windows look at this one. Just beautiful. The view beyond looks fabulous also.

I love this country cottage romantic look and the window treatment is certainly appropriate to the decor. NOT that I'm any kind of authority - just know what kind of "beauty" I like. LOL But if fabric has roses on it, I'm SOLD! Plus if there is pink or red in the room I'm double SOLD. ;-)

I've done this to some windows in some homes we've lived it because it is sooooo simple and quick to do and can be hung with inexpensive upholstery tacks, which I keep a supply handy for many things.

Same thing here, just done with sheers/lace. In our last home I did this treatment under some side panels and it was stunning.

I absolutely love this treatment. It would require the lining to be the same fabric but think about a contrasting fabric and how gorgeous that would be - say a check or brighter solid version of a color in the front fabric. Yummy. I might try this one in the future. I'm always changing things around in this house. ;-)

No window is hopeless as these 2 tiny attic windows can attest.

And then of course, the curtains can match the wall coverings to give it pizzazz. This room leaves my eye no place to rest however. It's lovely, but I need wall space for my "fluff/pictures/shelves/and such." But it is stunning and dramatic.


  1. My favourite curtains are my pale duck egg blue silk ones, hanging in the sitting room. They go from wall to wall, and are full length. I just let them drape, without ties or anything.

  2. Sorry Connie, I logged in under the name of a new blog, but it is really me!

  3. Love the idea Connie
    I have a certain window which this would be perfect on, if all goes to plan I'll post a photo on my blog of the end result - thanks so much!!

  4. Looks like we both have window treatments on the brain!!! We are such hot chicks!!!
    Love the desk in the post below too!! You are always making/creatin' something fabulous!!!
    Have a lovely week!!

  5. Good Morning Seetie... I love the window treatments... and I kinda like the one evn without anything... it's a little like the cottages up on the Cape. Have a simply splendid day... Love your blog


    PS... signing my guestbook didn't take... WAAA WAAA Please when you come back try again... Thanks

  6. Beautiful! I really like the big rose pattern drapes with the plates above. That whole room is gorgeous!

    Have a great Monday!

    xxo Sharon

  7. Connie I love the attic windows best! How cute!

    GALS come on over to my blog for my giveaway! Don't be shy! Celebrating my new website, 100th post and the intro of my Poinset-Teas! Winner announced Oct. 22, and will receive a package of my assorted tea items!

    Thanks Connie for posting about the giveaway!

  8. The window treatments are beautiful! I have NO window treatments as we speek, but am looking for just the perfect lace.I am use to the windows being open, I can see all green outside and enjoy it. But I need just a little something to frame the window. Thanks for such a great post.

  9. I like all of those window treatments to Connie. They are so chic.

  10. Hi Connie! lovely photos! I love the window treatments and may try some of them. I love your pink room and your pink rooster! Hope all is well with you I know I've not been around a lot lately but I've been so busy plus I've needed to get out of the house more, I think they call it stir crazy or cabin fever. LOL!!! Deb

  11. I really liked the teeny attic windows...I would have never thought to put teeny curtains up!


  12. I just love the first two pictures, where do these come from? I would love to get the book. Just catching up dear:>)

  13. Connie,

    Love all the window curtains pics. Sooooo many to chose from.

    xo Cath

  14. I like the 2nd room but I the curtains were a bit much for me. I think I'd like something softer since there is so much going on in that room. It would definitely keep me "moving".
    Hope your day is great!

  15. Such pretty window treatments!
    My favorite room was the second Love it!
    How well I remember military housing windows! I did have 2 base homes that had sweet windows. They even had cornices above the windows that were wonderful. I loved that cottage...: )

    We used to use sheets...just shirred them on inexpensive poles...right through the hems. It actually looke dpretty good considering!

    I loved all of these ideas sweetiepoo!


  16. Connie,
    Great treatments but I am mainly stuck on lace. I've 18 windows in my home and only four aren't lace, darn those boys of depriving me four more windows!LOL Take care,Lori

  17. I love that room in the second picture. I could move right in and be comfortable. I never pick the right curtains. I think I'm curtain challenged. LOL


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