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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Pink Rooster and The Pink Room!

Happy Friday, my little chicks!!

Painter finished and I started putting stuff away. Here's the room as I've started to hang things back on the walls and moved what I could back into place. Hubs will have to help me later. Don't ya just love that pink?!?! My office looks like a cupcake now. LOL


Some of you may remember my trip to California in July to visit kids and my "junket to the junque stores"! Well, if so, you might remember this post about the antique store and this little french rooster shelf. It was always meant to be painted so I did it while the painter painted my office/computer room. I'm hanging the "Pink Rooster" in there to hold whatever, but I think he needs to be in that room, don't you?!?!


I'm so excited about the pink room and these roses I could just squeeeeealll!!! Hah. But look at these perfect roses from today. Are they not gorgeous?!?!?!

Guess what???? They're not real! Yesssss, true!!! I found these roses while shopping the other day, and they are so real looking and feel so real that I could absolutely fool anyone with them. If I put a drop or two of rose scented oil in the center no one could tell they weren't an actual rose. You've got to click to enlarge them to see them up close!

Well, off to "fluff" up the office some more. Ooooooh, I have some roses to stick on the wall up around the ceiling as soon as they arrive. THIS is a girly room!


  1. I love the pink room! I have always wanted a room just for me~~~ Did you make your slip covers? If so do you think that a beginer sewer could make somethink like that? they are so pretty.I wanted to try to make some for my dinning room chairs(some day)
    Have a great day,

  2. Looking lovely...just like a sweet cupcake!! Yes, you're right, the rooster does need to go in your office.

    Have a blessed day.

  3. ow, those roses look really real. That rooster shelf is a great find!

  4. Hi Connie ~ I love how the room turned out...just gorgeous! Those roses are beautiful...where did you pick them up? Since I can't grow any, I'll have to buy some!


  5. Those roses are wonderful!! They really do look REAL. What a lovely space in which to work. I'd be daydreaming all day long in a room that beautiful. Sooo happy for you, dear.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  6. It's so soft and pink, I really like it.

  7. Oh, I love your little pink cupcake office! You lucky girl to have such a pink dream of a room. I love the window seat! Those roses are truly amazing! I thought they were real!

    Have a happy weekend girly!

    xox Shar

  8. Connie, it looks fantastic! Now you need to paint the chair arms, the paper shredder and make a cover for your printer! lol

  9. A sweet pink room! That would have been grand post for Pink Saturday :0). I love those roses. I'm actually on the look out for red ones, but have yet to find anything I feel is "real enough" looking.
    I just have to say I think you are so darn lucky to have your pink fluffy cupcake room.
    Hope you enjoy your day!

  10. those roses look so real... you had me fooled..and I can usually spot a fakey a mile away..okay not a mile.but you know what I mean..your room looks great to...the pink is really subtle and I like it...

  11. Well we are officially "pink room sisters" now! Love it love it!

  12. How cute! Love your room. I have to say I am so jeallous of your office chair cover. I would love to have one. Did you make it?

    Love those flowers. I can't believe they are not real. Very nice.

    Love the little rooster painted pink. Very sweet.


  13. All looking very pretty Connie, how you enjoy making a lovely home, I can see.

  14. Afternoon, Connieness! Oh, I just love your new pink room!! I love the window seat and the way you've put up the draperies. The little rooster shelf is so cute. Now being a rooster is a boy and he's dressed in Oh, those roses!! You sure fooled me. They're so beautiful and look so real!

    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  15. Oh Connie...your new pink office looks so fabulous !! I just love all the pretty pink you have going on in there. What a great space to work. I also found time this week to take a tour of your laundry room and I love that too. What a sweet place to take care of those dreary chores. You are so talented when in comes to creating pretty spaces...


  16. Connie,

    You did such a wonderful job on your pink office. Isn't it great to walk in there and feeling the soothing feeling and the warmth of the color? I just love it. You will want to be in there ALL THE TIME now.

    It will be your private place. I hope you enjoy every minute of it.

    xo Cath

  17. Connie, I love the pink. looks so soft and the window seat is so cozy and inviting, perfect place to read,

  18. Ahh... and what a beautiful girly room it is. The roses are so gorgeous, I can almost smell them (the rose oil, I mean!). So sweet!
    Happy weekend, Connie.

  19. hi connie
    Oh the room is coming along so nicely. I want that window seat!!
    The rooster shelf is perfect in there.

  20. Hey Connie!
    Your office is so pretty! I love the soft pink walls and all of the use of different print fabric in your room....I wish I could have a window seat like yours. That little rooster shelf is so cute too, and I can't believe those roses aren't real....they are beautiful and what a great idea to put a drop of rose oil on just doesn't get any better than that! They'll keep forever! Hope you have a great weekend!

  21. Come on baaack and read the last lines of the WINNERS ARE...

  22. Oh Connie; I so love you office, the color is so pretty. Love your slip cover chair so chic. And that pink rooster,,, how sweet. I thought the roses were real, I really did. I was thinking they were from your garden. I have never seen Fake Rose's look that real. I want some.... lol
    Can't wait to see more of your pretty pink room.... Show more....


  23. Have you come out of your slice of Pink heaven yet. What a wonderful place you have made.
    I was over at Sherry's and saw your post about it snowing where you are....get out....not yet!!!!
    Well, put on your pink sweats and go back in your pink room and enjoy!

  24. Hi Connie, Oh my goodness your room came out so pretty, soft and pink! I just love it.I love the slipcover on the chair. THe windows look so pretty the way you have the curtains. The rooster shelf came out nice and those roses do look real!
    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog!
    Love You! SHirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  25. Connie...I love your pink, cupcake office!! It is so girly!!! The roses are gorgeous and they do look real!!! You go, girl!!!!

  26. Beautiful roses!! Amazing what they can make now!! Laurie

  27. Connie chickedee.. I love your pink room! and all looks so sweet & pretty.. and the rooster look so cute!.. not all time you can find a pink rooster..

  28. Hi Connie :)

    I'm so glad you came by. I've missed you :)

    Your office looks fantastic!! I love all the delicious pinkness!! The rooster and the roses are perfect for in there too :)


  29. I love the way your pink office looks! and I love the pink rooster.
    I was lucky enough to find an old pink rooster at an antique store a few years back. I should send her to you so you can start a pink rooster collection.

  30. This room is divine! Pink, roses, window seats, hmmm. Can I come work in your office? HA!
    Would have never known those roses weren't real if you hadn't spilled the beans!

  31. I love your pink room! I debated on pink for my room but decided on green and now I will put pink decor in. Oh how I wish I could sew like you. A job well done. Thanks for the comments on my blog it was real nice of you. Now back to looking at your blog, I've been stuck in here for over and hour! :)


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