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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Notice Something Strange Here??

I decided to look in the back of the fridge today and what do I see?! Just take a look. We mark all our food with a date. I think it's time to throw it OUT. Eleven years and still not eating it should say something about how much jelly and jams we use. Looks a bit suspicious to me when it starts turning white........sugar, perhaps?? Doesn't look like anything growing...... Oooooh, BTW, my office is in such a jumble that's the only place I could find in here to photograph it - the paint shelf!! :-)


  1. Connie,

    I am screaming out loud with this post. I did the same thing yesterday! I found a tupperware bowl with grapes in it. They were so fuzzy you couldn't see the grapes!!!! I guess they got lost behind ALL those other items we just have to have but never eat! Yikes, it's scary cleaning out a fridge, isn't it?

    xo Cath

  2. Connie that is soooo gross!!!! 1997!!!! You're doing too much crafting and decorating or else you have too much in your fridge! You are sooo funny!

    I like the idea of dating things. I never do that. Usually stuff has an expiration date on it and it is in the trash the day it expires. My neurotic daughter usually investigates the fridge contents and tosses anything that is not good. God forbid there's something in there a week past the expiration! You'd think I was trying to poison her!!!

  3. ohhh connie ewwwwww sooso gross! where's a petri dish when you need one?
    I thought I was bad!!

  4. That's a great idea for things like pickles and jams etc. Thanks for sharing. DON'T eat it!!!

  5. remind me not to have jam at your house...just pass the honey...:)

  6. Connie I thing everybody can relate to that! At least I can. I am single so sometimes when I buy a jar of something it just doesn't get used up very fast. 97? that is just too funny.

  7. Toots, you must start cleaning the fridge out a little more often. LOL

    I'm with you though and don't eat that much jam. Well, that was until I started to make homemade jam. Now we can't keep it in the house long enough to get old.

    Now wash that jar out and keep it. Looks like it's glass and those are getting harder and harder to find these days.



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