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Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Had Lunch with an Artist Today.......

I went out to lunch with a small group of older women from my church today. We went to a deli that specialized in gourmet sandwiches. I had the chicken salad sandwich and brought half of it home for another meal. It was a sweet day and I enjoyed myself socializing with these women.

One of the women brought her sister-in-law, who is an artist. (She lost her husband about 6 weeks ago and one of her sons several years ago. She seems very lonely.) We talked about painting. She is supposedly a talented artist. I don't know as
I've not seen her paintings yet, but I'd love to visit her home and view her art.

I told her my passion for wanting to learn how to paint - especially a rose. She understood. We chatted mostly about color, light and mediums of paint. I asked her how it was to paint with certain paints and she answered with a few hints to help me.

Towards the end of the luncheon I knew that she knew what I was talking about when she said she loved beauty. My heart leapt with joy as she uttered those words. I realized we were kindred spirits. She looked at me and I knew in that instant that she understood: I live my life beautifully. I live it beautifully in every single way I can. From making my home beautiful to making everyday chores beautiful to making myself beautiful to helping others to see the beauty of life not spent in luxury or wealth or exotic places but in the commonness of everyday life and a life well spent and the beauty of spiritualness. Oooooh, not in the world's view of beauty; I'll never achieve that kind of beauty, although, hubs tells me that I'm the most beautiful woman he's ever seen and I've seen him peaking at those "other" beauties. ;-) He'll sometimes remind me of the day when I walked down those stairs 47+ years ago into his waiting hand to marry me that day. I was no beauty then and am no beauty now but to have him think so is beyond "beauty" to me. Feeling beautiful can MAKE you beautiful. I want my countenance to "radiate" beauty. I would like to think it does.

But back to that lady. It gave me great joy to find someone who understood what I meant about my passion for living beautifully. This is my passion.
It will not be taken from me by any mortal person. This is my life and we only get one chance at it here on earth. This isn't the dress rehearsal; this it IT. I shall live it as beautifully as I can. No one has the power to do that but me. Only I have the power to do otherwise.

And I'll have Love Bunny's eyes checked for new glasses soon also!

I couldn't sleep the other night and got up about 4 am deciding that I was wasting time. I finished putting up the roses wallies and then made 2 cord covers for the paper lanterns. Can you see my "C" initial above the school desk? I'm very pleased with the room. Just need to get some shelves up now and I'm through with my office. It's now a place I love to spend a lot of time in.


Practicing in my "new" painting room. Today seemed like this is the type of rose I'm doomed to paint for a while. ;-) I'm satisfied.....until I can get a class somewhere. I have a new book with patterns in it. I'll try that and see where it leads me. *Sigh*........


  1. Aw sweetpea this post made me feel all mushy :)
    Seems like you found a great friend there....what a lovely lady.

    And YOU are beautiful in so many ways it would take a year to list them. You always make me smile and laugh and you are so supportive and lovely to everyone who's blog you visit.
    I love that we have 'met' and i can call you my friend.


    xx Shann

    p.s your rooom AND your roses are looking just beautiful

  2. Hi Connie,
    I was up late waiting for my daughter to come home, and I was touring my favorite blogs. I love your posts and your words. Your love of living beautifully shows in the beauty you post and your cute and uplifting smooches I see on all of your comments where ever I travel in blogland. My sister, Susan from One Knit One Purl and I agree that you are a natural at painting those roses. I wished we lived closer by, because we could all paint together. Because you bless so many, God will bless you with divine connections, and increases in visits from your Creative Muse.

    Happy Pink Saturday, your room looks stunning.


  3. How wonderful to find such a kindred spirit.

  4. Hello sweet Connie!
    I love your office!
    Its so girlie and P.I.N.K!
    You done a great make-over!
    You can come over to mine nest and work your magic on my office!
    It sure needs it!
    Debbie Moss

    (From England))


    P.S - Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
    They are always very apprecciated!

  5. Sounds like you had a great day!

    I love what you've done with your's BEAUTIFUL!!


  6. Oh Connie sweetie what a sensitive post... I loved it you just came right out there for us to see... You are a beautiful woman by far and such deep inner beauty too... This was a wonderful post and really gives us something to reflect upon...Have a beautiful Saturday!


  7. Hi Connie,
    Your post today was so inspiring. Seeing beauty in the everyday things. You are a beautiful person and your blog reflects it inside and out.

  8. Beautiful post from a beautiful lady! Your new pink room is gorgeous!

  9. Connie..
    Your office space is gorgeous sweetness! I LOVE what you have done with it!! I would be happy there girly & PINK!
    Great post:)

  10. Oh, a new friend that sounds like she can really use you in her life right now!!

    Your room is TERRIFIC, dear Ethel! So organized, so pretty, so pink! And I love the way the desk turned out! I can tell you have worked very hard on this! Now you can relax a bit, just a bit!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  11. My philosophy is similar to yours. Beauty is found everywhere - the smile of a child, the scent of a rose, a mother's love. Beauty must be nurtured. It's strange - but have you ever met someone that is physically attractive but, after you get to know that person, she becomes unattractive because of unkind actions? Or - a person that is not physically attractive becomes beautiful because of her kindness? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
    Kindred spirits are unique. My best friend and I are kindred spirits. Our friendship has spanned 50 years and thousands of miles. We have nurtured our friendship. I hope that you and your new acquaintance are truly kindred spirits and have the opportunity to share your love of beauty.

  12. Hi Connie
    I saw your question over at Deb's on who or what is a Raxx! Well I'm Raxx! I'm happy to meet you, and what a day to do it too!
    Are all your posts this lovely and inspiring?

    This was a great read and I'll be back to read some more, the kids are home today and need their mom!

    Again, really nice to meet you!


  13. Sounds like the two of you were meant to meet. A new friend appears to be in the works for you. How exciting.

    Love your room. So pretty and pink and girly.


  14. I totally "get" what you're talking about, and it's so refreshing to know that there are others who feel the same about living beautifully.
    Love your creating room--I bet it makes you smile everytime you walk in there!!
    Your 'practice' roses look great! Keep up the good work!!

  15. Your outlook on living beautifully is so inspiring to me! Your office is pretty, love the lanterns especially. Your roses are pretty, too!

  16. This whole blog post IS beautiful. How lovely to meet someone 'who gets you' Im sure the lady felt the same way and probably brightened up her day and many more to come after what sounds like a tough time for her lately. I try to live as beautifully as I can, even if its only a cup of tea and a slice of cake, just serving it on a pretty china plate and a favourite rose tea cup and saucer is no effort but makes a difference X

  17. Oh, sweet Connieness!! How sweet to meet this lady and have such a connection. I'm sure you really made her feel so loved!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Hey Connie!
    You are beautiful in every sense of the word, and you are living beautifully..... inspiring all those around you and all over the internet too. I am glad you made a new friend today at the luncheon...what a jewel, and that she wants to show you her art...that's gonna be so fun for you. Your room looks precious and what a perfect place to work and practice your pretty roses! Hope you have a great evening!
    p.s. Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and for all you said too!

  19. What a "beautiful" post! Everything you write reflects the fact that you are a beautiful person inside and out.
    And your office! Oh my gosh! I wish you could come transform my desk like that!!

  20. I love your attitude! I try too, to look at the beauty in everything. Sometimes it's harder than others, like in the everyday chores, I'd love to hear you talk about how you do that, as that's something I sometimes struggle with!

    You certainly seem like a beautiful person to me, and you're definitely one of my favorites in blogland (you're on my list! tee hee!)

    Your office looks wonderful, and is an inspiration to me, and I think your roses just keep getting better and better!!!

    you make me laugh though, getting up at 4 in the morning because you feel like you were wasting time, tee hee!

    Have a lovely day!
    Margie :)

  21. Connie, I love the room! I am so envious of the window seat! I would give anything for one!!! Great job and great paint color too! Lori

  22. hi chickie
    The room is soooo pretty and so you. I love how it turned out.
    Connie u are so beautiful. This post was beautiful as well It gives all or us something to ponder and practice in our own daily life.

  23. Connie- I think your creating room is fabulous! Thanks for sharing it with me. Love how everything has turned out-is it hard to make the cord covers? Love to hear how to do it.

  24. Hi cute Connie!
    I love your post! something we all need to hear and follow more of...
    As far as the painting, I have heard that Donna Dewberry has great books for painting flowers and a technique that is hard to screw up and I have seen them at JoAnn's...might be an option until you find a class that works!
    Hugs! karen....

  25. I love your room are one talented lady that is for sure...

  26. You touched a sweet happy nerve today with your thoughts of living -- and being -- beautiful.

    Hugs and Happiness to You, today and every day.


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