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Monday, September 29, 2008

Rose Wedding Cake

I thought I'd give faux pastries a try. Threw in a couple of roses and voilà, my 2nd attempt! You really don't want to see the 1st attempt! LOL


  1. Connie,
    Thank you soooo much for the sweet comments on my blog. And i love the ribbon rose idea for the tacks, I will try it. I just didn't want plain ugly white or gold tacks up there, so out came the pink paint : ) Your cake turned out beautiful!!! And I looked through your home pictures, soooo cute. Can't wait to read through all your blog, I will be back : ) Oh by the way, what is the tissue trick you mention for pictures?

  2. Oh so sweet! I wish it were real. Served with a cold glass of milk.

    Hey, is it chocolate or vanilla inside?

  3. Love your pink cake! Have a blessed and wonderful Monday!

  4. Hi Connie... Looking good! I am very impressed with your conviction to paint roses and I think you're doing an excellent job! My congratulations!

    Cheering you on...

  5. Morning girl...oh I love how you have the roses cascading down like that..You are just getting better and your determination...I'd be afraid to even begin! Have a great day sweetie!

  6. I love your rose cake Connie.Its really good.What is it made of? Hugs Marie Antionette

  7. Yummy! It is soft and sweet real!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I LOVE yours! I'll be back!!

  8. Way to go!!!

    As for your comments yesterday, I cannot imagine that happening to you, but you were right in seeking out what you needed. How crazy was that!! Thanks, some of theses things others need to hear.


  9. Hey Connie!
    This looks precious! Girl, your roses are beautiful and how cute is this!

  10. CONNIE!!! That is so CUTE, I love it!! Great job sweetie!

  11. Hi Connie.. that is a pretty cake with roses on it.. good job! wish I could have one of the cakes!

  12. I have just read all your posts on the first page and I love all your ideas and creativity!
    I'm going to snoop around some more : )

  13. Hey Chickey, you did good! I love it! Very cute. It looks like a greeting card. You have inspired me to get going on my attempts to learn oil painting!

    Huggies, Shar

  14. This is just the sweetest, prettiest thing! Is the icing buttercream? *smile*

    Have a wonderful week you talented
    beauty you!


  15. Hi Connie thanks for visiting my blog. It always surprise me that anyone reads it!
    I think your rose cake is fantastic! Keep up the good work. Your making the world a better place one rose at a time!!

  16. What a lovely blog. I see you have four going -- I have three and thought it was hard to keep up, as I try to post on one of them every day.

    Please stop by to visit if you'd like. I think you'd enjoy the one called Adventures in Nature....

    I'm intrigued by the one that says it's coming in Summer 2009!

  17. Connie ~
    Your cake is gorgeous ! you are doing wonderful ~
    I tried the tissue trick and it works great !
    I need to go back and see your other photo tips ~

  18. You Go Girl! I love it! Connie I really admire what you're doing with the painting. I don't think I could focus on something so new. You must have had it in you all along. Well I think it's great and you're definitely getting better and better. Deb

  19. Connie, I believe this is my first visit to you. You have a very nice blog. Your flowers look so pretty. Great job. Hugs, Kathi

  20. Hi Sis! It just doesn't get any better than this ~ a PINK tiered WEDDING cake with bunches of ROSES!! 3 of my all time favorite things!!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  21. its beautiful Connie!!!


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