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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pursuing Your "Passion"!

It was about 2 years ago now that I first gave any serious thought to painting roses. The first picture below was my first attempt at viewing a video while pursuing a fluffy kind of rose. I flunked royally!! I've said it before and will say it again that my roses will never rival the popular artist of the day. They need have no fear of me! Trust me on this, I'm no serious threat to anyone, but I do have an aim/goal in life and that is to satisfy this passion in me to at least paint a decent rose painting. I want them a bit shabby and sort of impressionistic–oh, not in the true sense of impressionism, but in what I would call just a "hint" of being a rose. I think I've succeeded in that. It may not be everyone's "cup of tea" but I don't aim to please anyone but ME. ;-) It has been a real struggle, especially since we have no artists in this area who can or will teach a class and I have absolutely no inherent talent. ;-) Even Michael's recently told me they've cut their painting classes for anything. That was hard to take, but I could get a class on making Wilton roses outta nougat or paste or some such thing. Nuuuuuuu, I told the lady. I wanna paint a rose. She looked at me sadly and said, "Good luck." So I just practice, practice, practice and show my incredibly "unartistic" "ROSE." You can see my "progression" below but just bear in mind that the colors I use are for practicing and I can see how the colors form the rose. I am doing this on that awful ole newsprint and it's kind of a grayish recycled color background so I've made little dabs of color to see how it looks on different colored backgrounds. Some of these practice pages I've shown before but I've gone back over the roses with other colors and "redone" them - such as it is. I'm becoming more satisfied with the "consistency" of them anyway.

Now, why do I post this to show you??? Well, it's not about becoming perfect as an artist; it's about pursuing your passion. I'm a "passionate" person by nature and don't give up very easily on much of anything. But I have a passion for painting a rose or at least giving it a try. If you have a passion - no matter WHAT it is - pursue it. Don't give a hoot what others think or say. Don't even ask for their opinion; although, there are many who will give it without you even having to ask. But don't ask! It is your passion and yours to pursue. Don't listen to them or let them deter you from your passion to do whatever you want. (Within legal limits, of course. I mean I don't want you to become the perfect bank robber!) So that's why I post my "roses" for you to see and to keep me humble. I truly only care about what "I" think. Others can say whatever they want but I don't care one whit. Although, I have to admit my ebay group has been extraordinarily supportive and kind in their comments and encouragement of me. I probably drive them nuts though at times!! LOL Go forth and pursue your dreams. Enough said!!

I have to admit that this one pretty much looks like my hair on a "bad hair day" though!! LOL


  1. Hi Connie, I think you're getting better and better. Deb

  2. I understand the passion thing very well. I like your roses my friend!


  3. They look pretty from where I am sitting!!

  4. Hey there Connie,
    do you have a Joanns in your area that has classes...there should be a donna dewberry instructor teaching classes if you have em...we have a great one here.but that does not help you in the slightest...I too can't get the hang of roses..really the onestroke way is difficult..but this teacher I had was so good..she got me to do it...just never practiced so it is gone again..have a good one...:)

  5. Hey Connie! These roses are so precious and cute! Very shabby chic sort of roses. You did good girl and to pursuing your passions a big applause too. I also dreamed of painting roses and boy it's a challenge, but I have learned it thru the Donna Dewberry books...I don't know if you like that sort of rose, but I did learned to do the Donna Dewberry rose and if I can learn to paint that rose anybody can! Seriously! I have some of my art posted on a much previous post....I'd love it if you dropped by and saw some of my work. I love the Dewberry rose but I would love to get taught how to paint some different types of roses because I so love them....maybe one day. Well, have a great weekend sweetie. I love your blog and I will be back again soon. Have a great weekend....I know you will!

  6. You are right Connie...go for is what interests you...bless others with what you do...there is no such thing as perfect....just BLOOM !!!

  7. Connie, I have been enjoying your passion for painting roses. I personally think they are coming along very well. I really love it when someone get right in and does something.

    Keep up your great posts I love reading them every day.


  8. Hey Connie, don't you just hate how the TV shows make this skill look so easy? My favorite is when she paints a bird in that one stroke method. Your roses are looking good.

  9. Hi Connie, I understand I have the same passion, but at least your trying, I've not tried yet! Your roses are looking good!
    Love ya! Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  10. Hey Connie; I think your practice roses are pretty good. I can see the detail in them with the petals. I have always wanted to learn how to paint, any thing, but I do love roses too. You have inspired me to pick up my paint brush and give it a go. Thanks for sharing your story.


  11. You're right - just go for it I say! Your roses are beautiful!

    Have a fabulous evening,

  12. I,too,keep trying to paint roses, I think you are definitely getting there, we are always way too critical of ourselves. You are doing way better than I am! Have you looked at you tube for rose painting tutorials? It helped me a little, gave me something to try besides the Donna Dewberry bit which just isn't happening for me. So now I sort of combine them all and am doing a little better. Really enjoy your posts, by the way, thanks for sharing your days with us! Bobbi

  13. Dear Connie,

    You will paint the perfect rose, I just know it. I was the same way as you, I wanted so bad to paint roses and practiced and practiced. My husband still picks up scrap wood from the shed and finds little pink blobs in rows upon rows. I took a class through adult education at our high school. It helped with lighting and shadowing, but I am too stubborn to follow all of his "college learning" and just did my own thing. So don't get discouraged that you can't find a class, chances are you wouldn't be satisfied with it anyway. Just keep doing what your doing. Also study other people roses. I keep a folder full of my favorites.

    Your doing good friend,

    Keep at it!


  14. OK, forgive a blonde moment here, but were you looking to take a One Stroke painting class? If so, have you discovered the teaching guides for them in the craft store where you can paint over her stroke and wipe it off over and over? I use them a LOT and it makes it easier to see what I am doing wrong most of the time at least. You are doing a great job though, keep it up!


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