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Thursday, September 11, 2008

NEXT to Last of Practice Photos!

Let's talk about lighting now. I've said I'm not an authority on photography but I have learned how important lighting is. I'm not completely lame, ya know, chicks!

On your camera there are different settings for different lighting. (I was looking for some fabric lately for the trailer and came across some that showed blue in one photo and green in another photo on the same site. This was clearly a light issue. I've experienced similar issues myself.) On any camera there will be a sun setting, a cloudy setting, an incandescent/tungsten setting, a fluorescent setting - mine has 2 fluorescent settings, one for halogen and one for regular fluorescent - and a custom selection setting. I generally use the auto light except when I'm outside in the sun or on a cloudy day. But if I'm indoors and it's on auto then I turn out ALL the lights to shoot the pix. Otherwise I'll get an orange cast. Let the camera flash do the light unless Romantic Country is coming to photograph in which case let them handle it! :-) I should be so fortunate! LOL

Here are the last pictures of my experimenting with the camera taking up close photos. Just take a look at how enchanting they can be. Well, I think so!
A very very close photo of a little stick with chicks on it that Rhea gave me because I call all my gals "chicks"! I just love that chick - uuhhhh Rhea I mean......

Another artist I bought this little vintage drawer from on ebay. You'll have to enlarge to see the vintage wood grain of this beautiful drawer.

A sweet birthday gift from Karen who has more talent in her little fingertip than all of my fingers and toes combined! We have to keep telling her this. Now, would this face lie to you!?!?! Nuuuuuuuuuuu

Another little cottage picture on the "slant." See how ethereal it makes it look.

Even these little cherubs I stole.........uhhhh, I mean got from my daughter have more of that dream-like quality with the "feathering" around the print.

I tied some vintage seam binding on the glass jars but no matter how hard I've tried I cannot get the reflection from my windows to stop glinting off that glass. I'll work on that, chickees.

Eye candy that smells absolutely yummy! You chicks don't know what you're missing by not buying my fabric faux cupcakes scented with plumeria and rose oil. (Shameless plug for my selling blog site. Ha!!)They fragrance up my home like you wouldn't believe. In fact, a woman came over to visit with me last week and walked into my home from the garage through my laundry and just stood there and said, "Your house smells like roses." Yep, it does. My whole house smells yummy from the things I make and stuff with oil scented "stuffing" and the stuffing is a big secret that you'd probably not guess. ;-) But this little photo was also too close up and looks out of focus plus I "feathered" the edges giving it even more ethereal look. (Uuuuuuhhhh, see what wonders some mistakes can bring about??!!!) :-)

I've forgotten who this artist is but I saw her art somewhere on the internet one day and just fell in love with the "ethereal" aspect of her roses. Yep, almost "too perfect for this world" lovely.

As you have got to know by now if you've been with me blogging for any amount of time, I'm so into mixing the old with the new, the elegant with the shabby, the rough with the shine and the sublime with the humbleness.

One of the most favorite things in my home. I mean it's up on my top 10 list!

The very old with the kitschy of new. Also barely peeking through on the extreme bottom right is a little photo of me as a very young child. ;-)


  1. Good job with the camera Connie. I like your jars;cute !

  2. The pictures are very sweet and I totally get what your trying to do, and its effective too!

  3. Beautiful photos of roses!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  4. Connie, I think those pics are beautiful. I love the seam binding and the rose jars. I can smell the cupcake from her. OMG!!! wonderful.

    xo Cath

  5. Your pictures are beautiful. I love them all but the rose jar is my very favorite. Thanks for the camera lesson. I really need to get a new camera but the ones I really like are soooooo expensive$$$$$$. However, I could be talked into spending the money!

  6. Connie, another great sharing of info on photography. Beautiful photos.

    I want to tell that I have read some of your heartfelt comments about 9/11 and America. Your sentiments have moved me sooo much. I so agree with you. God does bless our country and each and every one of us. America needs to unify and respect our leaders who ever they are. I pray for this every day.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  7. Hi Connie!

    Okay..I tried to sit there and learn about photos..but your pretty roses kept distracting me....I will reread it again...I sure hope there isn't a quiz! oh dear!


  8. I LOVE anything Karen makes! The rose jars look wonderful! THanks for all the great tips.
    cluck, cluck,

  9. Great shots and great pretty pink things! I also love the seam binding...the aqua is the perfect mix.

  10. Awwwwwwwe, Love you too Chick !! :)

    Hey, your cupcake painting is WONDERFUL !!!! Great job !!! :) :) :)


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