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Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Little Project and a SurpriiiIIIIiisssseee!!!

I've just been informed that it is Shannon who posted this idea about the framed plates. Thanks, Lyn!!! I appreciate it, sweetpea........

A little project I saw the other day. I'd give credit if I could remember who in the world it was! I simply can't because my mind can't keep up. Remember I'm an "old lady" and perhaps becoming senile, sweet chicks?!?! Hmmmmmmm, no matter.......

Anyway, she had some old frames she didn't know what to do with and put some little plates in them. I did the same thing only I did it with butter pats. I have about 7 that just sit in my china cabinet so I thought that since I had some extra frames sitting around here that I'd do the same thing. Little vintage roses and violets butter pats will now adorn my walls.........uhhhhh, somewhere in this house!

I think this is the very first bird's nest that I painted. Not too bad but I'm improving.

This is a special painting I did for someone as a surprise and she'll get it in the mail in a couple of days. It's a giant very whimsical cupcake!! I think she'll be surrRRrpriiiiisssSSSSeddddd!!

And these are my friday, 9/19, practice roses. PinkkkkkK!! When I say it this way it's like emphasizing the K at the end. Get it??? PinkkkkkK!!! LOL


  1. I can't draw a stick figure, lol, your work is so pretty!

    I love what you did with you pretty little dishes, tha is really a good idea!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  2. Hey Connie I think your roses are coming along really well. I used to paint, boy we are going back a few years now! & was just thiking the other day I should take it up again, very relaxing. Anyway keep up the great work oh by the way, it was Shannon at Paint mine Pink who framed the dishes. I think yours look so lovely.
    Sweet dreams
    Lyn xoxox

  3. Hi Connie,

    Love your butter pat dishes in the frames, cute and a way of enjoying them everyday.

    Hugs, Lynne Laura

  4. I have dishes on my wall, but I never thought to frame 'em. Good idea. Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Love your blog. Happy pink Saturday.

  6. Love the dish display!! Did you paint the matting (background)? Kris

  7. Way cute Connie !! Love your cupcake !! :) Happy Pink Saturday !!

  8. Hi Connie,

    That is one terrific idea. The plates look charming.

    Your cupcake is too cute. I know the recipient will love it.


  9. love butterpats! i have some violet ones. have a happy pink week!!

  10. Connie, I may just have to glam up the pink fish a bit more. Giver her an extreme makeover. I've never used the glass glitter. Is it easy to use?

  11. What a great idea, I have those butter pats and I love them but never use them, I might have to do this to.

  12. Connie I love what you did with the butter pats.They are really pretty.Your cup cake is sweet!I know whoever gets it will love it.I love cupcakes.I should have a bakery.

    Your nest and roses are very pretty too.Your doing great!Love ya,Jen

  13. Happy Pink Saturday! My sister Karen from introduced me to Pink Saturday.

    Your pink post today is fun and your blog is so creative and inspiring!

  14. Happy Pink Saturday!

    These PINK frames look fantastic!
    What a great project!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  15. What a great idea, framing the little dishes.

    and I think your painting is great. It's difficult! I wish I could do as nice a job as your roses!

  16. Connie,
    I love your plates that are in that frame. I love your paintings, especially that cupcake! Happy Pink Saturday. Karen

  17. Well look at how busy you've been creating all these lovelies. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

  18. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie.

    The pats look beautiful. You must live in pink heaven.

  19. I think your paintings are so cute! Whoever you are giving that one cupcake to will be so excited I'm sure. Lucky person! You are so kind to do that.

    I bet your house is turning into a beautiful art gallery. I know if I could paint like you mine would!

    I love the framed butter dishes. Very cute idea.

    In my magazine Tea Time they did a story on how to use them in different ways. But, they didn't come up with that sweet idea.


  20. Just look at that birdnest. It's GREAT!!! I'm scolding you because you are NOT OLD!!!! You are the youngest person I know! ( I saw plates with frames somewhere too, and can't remember) Hope you have are having a good weekend! By the way, tHe plates int he frames are lovely.

  21. I love the idea of the plates in the frames, ive done it a few times myself and it is a great added detail.
    i love your paintings thats one thing I havent pursued too much that I would like to.

  22. Keep practicing,but I think your work is pretty. Love the cupcake.
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Blessings, Virginia

  23. That's such a pretty idea. Too bad I donated all of my empty frames to the goodwill.
    I should keep practicing painting roses. I think yours are getting better and better. Have a wonderful Pink weekend!

  24. Happy Pink Saturday Miss Connie. Now I have a hankering for some pink cupcakes...mmmmmmm.....cake.....

  25. Cute cute dishes and that's a really fun idea , I would never have thought of framing them.
    Have a good weekend

  26. You do beautiful work - LOOOVVVEEE the cupcake!!


  27. Hello Connie
    I love the plates in the frames and your roses are coming along really good! They look better than mine!
    Love, Ann

  28. Hey Connie! Well, for starters,...I love the little birds are really getting great with the painting! The little butter pats inside the frames are darling! I know you'll have fun finding the perfect spot to put these beauties!


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