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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Surprise from the Mailman

I absolutely never ever expect something unless I've ordered something online and am always surprised and overwhelmed and humbled when I receive a present in the mail. If you don't believe me just ask hubs! We are not a "gotta buy a present for someone" family unless it is grandkids and once they reach a certain age, that's it. Just best wishes or a phone call to let them know we love them. I have all I could ever need and a pretty good percentage of all I would want. ;-) If it's pink and has roses then I want it usually. Hah. But anyway when I got the mail today a package was in the mail also. Not expecting anything that size in a Priority box (I am waiting for a new ethernet cable and keyboard from Apple, but they don't ship USPS usually.) so I was a bit surprised and perplexed as to who would be sending me something. I opened it up and immediately spotted this beautiful paper and knew I had to photograph it. Isn't it pretty? Then I unwrapped it and saw this adorable pillow from Vickie (she's in my ebay group and we just love her to pieces!) and just squeeeeealed with delight!!!! DIVA?!??! You betcha! A shocking fuchsia pillow with matching feather and DIVA on it! I AM a Diva!!!!

Wylde Woman award from Shannon at Paint Mine Pink. This chick is one of my favorites because of the "tea parties" she has with her son and the sweet things she does for him. Plus her cupcakes are adorable! ;-) She brightens my day far more than I brighten hers, trust me! I wish we lived on the same continent but it's hard to get her to move over here..........hmmmmmmmm, would a free meal for a month do it, chickee?!?!?! LOL The wildest thing I've done lately is take the hair off my legs with Nair! Ouuuuuuch........that reeeeeallly hurt! I think I'll shave them next time or just not wear my hot pants!! Hah......... ;-)


  1. Hi Connie, great pillow. Yes you are a Diva! What's been up? I been busy but, I don't know what I've gotten done yet, and tomorrow I really need to get busy with the garage. It has to be cleaned out by friday. I hope you've been having great days and nights. Deb

  2. Connie, you are so cute:) i hope you post the picture of you wearing your the pillow that Vickie sent to you!!!

  3. Now that is one really hot pillow!

  4. Well you lucky girl! Those are such sweet gifts! I was looking throgh your posts that I have missed lately and I love your slip cover for your office chair, it is soooo cute. Thanks for all you support with RMS, I got caght up in it over there while I was moving to the top of the ranks and no I slipped off the face of the earth. Oh well it was fun while it lasted! Thanks for all your sweet comments! I really appreciate them.

  5. It's me again, you asked about my banner. It is a painting by Susan Rios. I saw it on another ladies site and loved it. I just went on the internet and typed in Susan Rios and went to some of the sites and you can copy and paste them to your site. I just made sure I put her name under the pic.

  6. How sweet of Vicki to send you a surprise. Those are always better than bills! lol

    Every girl needs a DIVA pillow.


  7. Oh that is perfect for you! You are the pink Diva. Plus the feathers add just the little bit of sassiness that is you.


  8. Miss Connie, I'm so glad you like your pillow! opened it too soon, it's for your birthday, coming up very soon! Enjoy.

  9. You are too funny chicka...Love the diva pillow...where are you putting it? have a great day!

  10. Hi Connie,

    Long time no hear! You have been busy and I am playing catch up, again.

    What a wonderful pillow you pink diva.

  11. Love the pillow - so adorable and PERFECT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY WHICH IS FRIDAY THE 29TH.

    Subtle hint no. 2 to all blog gals who love you as much as I do.

    hee hee and you better publish this or you KNOW what'll happen......

  12. Leave it to Vickie to find the perfect gift for you!! Diva WITH feathers, for sure!!

    Happy Birthday, early.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  13. Wow, what a lovely surprise in the mailbox!!!!!~

    Enjoy your day!

  14. Hey there hot momma chickie Diva. Love the pillow, what a wonderful gift from a great friend.
    Have a great week.


  15. Oh you Diva!!! What a wonderful gift.
    Congratulations on your award

  16. HOT PANTS!!! WOW, Did those words (hot) flash me back to my Disco dancing days on *AMERCICAN BANDSTAND*! OHOOOO the memories....
    I Nair my eyebrows! The hair on my legs has stopped growing. One of the (weird) small blessings of menopause. Nobody's going to read this comment but you, right?;)
    On even a more personal note. Your comment(on my blog) was perfect timing. I was feeling so frustrated, cause that was my third attempt. Pushing that *publish post button* is so threatening. Your words sure calmed my fears...THANK YOU CONNIE!
    I do have a random question. Could you tell (on my post) the word *little guy* was a link? I added a note cause a friend said she didn't know. Oh well, back to the posting board.
    Have a *SWEET* Evening!

  17. Hi Connie!
    What a great surprise for you and the diva pillow is perfect for you!! Have a great evening!

  18. A hot pink DIVA pillow was perfect for you. Vicki knows you well!

  19. Hilarious you Diva you!!! Rachaelxo

  20. What a happy surprise from Vickie! And just in time for your birthday....oops...did I spill the beans!? Have a great trip.

  21. What a beautiful pillow for my sweet sis!!

    Thanks for the giggles today, Miss Hot Pants!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents


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