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Friday, August 1, 2008

Remodel Day #6 & "Pink Saturday"!

Okay okay, it's still early here in the west, chicks!! Just got up and have part done from last night, but needed more photos for ya.

Not much different from yesterday except more mud on the walls and he's to come back today for 3rd mudding and texturing. Then monday we'll paint it and it'll be done except for the "decorating"! *Smile*

Close up of a basket I keep things in.

My first attempt at painting on something "round"! Eeegads, what a time that was. I'll get better though.........I think!

A tribute to my group on ebay. Oh my, how I love those special chickadees! Simply the best ever............

A rose painting a woman was going to throw away and I said send it to me and I'll display it!!! Can you imagine? It's just gorgeous.

Very closeup of one of my birdhouses in my collection.
A sign I bought on ebay because it touched my heart........ ;-)

More "fluff" laying around this house. Always "PINK" fluff though!

The beginning of one of my paper roses. I must get back to them, but blogging keeps getting in the way......and remodeling........and cleaning...........and cooking........and laundry..........and my affair with Tom Selleck and Clint Eastwood! Hah, as if?????

And this is the lovely paper wrapped around the last pictures. You'll see it when you get down to the bottom. I put the little decoupaged hangers on there because they have PINK roses on them and contrast with that wild and crazy paper!!!!!! Wooooohoooo.

My very first painting that I ever considered selling on ebay. I guess no one else thought I should have considered selling it because it didn't. Humbled me, but I don't care. I love it and proudly hang it in my house. So when I'm rich and famous from painting roses and running around in my Mercedes with a chauffeur and thumbing my nose at all of them and wearing those bustiers and hot pants and showing off this hot bod, I can laugh and go nananananana, right??!?!!! And if you believe that, you really ARE in lala land, sweet chicks. I don't want riches; I HAVE them! I have my kids and Love Bunny!!! Yesssssssss, who could ask for anything more than that?!??!

A very sweet and talented lady, Miss Doodle, gave me this lovely roses painting. (It is but a snippet of the whole canvas.) And for that she is in my thoughts almost daily because it hangs on the wall across from me here in my office/computer room.

Another painting that touched my heart from Lorena. It's on the same wall and I see it every single day!

A lot of women send me things for helping them with their computers and technical stuff because I am a techie. This is what one sweet lady sent me - 2 lovely rose paintings. I know, I know, you're asking how can this "beautiful HOT se*y nana chick" be so techie??? I don't know, just lucky I guess!! But I help anyone with anything I can about computers and blogging and photography. Now, don't beat the door down asking me things. I'm busy with the remodeling, ya know!!!

Can you believe this?!?!? I received these in the mail yesterday from Joanne after winning the delightful D R E A M letters from her. BUT can you even guess what they are??? At first I wondered why she would send me some elegant gloves with fancy polka dots on them. And then I picked them up and they're rubber gloves!! Yes, gardening gloves, but ya know what, my sweet chickadee?? I just may wear them out to Applebee's tonight with my "not-so-elegant" attire. Hey, I live in Ideeeeeho, ya know!!! Formal is a crease in your jeans and spit shined boots!!!

And finally, does this say it all?!?!?! The letters/word I won from Joanne.


  1. Good Morning Connie. Great post as usual. enjoy you day.

  2. Happy Pink Saturday! are so cute!Have a wonderfully pink staurday!!
    visit me anytime...

  3. Your remodel is getting so close you can taste it, huh? So happy for you! IF you ever decide to throw away that "throw away" painting, I'll be happy to take it off your hands. What a steal!!!

    Loved your pink FLUFF!


  4. All those rose paintings are just gorgeous. But the gloves! Now those are a knockout!

  5. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie. And, good luck with the remodel. I know you will be glad to be finished.

    I love those little shakers with the pink caps.

  6. Hi Connie, I know you won't be blogging Monday if you get to paint and decorate. I love the paintings, the Dream letters, and the gloves. I'm going to the hair dressers today. My Niece that has her own shop is going to do my hair. You know I usally do my own but, I'm getting pampered today. I may post. Have a great weekend of deciding what you're going to use on that new wall space. I can't wait to see what you use over the sink. Deb

  7. Ha! Ha! Loved the definition of what formal attire is in Ideeeeho. We went to the county Fair last about bad dressers. Whoo Whee. Some people need to look in the mirror before they leave home. Love all your pink stuff for today Connie...and nope I didn't know you were a computer techie. Good for you. That's cool!

  8. Morning Connie..loved this post girl! Ohhh first off let me say I do so envy you having a beautiful archway in your home like that...I want one somewhere so bad! Then all thoses gorgeous rose paintings...oh my word I loved those!!!! Gosh girl those gardening gloves were too pretty to get dirt on! lol lol Have a great weekend!!!

  9. Lovely pink post, of course!!! Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend! xoxox!

  10. I am so excited for you. Your friend is doing a good job and getting it done too. yeah for you. Then you get to decorate again.

  11. Hi toots!

    Glad you got the package. I thought you seemed like the type of wouldn't want just normal gloves to wear while doing your work! LOL

    Your pink things are lovely! I can't believe anyone would toss out those beautiful roses. Lucky you!


  12. Oh, your pink things are gorgeous, I love all of your pink roses...a favorite of mine. And those gloves, how perfect are they? Move over Lucy, they would even make housework fun. Well, now I'm stretching it a bit. You are always full of fun, hope this remodeling project is moving quickly. Happy Pink Saturday. Karen

  13. Hey Connie! What great pink today. The remodel is coming along and I cannot wait to see it when it's all done and "dressed". i hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

  14. Hi Connie, this is going to give you so much wall space to more decorating on. Love the archway. Can't wait to see it all finished. Computer techie, you go girl.
    Have a great weekend.

  15. Nice pink items. Your basket is very pretty. I like it a lot.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    take care,

  16. Hello My dear Connie!

    LOVE all your PINK! You did a great job on your PINK eggs!!! The remodeling job is moving along! Girl, do I remember those days! Hang in there!

    Love ya!

  17. A techie eh?!! Awww, the secrets we divulge. I'm in the midst of 1 zillion remodels and I've been patient. Mr. Fix It is building my new office furniture as I type. Working on the studio today. And you have so much pink deliciousness. Wished you lived next door. We'd have a ball!

  18. Beautiful roses!!!
    I loved the basket!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!
    Besitos from Argentina!

  19. You must be the queen of pink and roses! Love all those paintings! You have so many pretty thing, and what a talent! I love all things pink and roses and that's why I was so excited to see a Pink Saturday! I've decided to be a weekly contributor!


  20. Connie, you are such a romantic and your beautiful pink things reflect that. Great pink post. I think you caught the pink attitude

    Love ya, Jeanne

  21. The wall is looking great Connie. I know you can't wait for the best part.

  22. HI Connie, You are always one of the ladies who always has lots of wonderful "pink" to share!...happy "PS"!!!...Heidi XO

  23. I love the arched doorway! Your remodel is looking so great. I bet you're getting so excited to decorate!!!

  24. You are so cute and funny! I totally pictured you as being from NYC!

    Your pics of roses remind me of a VERY NICE oil rose painting that I bought at an antique store many, many moons ago...I never got it framed and then I started leaving my BH&G tastes behind with the move out of our old bungalow and into this 70's quad, I sold it for a few bucks at a garage sale...but now I am kicking myself because I am going to do my basement in Beach Cottage, so it would have been perfect in there...oh well!

    I will have to check out your ebay page sometime, do you etsy, too?


  25. Happy Pink Saturday Connie; You are such a witty Chickie. Oh and what beautiful pretties you have. Your redo is looking good. Have a good weekend.


  26. I have a bigger mess in my craft room and I'm not remodeling!!!Well I love all those wonderful pink roses - you deserve a nice pink computer, miss techie!
    I hate that all that stuff gets in the way a blogging - I'm with you all the way there! Nancy

  27. What a great Pink Saturday post, Connie, love your "dream" letters.
    Your remodel looks great. Great Gloves!!!

  28. Gosh Connie , I didn'tknow you were an artist too ! Your just too smart girl !
    Hey I got your giveaway today in the mail . So I want you and everybody else to go look at my sweet SWEETS ! I just Love them ! Thank you s much Connie . HUGS

  29. Hey Ms. Connieness! Yay! I'm on your blog. I think maybe all is fixed in Blogland because I'm gettin on blog sites I was not able to yesterday.

    Your remodel is almost done! I know you can't wait and it looks wonderful!

    Just loving your pinkness today and those gloves! Are they ever cute.

    Yes, you amaze me, Ms. Connieness! You're so techy and all, didn't know that!
    Be a sweetie and stay pink,
    Shelia :)

  30. Miss Connie, you are such a hoot! I love coming to visit you. Your blog is such a pleasure!

  31. Oh, okay Connie. We have to send you something for helping us (me). Email me your address and me and Rachel will send you something oh so lovely!!!

    Your remodel is coming along great! I can't believe how quickly it all came together! It looks so nice and I like the rooms defined like that. I like cozy.

    Don't forget your address!!!

  32. WOW! LOVE your blog! I can't seem to stop reading, thinking I'm stuck here. fun.
    Loved your Pink Saturday!


  33. You have great *pink* fluff around your house! lol! I love all of your paintings, they are divine! And oh, those gloves, lucky, lucky you!

  34. HI Connie,
    I love all your pink roses and the remodeling job looks like it's coming along nicely.
    Happy pink week!
    Cori G.

  35. I love your roses! I am so impressed knowing you are a techie (techy, teckee, te-keee)--you know what I mean! I am clueless if things go bad around here--I have to call my friend's 18 yr old son--he's built computers!!! I am green with envy that you won the Dream give-away. I already had a spot to hang those letters---guess I'll just have to find some on my own! I can't believe you let blogging get in the way of spending time with Clint and Tom!!! OK, I was doubled over on that line! You are too funny!

  36. Hi Connie, Happy Pink Saturday! So many pretty things here, you do have alot of pink! You remodel is coming along very nicely.
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage.

  37. Hello Connie, I see your remodeling is coming along! I love all your pink pictures!
    love, Ann


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