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Friday, August 15, 2008

Red, White and Blue Rooms

Rooms of true Americana are usually red, white and blue. Just look at the different plaids and checks in this room, upholstery on the sofa and chair and the toile and red flowered fabrics on the pillows and the plaids of the curtains (which are not symmetrical if you'll notice; another take on individuality and I've used this once or twice in unusual places also), bead board walls. Just adorable.

And who wouldn't love curling up in this bedroom? Pure Americana but luxurious with its pillows, vintage looking bed and the bed coverings!

This room just simply reminds me of an upscale farm house. I can't explain why but it does. I love the look of comfort and relaxation here with the small wood settee and the chaise lounge with a blanket strewn over it. I always, always have blankets thrown over a sofa or chair in my small family room for the comfort of friends who prefer to stay warmer than I do. ;-) And trust me, they take advantage of it. Which reminds me of one other thing! I have footstools all over my family and living rooms. They are for putting feet up. I can't sit without putting my feet up! But you would be surprised how uncomfortable people are with using those footstools. They think they're for gazing at I suppose. NOT SO! I want them to be comfortable and put their feet up on them. I can always wash or scrub them or even change the upholstery if it gets too bad and I tell them that. Most will still refuse to put their shoes on them. Silly! I put them there for THEM!


  1. Lovely rooms Connie, it's a great colour combo. Isn't it funny how we associate red white and blue with America yet the English, Australian and New Zealand flags, among others are all red white and blue too! Yet we are known for green and gold, go figure??!!

  2. Hi,

    I found you via Lisa`s RetroStyle. The red, white and blue theme is a fovorite of mine. Warm and just oozes comfort. I grew up with footstools! Love`em.

    Thanks for the fun!

  3. Morning Connie , I love red white and blue . But I don't have any of it in my house, in that combination that is.
    Have a blessed day Connie .

  4. Hiya Toots,

    Ok, footstools, yep i have a few too...they are a must for my lil tired footsies.Oh and if the footstools in use then heck i'll just use the coffee table! Ssshhh but, thats just between you and me ok.

    Ok now im not a fan of red white and blue in decorating but this im actually liking! looks cosy and inviting.

    Hugs to you chickie!


  5. To me, when I see those room in the good ol' red, white, and blue, I think of summer, watermelon, hotdogs, apple pie and fireworks. Nothing of course, like the Fourth! lol I would love it for summer, but couldn't handle it in the winter. I'm funny that way!

    I'll be sure to use a footstool! Dirty, smelly feet and all... you asked for it!


  6. Hi sweet chick, come to my blog and see what I did with the shutter I just bought on our vacation. I left it as is but it looks so cute!

    Big Hugs,

  7. Even though I lean toward pastels on my blog, etc...I also love the patriotic colors and hope to do our guest room this way someday!

    Thanks for the look!

    PS. Come celebrate my blogaversary with me today!

  8. The red, white and blue looks nice, but not for me. I use the Americana style as accents from Memorial Day thru Labor Day, but that's it. I also love footstools. I have several tucked here and there. Even though I live in Florida, a/c gets chilly, so I also love tossing throws over the backs or arms of chairs so they're handy when needed. Nice post Connie!

  9. Hi connie !Did it get HOT over there today??it sure did here and I hate it becasue it is so muggy here and humid..makes me miss the dry heat of idaho!I love red white and blue ~ especially the flag and other patriotic symbols just not in my house, although I just picked up a gorgeous vintage tablecloth that is red,whie,blue and crocheted trim, maybe 40's 50's..

  10. Hi Again :) I just wanted to stop over and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :) Your home looks beautiful and I am so happy you are getting it the way you want it :) I love the way you decorated the kitchen wall :)



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